Nicki Minaj Eclipses Rihanna To Become YouTube’s Most Viewed Female Act Ever

Published: Tuesday 28th Apr 2020 by Rashad

Another day, another record.

Giving her fans (affectionately called #Barbz) another reason to say yikes, Grammy-nominated rapstress Nicki Minaj is seeing her name penciled in digital history books again – this time for soaring past ‘Fly’ co-star Rihanna to claim the title as YouTube’s most viewed female act.

Details inside:

As if boasting a videography that lists four visuals with over 1 billion views each on YouTube wasn’t enough (see:  ‘Side to Side’ with Ariana Grande, ‘Bang Bang’ with Jessie J and Grande, ‘Swalla’ with Jason Deulo and Ty Dolla $ign, and ‘Hey Mama’ with David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, and Afrojack), Minaj has now accumulated over 24.1 Billion views total across all of her videos on the platform including those where she serves as a featured act.

The updated count sees her surpass former YouTube champion Rihanna’s 23.9 billion views as the site’s most viewed female act ever.

Her success on the site is indeed a factor in her triumph on Billboard charts, which lists her as its most placed female artist ever with 108 appearances to date.

Minaj’s ‘Beauty and a Beat’ co-star Justin Bieber remains the most viewed artist overall on the platform.

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  1. Datred23 April 28, 2020

    This is post worthy?

    • Tone April 28, 2020

      Absolutely not.

    • Susan April 28, 2020

      Anything to make it look like Nicki Minaj is relevant in 2020 ?

      • Nippian April 29, 2020

        Nicki in 2020 wouldn’t know a hit if it punched her in her fake ass

  2. Barrrrrb April 28, 2020


  3. Bebo p. April 28, 2020

    Not impress lol ?

  4. Artemis__ April 28, 2020

    A bs*tch really needed 2752728282 features and oversaturation and green screen to trump Queen Riri. At least Rihanna has timeless hits. Imagine being a fan of someone everyone else passionately hates. ?

    • Datred23 April 28, 2020

      Yea everywhere you go you hear a Rihanna song and people singing to one of her hits EVERYONE knows a Rihanna song

    • Susan April 28, 2020

      You’re telling me “massive attack” and “stupid h*e” and the iconic “starships” are not TIMELESS?!

      Actually, you right. You right ?

  5. lostone April 28, 2020

    This is not an achievement when throughout the 2010s you were jumping on every hit song that you could possibly be allowed on. People say that Rihanna isn’t a true artist, but it is Nicki Minaj who isn’t a true artist. At least Rihanna was the lead artist on most of her hits, and she has multiple Billboard Hot 100 #1 songs. Nicki’s legacy will never be strong because she will be remembered as the music industry’s puppet who did not create art. Nicki was the McDonald’s of rap music. She sold a lot of cheap burgers, but she also wants to be seen as fine dining. It doesn’t work like that. Anyway, Cardi has taken the spot and Nicki is done out here.

    • Hated4myopinion April 28, 2020

      That’s your opinion. I listen to Nicki and the lyrics are much like the entree on any song she was on. Speak for yourself.

  6. Tyty April 28, 2020

    Rihanna achieved hers as mostly a lead artist so it doesn’t count ?? Nicki does a gazillion features not the same.

    • Nick April 28, 2020


  7. LET LOVE RULE April 28, 2020

    Haters always gonna Hate!

  8. Jay April 28, 2020

    Easy fix. Rihanna, please blink! She’ll never eclipse her grammy wins/number 1s though, but go off…

  9. IKNOWTHETRUTH April 28, 2020


    • Susan April 28, 2020

      “Starships” was a classic. And so was “stupid h**” and “massive attack” and “come on a cone”. I can’t wait for EBT to give her a tribute in 10 years and they’ll perform her biggest hit…starships. ?

      • PinotNoir April 28, 2020

        Starships were meant to fly. ?

  10. Becky Sue April 28, 2020

    These white folks……

  11. PinotNoir April 28, 2020

    A durn shame if 360 deal’s real. Betcha it’s mostly hörned up teens blasting Anaconda, so their moms don’t suspect them whetting their jïzz rags.

  12. Just Sayin’ April 28, 2020

    Why is this news again? Didn’t this bish vanished when her r***** husban fail to register as a sêx offender.

  13. Dc April 28, 2020

    Lol all her billion views were from features ????

    • Bogus April 28, 2020

      Ok and? You or not don’t even have 50 views on your snap and insta ?

  14. ME YOU US April 28, 2020

    I guarantee if The Queen was white her kingdom would respect her more…

  15. Randall Jae April 29, 2020

    Congrats queen many can’t handle your reign ?

  16. XxBossxX May 18, 2020

    The fact is…if rih had put music out would Nicki even be there? Rihanna stopped making music so of course Nicki could achieve surpassing riri right now.. But go off😂😌

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