Watch: Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Raheem DeVaughn & More Deliver Bill Withers Tributes

Published: Tuesday 28th Apr 2020 by Rashad

At the top of the month, the music world was rocked by the death of legendary Soul singer Bill Withers – the GRAMMY-winning star responsible for timeless hits ‘Lovely Day,’ ‘Lean On Me,’ ‘Just the Two of Us,’ and more (as we reported here).

While a number of artists took to their respective social media platforms to ode the fallen icon, others have opted to band together to deliver tributes.  Case in point? Canadian artists Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Michael Bublé, Sarah McLachlan, and more used his inspirational classic, ‘Lean On Me,’ to pay homage to him as well as essential workers on the front lines helping global citizens through the coronavirus pandemic.

Before their teamed effort, R&B singers Anthony David, Avery Sunshine, Raheem DeVaughn, and more joined forces to honor Withers with a stirring rendition of ‘Lovely Day.’

Watch both videos inside:

On Sunday (April 26), the Food Banks Canada sponsored the Canadian television special ‘Stronger Together, Tous Ensemble.’  

Featuring appearances from prominent Canadian artists like Drake, Celine Dion, and Shania Twain, a highlight of the broadcast came via the assembly of Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Geddy Lee, Bryan Adams, Michael Bublé, Sarah McLachlan, Buffy Saint-Marie, and a host of other singers who teamed to inspire with Withers’ hit, ‘Lean On Me.’

Watch it below:


A week ahead of ‘Stronger Together,’ the likes of R&B stars Raheem DeVaughn, GoapeleKindred the Family SoulAvery SunshineEric Roberson, Cam AnthonyAlgebra Blessett, Omar, and Anthony David pieced together a heartfelt version of ‘Lovely Day’ for their tribute titled ‘We Still with Bill.’

Watch below:

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  1. It’s a shame April 28, 2020

    Do Canadians know that both Deborah C** and Tamia are in fact both Canadian and relevant?

    • Bluebird April 29, 2020

      TAMIA AND DEBORAH – have actual RANGE and vocal talent – they would have SLAYED this. Let these WHITES …..well…bless their hearts

  2. Ugghh April 28, 2020

    Lots of white people singing a black mans song called “Lean on me” with few other races for representation.

    Why is the world so tone deaf?

    • Suxmycockiness ? April 28, 2020

      Right! And I thought Canadians were polite ?

    • B**** April 28, 2020

      A black man’s song? Pretty sure anyone can sing any song. Don’t be racist

      • Ugghh April 28, 2020

        Racist? You clearly can’t comprehend my point nor do you know the definition of racism. So I’m not even going to give my time for you to digest my point.

    • B**** April 28, 2020

      I’m sorry but what do you expect anyone with some sort of intelligence to take from your comment, when first you separate two individuals by race. Then label the song one race (A) while also stating the other race (B) basically is silly and shouldn’t be singing (your labeled) race’s (A) song? Had you just left out any race descriptions it wouldn’t be taken that way. Anybody can sing any song. There is no color.

      • Are You Kidding Me? April 28, 2020

        A German man singing at a Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony would be tonedeaf. White people singing as if there are no SOULFUL Black Artists as the title indicates, is Tone. Deaf.

  3. K April 28, 2020

    Queen FEFE DOBSON!!!!!

  4. My Oh My April 29, 2020

    Avril Lavigne is the best here!!!! I miss her heydays songs “Complicated, “Sk8ter Boi”, “ “Nobody’s Home”

    “What The Hell” was bop too

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