#MoreMyself: Alicia Keys Says She Contemplated Abortion & Struggled With Self-Image in Shocking Reveal from New Book

Published: Wednesday 25th Mar 2020 by Rashad

“I was building my life around this image of perfection, and it was really oppressive,” says Alicia Keys in her forthcoming semi-biographical book, ‘More Myself:  A Journey.’

Though putting musical endeavors on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic (namely rescheduling the release of her self-titled seventh studio album), the 39-year-old’s literary efforts are moving full steam ahead as evidenced by the round of press hitting TV and Web in its support.

Due on shelves March 31, ‘Myself’ sees Keys take fans behind the veneer of her picture perfect lifestyle to share issues from her childhood (i.e. self-esteem, racial identity, emptiness, etc.) that haunted her most of her adult life.  Making some jaw-dropping revelations across the 272-page memoir, look inside to see shocking excerpts:


“I was clearly a woman who wanted to talk about truth and empowerment and strength, but when I really looked at myself, I realized that my whole life I’ve kind of been putting on a mask.

For me, a seed of worthlessness was planted in childhood,” writes Keys. “As well-intentioned as [my father] was, and as much as he was dealing with in his own life, his absence impacted me in ways I’m still uncovering. It left a hole in me.”




“‘Open up your shirt a little,’ [the photographer] directs while firing off a flurry of snaps. My spirit is screaming that something is wrong, that this feels slimy. ‘Pull the top of your jeans down a bit in the front,’ he urges. I swallow my misgivings, tuck my thumb between the denim and my skin, and obey. On the day of the cover’s debut, I pass a newsstand where the magazine is on display. I almost throw up.’”


“I wasn’t ready for [pregnancy], which is what I told the doctor,” writes Keys. She explained to her physician, “‘This is the worst time ever. I’m working on my next album. My husband just got into Harvard Business School. And I’ve been drinking—a lot.’ I left her office feeling so torn.

While I was struggling over my choice, I went into the studio one evening and began listening to ‘More Than We Know,’ a song Swizz and I had written. The lyrics are about how we’re capable of so much more than we can ever imagine. My eyes filled with tears. How could I take away the potential for this beautiful child, this light that could touch others in ways I couldn’t dream of. For me, the song was a powerful message that I should go on with the pregnancy.”


The topics above are just a few the 15-time Grammy winner discusses in the highly anticipated effort.

Written alongside Michelle Buford –  a #1 ‘New York Times bestselling author and founding editor of ‘O, The Oprah Magazine’ – ‘More’ has already shot to the top of several sales tallies on Amazon based on pre-orders alone.

Click here to read more exclusive passages from the book.

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  1. Only Facts March 25, 2020

    Unfortunately, I don’t think this book is going to help her music career or her career in general. Her image has been tainted and will remain tainted. You can’t erase being a homewrecker. Her career has been dead ever since.

  2. NormaniLoveLies March 25, 2020

    Alicia needs to wear makeup. She lookt better with it. I still Stan for her songs “this Girl isnon Fire” and “In New York”

  3. #TheTruth March 25, 2020

    Hmmmm I‘m not sure I’d spend my coins to know more about her life like that. But good for her.

    Now when Mariah finally releases hers… I’ll be there !

    • PinotNoir March 26, 2020

      Same. Mimi faced juggernaut professional problems that seeped into her personal life. That career of hers was built on self determination despite powerful men out for bloody vendetta against her. Now THAT’S something I’d read, indeed.

      • The f*** would whitney March 26, 2020

        They keep kissing Mariah Carey black ass. Making it seem like she is the Supreme Diva compared to Whitney Houston and Whitney Houston was the drug addict…

  4. PinotNoir March 26, 2020

    Uh … no. Bye Alicia.

  5. The f*** would whitney March 26, 2020

    Woooooooooooow. B**** Woooooooooooow WTF did swizz say wooooooo

    put swizz beats up there. What did he say when he found out you wanted to kill his child

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