New Song: Doja Cat – ‘Say So (Remix)’ [featuring Nicki Minaj]

Published: Thursday 30th Apr 2020 by Rashad

‘Bed’ beauty Nicki Minaj puts to rest those pesky rumors of feuding with Doja Cat by pouncing on the rising rapper’s breakthrough hit, ‘Say So.’

Just a week after teasing a remix of the Hot 100 top 5 hit was coming with an unexpected ‘guest star,’ Doja sent fans into a frenzy with the announcement Wednesday (April 29), as we reported here.

Now, after ample teasing, the song is finally available in full and it is everything we expected and then some.

Listen inside:

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  1. Around the way filet April 30, 2020

    nicki wasn’t needed

    • Section8DaGreat April 30, 2020

      she trying her best to get a number 1 by any means lol

  2. Bebo p. April 30, 2020

    I like the song without Nicki better her part is not that good sorry

  3. AnonymousTruth April 30, 2020

    I feel like Nicki might get some drama for her verse, it’s a bit problematic saying ‘use to be bi, but now I’m just Hetero’ lol
    Ionno, maybe I’m overthinking it . But just coz of how popular the song is, I can see the LBGTQ police taking issue with that …. but then they don’t f*ck with Doja any . So this might be a moot point .

    • AnonymousTruth April 30, 2020


    • Blaine Kelley May 1, 2020

      I honestly thought the same thing; the line made me cringe a little bit like, “why you gunna bite the band that feeds when you got so many q**** fans”…although to be fair I feel like Nicki’s LGBTQ+ fans are mostly gay boys who don’t care if she shades bi people…

      • Interac May 1, 2020

        Nicki Saying that she is no longer bi is not shade. She’s talking about the reality of her own life.

      • May 2, 2020

        you are a clown, nothing was wrong with the line, it’s because of Nicki who must of you on this site don’t like, you be fishing trying to make something out of nothing.

    • Only Facts May 1, 2020

      Doja doesn’t like the lgbt community so nicki has to explain she wasn’t a member to be friends with Doja (a known homophobic).

  4. lostone April 30, 2020

    Nicki Minaj is so boring. Her verse was trash. She tried to sub Lil’ Kim again in 2020. “Foxy + Lauren” when we all know she got her whole musical steeze from the QUEEN BEE Lil’ Kim, but she is too much of a small person and a HATER to give credit where credit is due. Doja Cat should have put anybody else on this if she wanted it to go #1 on Billboard. With Nicki on it, it will be a flop for sure. Nobody is checking for that swagger-jacker anymore. We aren’t in the early 2010s any longer. Nicki needs to hang it up… FLATSCREEN!

    • Bogus May 1, 2020

      Nicki was good On this she brought actual bars. She paid homage to Lauryn Hill and Foxy Brown on this how did she come lil kim??? You just want to hate. Don’t like her and she flopped but yet you keep listening whenever new music drops

      • Snuggle May 2, 2020

        ? Who is foxie? İf u pay homage to foxie it shows indirectly sub to Lil kim..

      • E. May 3, 2020

        Exactly, these same b****** that always talking about Nicki wack, she needs to go away…be the 1st b****** in the comment section whenever an article post about her. The original song been out so what other reason would they be here but to listen to Nicki’s verse? Them b****** are so #PATHETIC

  5. Bogus May 1, 2020

    I kinda wish she just rapped over the regular beat. But I like this. She addressed having ass shots for those of y’all that have to keep talking about her body. And she defended herself against Wendy and dragged her lol

    • Meme May 1, 2020

      I agree I liked the original remix better, went better with the vibe.

  6. Blaine Kelley May 1, 2020

    Longtime Nicki fan here who was really hoping this would be fire and finally get her that number one…even if for no other reason than to watch her haters seethe at the fact that “she only got a number one by hoping on the new young chick’s smash”, LoL ?

    However, I’m honestly disappointed. I feel like Nicki’s lyrics are irrelevant to the overall song and it’s vibe. It feels like it was just tact on rather than being written to cohesively mesh with the song. I think showing off more of her goofy side and some fun voices would’ve been a better fit than these dull lines about her haters…

    • Paulo May 1, 2020

      this too. she could’ve let us have some old Pink Friday/Roman type of bars.

      • Bogus May 1, 2020

        The first version of the song did go along with it’s still up on YouTube and Spotify the original version of the remix

      • Only Facts May 1, 2020

        Safaree wasn’t available to write her lyrics…and hasn’t been since 2014 😝

  7. Onika The R***** Whisperer May 1, 2020

    What’s the point of ruining the whole 70‘s vibe?

    I prefer the original, even though the hook sounds much better mixed in the remix.

  8. Paulo May 1, 2020

    Nicki’s intro verse was cute. I love Hot Pink and Doja but she was lazy as hell for not giving any new bars in the song for the remix. she even let Nicki adlib in her song by herself in the ending! wtf

  9. CardiIsQueen May 1, 2020

    I hate when Nicki can’t stay on topic! This song was so boring.. why didn’t we get any new vocals from Doja!?? That was very lazy! They tried to compete with Meg & Bey and FAILED MISERABLY

    • A&R May 1, 2020

      Whether you some want to admit it or not.. Beyoncé has effed this up lol for them. Prior to the Savage remix not many new day artists put as much effort into remixes. I would bet if Nick and Doja dropped this before Bey and Meg the expectations wouldn’t be as high. Yet, in true Beyoncé form.. she dun came through pushing the bar even higher. Nicki is our current day best female rapper and Beyoncé just out rapped her. I love them both. Never thought I would see this happened but sheesh…

      Note, this remix is cool. I literally love Nick’s voice and flows.. She said something true, when she’s gone the game gets so boring. But no lie, Doja is filling her void now. YIKES! Hence this collab.

