Justin Bieber’s ‘Changes’ Stadium Tour Downgraded to Arenas

Published: Saturday 7th Mar 2020 by Rashad

Justin Bieber‘s forthcoming fourth concert jaunt, the ‘Changes’ tour, is certainly living up to its moniker as new reports reveal.

Scheduled to kick off in Seattle on May 14 (as we reported here), the ambitious North American outing – originally designed to tackle some stadiums across the region in support of his most recent Billboard 200 chart-topper of the same name – has reportedly been forced to perform a major shake-up due to poor commercial response at the box office.

Details inside:

In what comes as quite the surprising turn, a number of stadiums that listed Bieber’s ‘Changes’ trek among their upcoming shows began announcing cancellations.

Fans fearful the update would spell an axing of the entire itinerary were relieved and confused to learn the event was just redirected to smaller venues in the same cities.

See some examples below:

As of time reported, a few of the dates – Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and more – are maintaining their local stadium as the concert’s place of performance.

Faithful fans, affectionately called #Beliebers, already in ownership of their tickets to the original stadium venue will still see their purchase honored at the new location.  Those interested in purchasing can click here for updated information.


Unorthodox, the move is a smart one in the long run.  First, it will undoubtedly be spun as a way to include more cities on the tour as more North American locations have arenas than stadiums.  Next, it will be reported to be a “more intimate” experience than that of a 40,000+ seater stadium.  Last, it’s certainly better to boast a sold out arena tour than a half-sold or cancelled stadium tour.

The commercial response to the trek mirrors that of the very album it was built to support.  Despite topping the Billboard 200 with the highest first week sales of a solo act this year, the effort sold nearly a third of the 649,000 its predecessor – ‘Purpose’ – premiered to.  Similarly, its singles – ‘Yummy’ and ‘Intentions’ – have not enjoyed the buoyancy on Billboard his previous eras’ singles have.

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  1. Ugghh March 7, 2020

    “Unforeseen” lmfaooo as in they couldn’t foresee that nobody trying to go see this racist Ellen Look-a-like on stage given mediocre vocals and lazy àss choreography.

    His audience grew up. Unfortunately he didn’t grow with them

    • C**-ila March 7, 2020

      This is what i call karma ???
      He’s turning more people out of arenas than the C********** he should be called CoronaBieber!
      He and Scooter had it coming now cry little Biebs…

  2. Pu$$yPopstress March 7, 2020

    Camila’s romance tour will be next! probably downgraded from arenas to high school gyms

    • Ugghh March 7, 2020

      Can we call her “name we do not speak of” because every time her name is in the comment section Voldemort appears

  3. Only Facts March 7, 2020

    How embarrassing. It’ll get downgraded again to high school gymnasiums next. Sucks to be a racist

  4. Around the way filet March 7, 2020

    JB isn’t a stadium artist. MAYBE back in 2012 but even that’s a stretch. Gaga’s next. Every girl just isn’t able.
    *plays Formation*

  5. Susan March 7, 2020

    The first song he should perform is “Damaged” by Danity Kane because chiiiiiile, the damage is done. No coming back from this boi. #racist

  6. Fancy BISH March 7, 2020

    OK, can we talk about it now? *Wendy voice* ? Listen, Teddy Riley said it best…you get married, you lose some of the girls who thought they had a chance in hell ? Not exactly his words, but FACTS nonetheless! ☕️ No one is really saying that in the press or talking about that…I’d say he’s doing pretty ok considering the fact he has Hailey EVERYWHERE he goes and talks very openly about her..I’ve never seen an artist do that…he’s not hiding her in the car at ALL ? He’s talking about her bomb poonanny in the songs and everything ? I’m just sayin! What male pop star got married and blew up even bigger? Usher went from Confessions to pure Depression when he married ol girl…what’s her name? I didn’t even care to care ? What does Here I Stand even sound like? ? I own every Usher album until he married ol girl and fired his momma! Time will tell…I think he has a poppier record around the corner with J Balvin or something…thank God it doesn’t feature Jacquees! ☕️

    • Just Sayin’ March 7, 2020

      Phew Chile gurl you got me rolling with that read????

    • Only Facts March 7, 2020

      Not confessions to pure depression ?????

  7. I love big black c** March 7, 2020

    Justina is declining ?????? Better take c-u-m-ila with him. They will hosting an intimate junk yard concert from town to town. Feel free to take these 2 trash take home. ?????

