Remy Ma Explains Why She Relates To Nicki Minaj

Published: Wednesday 8th Apr 2020 by David

Remy Ma says that she now understands why Nicki Minaj may have had reservations about forming personal relationships with other female rappers.

The years following their bitter war of words has seen Ma use her platforms on social media and television (see ‘Revolt’) to praise her former foe and explain that she relates to a number of the issues she faces as a lady lyricist in an arena dominated by men.

This week she explained why her own issues with disingenuous peers have given her a better understanding and appreciation of Minaj’s decision to keep her distance from them…and their cash hungry handlers.

Watch below…



Ma and Minaj were once friends and gave a series of interviews complimenting each other while the former was incarcerated and the latter was in the formative stages of her career.

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  1. Bravo!! April 8, 2020

    Can we get the whole interview??

    • Bravo!! April 8, 2020


  2. Clarks0o0ñ April 8, 2020

    The only time this woman makes headlines is when she has nicki Minaj’s name in her mouth just like normani,
    The only time normani makes headlines is when she talking about Camila.

    Nicki continues to pay Remy dust
    Camila continues to pay normani dust

    • PettySpaghetti April 8, 2020

      Is it immature to grow and learn from past beefs? Is it desperate to acknowledge your misunderstandings/wrongs & move on? It’s as if you want no growth from any artist or person in life, hate to see it.

    • Tyty April 8, 2020

      You are so delusional it’s pathetic when does normani I ever talk about cumbilla cumbucket? You really need a mental health evaluation. It’s sick that this site continues to allow you to post helping contribute to your very obvious mental health challenges. You’re a scumbag of the lowest levels. You deserve to be locked up and forgotten about such a hateful demonic entity.

      • Clarks0o0ñ April 8, 2020

        U are angry cause I speak the hard truth,but u will deal.
        I said what I said
        Now cry about it

    • vv April 8, 2020

      There is Fenty, collaborations and I see her pop up plenty of times. My friends who don’t kno w the 5H girls all know who Camila and Normani is. She has made a name for herself. It’s the other three who may struggle to be noticed.

      BE TRUTHFUL and stop being so unbiased smdh

    • Bettie clayton April 8, 2020


    • Xyz April 12, 2020

      You are Stupid normani hater skunk

    • Tea Tree September 16, 2020

      Ewwww it’s you again? Everytime I hop on this site YOU are on it. Licking racist Camilla’s ass & shading Normani. And pretty much shading everyone, being EXTREMELY hateful, disrespectful & ignorant. Very unhinged possibly psychopathic behavior. PLEASE GET HELP OR PRAY. Something. Sh*t

  3. Just Sayin’ April 8, 2020

    Oh did someone forget that they ended Nicki Minaj carrer with a dies track call ‘Sheather’. Why a change of heart now?

    • FAF April 8, 2020

      Nicki went on to have a top ten and 4 platinum singles and a platinum album

      Remy had: three episodes she was featured in on love and hip hop

  4. ChocolateBeauty April 8, 2020

    I am all for unity and what not but this right here, I believe Remy Ma is still being “FAKE”? and very “CUNNING!”??? Remy Ma wants a Nicki collaboration so bad, I can’t tell when someone is disingenuous and want to take advantage of someone else. Just so they can accomplish their TRUE agenda/INTENTIONS “SELF PROMOTION.” Uhh…?please Remy, stop bring up Nicki Minaj’s name she knows that you are a phony!?????

    • ChocolateBeauty April 8, 2020

      Sorry for the two typos: “Can’t” is suppose to be *Can* and “Bring” should be *Bringing.*??

      • Justmeeeee April 8, 2020

        Remy is just NOW realizes that she needs Nicki and her choosing to to a diss track ended her career not Nicki’s

        It was a dumb plan
        Her husband wrote it for her & hyped her up.

        Now Look…
        Hindsight is #2020
        Bye Remy

    • Kenny April 8, 2020

      Just Sayin Nicki still has a career

      • Just Sayin’ April 8, 2020

        With her last 2 tracks falling out of the charts after 2 weeks?

      • Ngane April 8, 2020

        Nicki Minaj ain’t gotta rely on charts etc. She a rap legend. Stop hating!!
        Most of y’all will understand this wen y’all older n wiser…

      • Xyz April 12, 2020

        Sh.i.t career as a feature artist

    • Xyz April 12, 2020

      What are u babblin’? Garbaj’s time is up..

  5. Only Facts April 8, 2020


  6. Taz April 8, 2020

    Something about Remy even mentioning Nicki’s name positive or negative is just annoying to me because it just seems like it’s for clout. Remy took an opportunity to diss Nicki to launch a comeback and it got her no where while Nicki went on to make more money and accomplishments. Hell Remy hasn’t been able to get her album out after all this time.

    • ChocolateBeauty April 8, 2020

      Preach! ???

    • Xyz April 12, 2020

      Garbaj is a loafer rent-a featuring artist

  7. Urg April 8, 2020

    Oh so all of sudden now Remy agrees with Nicki. She must really want the collabration with Nicki so she can finally put out that shelved album.

    • Xyz April 12, 2020

      Stoopid .. garbaj cant make a song without feats

  8. Swirly April 8, 2020

    Remy is the fakest b**** of them all. She has a dark, envious spirit.

    • Justmeeeee April 8, 2020

      This chick ain’t fooling nobody

      • Xyz April 12, 2020

        Fooling? What did she say 2 moronaj?

    • Xyz April 12, 2020

      U F.a.g.g.o.t , garbaj’s alter ego is roman zolonski. She has evil spirit

  9. TruthBeTold April 8, 2020

    I honestly think Remy Ma needs to sit her clout ass down. She’ll do anything to keep her name in the spot light Even being Fake like she calling these Female rappers. Remy Ma tried it but failed now she’s team Nicki…..
    Smfh Clown statues

    • Xyz April 12, 2020

      Team garbaj !! Rent a rapper for lame songs

  10. jan April 8, 2020

    Yall must have forgotten they were once friends and know each other in real life. unlike FANS. Obviously,they’re probably in communication and have patched things up. It’s called growth, no one is going to go through life holding on to something soo old. They’ve moved on and so should you all.

    • Justmeeeee April 8, 2020

      When a person tries to damage your brand and affect your future earning power…
      IT’S a WRAP !!!!

      Yeah, forgive BUT learn from the past

      • Xyz April 12, 2020

        Sicky Minaj has a good brand really. Queen of pedos , husband of a pr.ick

  11. DMA_Moon April 8, 2020

    Must really be the end of days.

  12. Camille Franzoni April 28, 2020

    I hope they figure it out and make some dope music . I love both ❤️

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