Spotify Launches New Feature For Songwriters

Published: Wednesday 12th Feb 2020 by David

Spotify is extending its relationship with songwriters by launching a feature designed to celebrate their game-changing work. Songwriter Pages was built to help the minds behind the music share and showcase their work with the world via their ‘Written By’ section. As part of its launch, the exciting service spotlighted Meghan Trainor, Kamille, Missy Elliott, Ben Billions and Fraser T Smith and the smash hits they have penned for some of the platform’s biggest stars! Why?        “Labels, publishers, music supervisors, and artists at all levels of the industry tell us that they’re constantly scouring Spotify song credits. When songwriters included in the beta are credited on a track, listeners can click songwriters’ names to view a page showcasing the songs they’ve written”.                         Exciting times! Your thoughts?

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  1. PinotNoir February 12, 2020

    While I resort to Genius lyrics to see what else X writer penned, this could be a cool feature. Sidebar: Wish Tamar worked on her Spotify page. The last album has no song credits at all and her very profile is out-of-date . . . from photo to info.

    • Tori February 12, 2020

      ALL of her musical profiles are out of date, even on YouTube. Things with all her professional images really went left during the early promo with “Calling All Lovers” and it’s all Vincent fault. He drew a rift between her and Epic/Sony and owed them money so they stopped promoting her. Theres still unreleased videos of “Circles” and “Catfish”. And “Bluebird of Happiness” wasnt any better. There an entire video anthology unreleased that tied the album together. I dont even know if he’ll allow her to release her new music through her indie label or if it’s still active. She had to reshoot some videos out of pocket and try to tour a few dates on budget since divorcing him. She has a new team and working on new music and photoshoots so hopefully they can update her musical brand.

      • Kurtz February 13, 2020

        And we need her first album on streaming. “if you don’t wanna love me” is still one of my fave songs.

      • PinotNoir February 13, 2020

        You’re right! I recall Adrienne shooting “Catfish” in Tamar’s former mansion, AND the dinner scene at the beginning of “My Man”. I really like that cute, little, white, new manager of hers; getting her on CBB was a genius move. Wish she had had new music ready after winning. Sidebar: am I alone in thinking there a disconnect between Tamey’s personality and artistic vision? Like, she is naturally hilarious, but her music is mainly depressing. ? I want her to make mocking videos like Eminem did with his first few singles. She must incorporate the hilarious elements of her personality in her art. Do I make sense?

      • Tori February 13, 2020

        @Pinot NO, HELL NO! Her personality is so big. She’s one of the few older artist that can still draw a younger crowd. One her problems was ALWAYS trying to sell AC music in a streaming/Urban/Trap market. She got by during “Love & War” era because that was the last good mainstream year for her type of R&B but during “Calling All Lovers”, she really felt the affects because the sound of R&B had completely shifted and streaming was killing sales tremendously. Not fully pushing “Let Me Know ft. Future” and opting for “If I Don’t Have You” and “Circles” was, during THAT TIME, DUMB AS S***! They even could’ve marketed “ASAP” or “S.O.N.” to urban radio and had a Top 10 or 20. As well as not pushing “Hol’ Up ft. Yo Gotti” as the urban/trap comeback single with a big budget, colorful and fun video, like “Let Me Know”, since he was big at the time. The. Maybe moving into “Wanna Love You”. But instead, she drummed up all that hype for “My Man” and pushed to the background of AC R&B even more, especially after “Blind”. And “Bluebird of Happiness” was not a strong album in the production quality, or replay value, nor were at least 4 songs mixed nor mastered correctly and sounded like unfinished demos. Her last album sounded like an Angie Stone or Chrisette Michelle album and NOT like the loud, colorful, lively Tamar we see on TV. And considering she always saying that’s her “tv personality” and she’s shy and calm in real life, why not market your persona in you music like you do TV?

      • Happy n Rich February 13, 2020

        I have been trying to submit songs to Tamar for months. I don’t think she’s set up to do anything in music at this point. Trying to even get into her orbit. i have no idea who her management is, and trying to pierce through the noise on social is extremely difficult. I thought she had just put music on hold for a while.

        The two songs I have demo’d out for her are smashes, as in multi-format smashes. One can go to another female artists, but the other has to be re-demoed entirely, b/c the lyrics are too specific to Tamar personally.

      • PinotNoir February 13, 2020

        @Tori: Oh, you’re a hoot and on point! ? I’ll add that《Pick Me Up》 shoulda been BiG, 《Blind》 reminded too much of Etta’s 《Rather Go Blind》plus Bey’s cover of it, and “This is my last album” comment amid news of divorce after The Real drama AND The Braxtons tainting their lil sis’s rep on the show . . . all contributed to that album’s lukewarm reception. I still think she should incorporate humor in her songs/vids; her effortless witticisms made The Real hilarious and CBB audiences roar with laughter. P.S. I don’t think David’s gonna marry her. You?

  2. Paulo February 12, 2020

    That’s very cool! But I hope they pair it up with actually raising the money they pay for songwriting royalties ha

  3. what would whitney houston do February 13, 2020

    shout out to spotify….but…tupac said all i want is money f*** the fame….will writers agree to be talked about…

  4. FMcL February 14, 2020

    Tidal been done this already?

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