  8. Beylover March 7, 2020

    Justin your fans have grown up!
    Not to mention you took a long hiatus!
    Bruno Mars, Ed Sharin, and few others have taken those coveted spots ??‍♂️

  9. Diabeetus Unbothered March 7, 2020

    In his defense YUMMY is the very first song of his I actually like and also he’s 10 times cooler and more HANDSOME than ever now. I can tell he’s really blossomed as a person compared to 5-10 years ago when he was just straight up ANNOYING.

    • I love big black c** March 7, 2020

      U have special taste indeed. Have u check yo blood sugar level? I’m surprised u r still alive. Long lived!

    • ADELE4LIFE March 7, 2020

      I guess you’re into the trailer park look.

    • Ugghh March 7, 2020

      Her diabetes clearly have made her blind. She has always been tone deaf though

  10. ADELE4LIFE March 7, 2020

    BTS ended his career. LOL!

    • Ugghh March 7, 2020

      Pretty sure it was self sabotage. Only 12-16 year olds care about BTS

  11. 1988 March 7, 2020

    Only 8 out of 45 dates were changed. Not the entire tour. Dumb asses. Have you seen lower level and floor seat ticket prices? $350-$534. Justin could sell half and still make way more money than a $28 ticket Camilla…..lol. His lowest seat price is $112 for nose bleed seats. Most decent upper seats cost $170+!!! Janet Jackson tickets are $200 for floor and $85 for upper! it’s funny how he didn’t lower ticket prices…lol. He’s about to get paid like Taylor Swift did.

    And then there is the c********** news 3 days after his tickets went on sale. Even Janet Jackson will be affected by that. I was ready to see Janet…but I won’t risk my health!

    • Only Facts March 7, 2020

      The remaining stadiums will be downgraded shortly. Scooter is attempting to blame the c********** for these downgrades (see the story TMZ posted). The tour is a disaster. He doesn’t know his audience at all. They want pop music, not R&B. And he’s not attractive anymore. Good luck to him filling those arenas he speaks of

      • 1988 March 7, 2020

        Did you just read what I wrote? I could be floor seat close to the legendary touring/choreography/iconic Queen Janet Jackson dancing to “Rhythm Nation” for $200. The sister of MICHAEL JACKSON for $200!!!! But to get in the same seat at Justin Bieber is $534. Did you read that!! LMAO

        People are dropping dead fool! DEAD! That is nothing to play around with!

    • Clarks0o0ñ March 7, 2020

      Keep Camila name out of ur c*** drinking mouth

      Justin bieber’s career is 11 years old

      Camila’s solo career is 3 years old.

      Justin bit more than his culture vulture àss could chew
      Take the L

      • Clarks0o0ñ March 7, 2020

        Justin bieber can’t sell out his stadium tour after being in the industry for 12 whole years
        This rat was a t*** sensation, and now he is grown he cant sell out his stadium tour. A complete joke.

        Camila’s solo career is 3 years old and she already has 2 number 1’s .
        Camila has a number 1 song on all her albums.
        It took Dustbin bieber 5 whole albums before he got a number one song. How embarrassing is that.

        That’s what u get for being a piece of shìt.
        Go to Twitter, they are tearing the rat apart.
        Taylor swift stans are having a field day.

        After begging his fans to stream yummy, he still flopped

        After telling his fans to commit streaming fraud this piglet still flopped.
        Changes received NEGATIVE REVIEWS from every critic.

        We love to see it.

        Hold the L.

      • 1988 March 7, 2020

        I’m listening to Yummy right now! LOL 🙂 It’s already low-key classic. 🙂

        F—you and that b—– you claim. She looks like she talks with her mouth full spitting food every direction. She also has more L’s in her full legal name…lol.

    • Normani is Racist March 7, 2020

      Well that’s better than performing in McDonald parking lot. A dancer named Normanno just did that. From House of blues normano downgraded to McDonald’s parking lot ??

  12. High Price March 7, 2020

    Daaaayuum! Well hey, not too many people can still do arenas either so it’s not that bad I guess.

  13. Normani is Racist March 7, 2020

    Well that’s better than performing in McDonald parking lot. A dance named Normanno just did that.

  14. J March 7, 2020

    Thank you for reporting the reality of his situation. Sad lol ?

    #OneLessLonelyN?gger ??‍♂️

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