Dua Lipa Misses Top Spot On UK Album Chart – By Just 550 Copies

Published: Saturday 4th Apr 2020 by Sam

Dua Lipa has been shaking up the airwaves and streaming streets with her funky new album ‘Future Nostalgia.’

Packed to the brim with bop after bodacious bop, the LP’s singles have set the charts ablaze and left many with high expectations for the project’s commercial performance.

An unanticipated leak saw its release date pushed up and the global health crisis put a pause on her promotional plans. The latter of which called for creative alternatives.

So how did it affect Dua’s delivery on the UK charts? The answer awaits below…

With the Official UK Album Chart counted and verified, the Pop princess narrowly missed on the #1 spot.

Debuting at #2 with 34,390,  the ‘Don’t Start Now’ led LP was bested by 5 Seconds Of Summer‘s latest LP ‘Calm.’

Closer than close, 5SOS clenched the top spot by just 550 copies.

Both acts mounted aggressive pushes with unique physical configurations – yielding solid results. From their respective totals, 5SOS shifted 12,000 cassettes while Lipa received a lift from 3000 vinyl sales.

Time will tell if Lipa can snatch the top spot, as the album aims to establish longevity.

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Hugo Comte]

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  1. Shayla Queen ? April 4, 2020

    Dua! Still a smash though! Keep going, boo! Make that sh*t CLIMB!

  2. Clarks0o0ñ April 4, 2020

    Biased journalism
    Biased headline.
    TGJ continue being a shìtty blog

    U stan dua lipa, so ur making excuses for her.

    • Doll Domination April 4, 2020

      Yet u still here
      Ur the s***** 1 obviously

  3. Clarks0o0ñ April 4, 2020

    After all the hype, promo, magazine covers, late night talk show appearances etc dua lipa couldn’t hit number one in the UK, her home country were she’s the biggest female artist right now.

    She begged people on Twitter and Instagram to buy her album and she still debuted at number 2.

    • POPS Muva April 4, 2020

      I’m truly shocked at how she didn’t go number 1 this is wild crazy! her home country and she didn’t make it I honestly thought she had that UK number 1 on lock but that goes on to show that even if you release good music that’s not enough to make you sell. It’s all in branding and name. Dua has the music and videos but I don’t see her Brand. She comes across as just someone more who’s there. I can’t believe she missed the top spot int he UK and U,s

    • Bogus April 5, 2020

      Camila didn’t go number 1

      • HavanaONana April 5, 2020

        But Romance went on #1 as US artist worldwide beating Rody Rich when it debuted according to United World Charts.

  4. Clarks0o0ñ April 4, 2020

    Dua was begging people yesterday to buy her album.
    This is dua begging people on Twitter and Instagram to buy her album

    #FutureNostalgia is £4.99 on iTunes just for today! Gift it to a sweet one    

    After begging she still didn’t debut at number one in the uk.

  5. Clarks0o0ñ April 4, 2020

    This is dua begging again for people to buy her album

    Buy my album from the official store or register to win exclusive prizes including a meet & greet and a virtual hangout. (16+ offer ends 01/04/20 23:59 BST – Exclusive to UK residents)

    Queen of begging people to buy her album.

    After doing 100 magazine covers, award show appearances, interviews.

    • Owlhub April 4, 2020

      I don’t understand why you’re dragging dua when it was the normani stans leeching off dua to try and degrade camila. All because dua did a scrapped collab with normani just made all the normani stans cling on to dua’s success.

    • Bogus April 5, 2020

      It you were fine with Camila doing 1000 album covers and releasing 6 singles …you’re a troll paid to be on this site it’s impossible that you would stir up such dumb things 7 days a week on this site

  6. DMNTQ April 4, 2020

    The album is amazing!! Pop perfection. Regardless, the album will have longevity. Dua actually has 2 Grammys one for Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording with Silk City for electricity. She will win more Grammys next year for this album.

  7. Only Facts April 4, 2020

    Still solid numbers. The album is a masterpiece

    • Clarks0o0ñ April 4, 2020

      You’ve been very quiet lately, why?

      Ever since dua started flopping you’ve been silent on TGJ

      Hold this L.

      Humble pie for u.
      Normani who doesnt even have any talent, or fan base, or bops , or budget will flop bigger than dua.
      We love to see it

  8. POPS Muva April 4, 2020

    The album is very good I’m truly speechless. But we are living in a time and age where your name alone sells and your brand as well. Some people with less quality music do better numbers than this wow

  9. TtTt April 4, 2020

    Uggghhhh that check should have been cut on 552 – 600 copies from the label and handed out. That’s her homeland….

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