      I do agree that more of the pop-rap Nick would’ve been a better fit, especially with more theme cohesive lyrics.. but I think that would just be a matter of going from good to great. The song is cool just not better than Savage lol

      There was friendly competition and they just lost.


      • Onika+The+R*****+Whisperer May 1, 2020

        Bîtch please Mariah was the first to completely rework a song as remix. Y’all just love to give Illiteratonce credit for every shxt she didn’t invent.

      • PinotNoir May 1, 2020

        Nicki best femcee? Uh … hello! Shether?

      • Bogus May 1, 2020

        Peanut you keep mentioning Shether but y’all let Remy flop hard as hell and she still ain’t getting streams

  10. Sean May 1, 2020

    Boring and lazy.Same flow and still throwing subliminal shots just like the other 1,5788 features smh.She ruined the Disco Party vibe smh

  11. Haterz Gon‘ Hate May 1, 2020

    Nikki’s ‘moment’ on ‘Nice to meet ya’ was much more interesting than this. The former wasn’t a remix but it was more necessary than this. I never need to hear this again and I’ll be fine. ??‍♂️

  12. Lou-Andrew+Rodriguez May 1, 2020

    Love it!!!!!

  13. PinotNoir May 1, 2020

    Miraj’s rap ruined le remix. 👎

  14. Yolanda May 1, 2020

    It’s too bad that Nicki has to have a controversial diss line to get attention: Yikes/Rosa Parks, SaySo/Wendy Williams. She’s never been good for female rap. Megan Stallion is so refreshing.

    • Bogus May 1, 2020

      Wendy deserves that..trash talking people on national television with a huge audience

      • PinotNoir May 1, 2020

        Agreed. A joke in a wig mocking celebs. Ironic.

      • Snuggle May 2, 2020

        A moron barb alert. Audience knows what garbaj is

  15. Always May 1, 2020

    So good, I love it.

  16. Only Facts May 1, 2020

    No thanks.

  17. Only Facts May 1, 2020

    The desperation

  18. Only Facts May 1, 2020

    The kii of life is that this song STILL isn’t going to #1 😂🤣🤣🤣

    • Bogus May 1, 2020

      I don’t think that was the goal. Not too many remixes go number 1.

  19. High+Price May 1, 2020

    This way this remix was arranged is … “meh”…. I like the original more. It actually sounds like they just copied and pasted Nicki’s verse onto the track. Nicki could of done a bit more, maybe like sang with Doja a little and Doja could have changed her verse…. and they could have just mixed this beat just a little to give it a slight different sound but still original. Just a flat out rush job… ugh. I’ll continue to bump the original. They can shelve this in the archives somewhere. A remix definitely wasn’t necessary if this is what you give us.

  20. beehive+killer May 1, 2020

    not a nicki fan. the verses were fire tho. however, i honestly do not thnk this was necessary. the verse and production to do with it does not fit with the overall vibe of the song. sorry. this is not it. maybe the 2 should have done a new song together. sadly Nicki struggling. she always looks for what or whos hot and tries to get in there. same with hot girl summer.

    • PinotNoir May 1, 2020

      She added unnecessary hostility to a chill song. 10-year career, still no musical ear.

  21. May 1, 2020

    What is this dam mess lmfao. Doja what were you thinking.

    • PinotNoir May 1, 2020

      I smell fabrication from team Minaj. And by her team, I mean her stans paid to start rumors and attack critics on social media (putting ’em on the payroll is why they don’t buy her music). Their new tactic? Start rumors a rising chart starlet has beef with Nicki. If said-starlet fears Nicki, she’ll jump to deny vehemently such rumors. Team Minaj, then, asks for a remix TO PROVE THERE REALLY IS NO BEEF. Starlet caves in. Etc …

  22. Just+Sayin’ May 1, 2020

    Skip this shït. Doja you did not need to work with Nicki ‘Desprate P*** Lover’ Minaj. The song was fine on its own. Now Doja you going to suffer from the curse of that woman. The song will fall out of the top 10.

    • Bogus May 1, 2020

      The original isn’t gonna drop out the top 10. Doja should drop Like That feat. Gucci as her next single. That’s the song that nicki should’ve been a remix on

  23. Pat May 1, 2020

    Nikki did what she does. The barbs will probably get this higher than savage remix tho

  24. ME+YOU+US May 1, 2020

    The haters be acting like these songs are life or death…sit your lame asses down somewhere and enjoy it or dont play people sound like nicki threw up in your corn chips..GET A LIFE..ITS JUST MUSIC..

    • my+name May 2, 2020

      y’all need to retire the word haters when it’s a different opinion of the one you hold. Truth be told Nikki minaj is a very negative person, in real life. y’all who stan for her go off of rumors. I know facts being connected to the industry as i am. if folks were smart you can hear how angry she is in every verse she puts out.
      this remix was not needed, and was just another platform for her to showcase her opinions on how she’s better than anyone else. it’s really sad at this point.

    • Snuggle May 2, 2020

      Shut up u spastic barb. grown & stop listening garbaj

    • Yep May 3, 2020

      If it’s just music, why are you so mad, GROWN MAN?

  25. Lanafan1 May 1, 2020


  26. May 2, 2020

    As usual the haters are out in swarms, nice song and remix though.

    • Snuggle May 2, 2020

      Shitt remix for a lame popsong

  27. my+name May 2, 2020

    this was a missed opportunity. nikki has a problem with repeating the same shhhhh.
    say so, had nikki written all over it when I first heard it, being that nikki likes to sing as well. this would of been amazing if they actually did an entire new track with new verses from doja, and also with nikki singing in harmony with Doja. could of been epic, instead it’s below basic.

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