Camila Cabello Responds To Report ‘Romance’ is Platinum As ‘Havana’ Nears Diamond Status

Published: Wednesday 6th May 2020 by Rashad

“Slow and steady wins the race” – an adage affirmed by the enduring commercial performance of Camila Cabello‘s sophomore album, ‘Romance.’

While not exactly on the receiving end of the out-of-the-box success of its self-titled forerunner, the project – which bowed at #3 upon its debut – has maintained some level of buoyancy on Billboard charts thanks to streams and the radio airplay of its latest single, ‘My Oh My’ (featuring DaBaby).

Much like that tune took over 3 months to crack the top 20 (as we reported here), its parent album has taken the scenic route to Platinum certification.  Nevertheless, it got there this week.

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As seen in the video above, Cabello took to Instagram Monday (May 4) to thank her fans – affectionately referred to as #Camilizers – for hoisting her second album to Platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).  Like her latest hit, ‘My Oh My’ (as we reported here), the LP’s newfound status denotes sales equivalence of 1 million copies.

The report surfaced the same day her breakthrough solo single, ‘Havana,’ crossed the threshold for 9x Platinum – making it 1 million units “sold” shy of reaching Diamond certification.

If it reaches the mark it will only be the 35th song in history to do so.



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  1. Clarks0o0ñ May 6, 2020


    Here comes the haters.
    I’m ready for u rats today.

    • #TheTruth May 6, 2020

      Well, not all albums reach platinum, so props to her.
      But we all know that with streaming, being platinum doesn’t mean what it used to be until quite recently… I guess the certifications have to evolve with the changes of the industry…

      Still, I think it’s safe to say that the album underperformed considering the success of her debut album and the huge success set off with Señorita.
      They released a bunch of songs hoping one will stick on the charts… that’s not what I call a strategy, but more like a desperate attempt for a hit.

      Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy her music. She isn’t a favorite of mine, but I enjoy her stuff. I thought Liar would have performed better, I like that tune.

      • Lex Luthor May 7, 2020

        Even if it “Under performed” at it’s weakest its still outselling these other basic pop girlies.

        That being said I agree that her strategy this era sucked. Releasing a bunch of songs without focusing on ONE lead was a major mistake. Their first era she a released maybe one or two songs and then focused on ONE song. Then when the album was nearing released she let out never be the same and focused THAT as the second single which earned her a second top ten hit.

        This era was a mess.

      • Cabelho May 7, 2020

        Only 162.000 pure sales. Simon will dump her

  2. Clarks0o0ñ May 6, 2020

    All albums released by @Camila_Cabello are certified platinum in the United States.

    TGJ back at it again. Look at this mess they are reporting.

    “has maintained some level of buoyancy on Billboard charts thanks to streams and the radio airplay of its latest single, ‘My Oh My’ (featuring DaBaby).”

    Radio airplay doesnt count to album sales.

    • Musixxman May 6, 2020

      I mean its no doubt that senorita is a big reason for the platinum cert, but its really heavily her song so im not mad at it. Lol yeah they were being shady with that line – its so impressive that my oh my has stayed on the charts for 5 months…if it was this easy she would do it with every song and every major artist would have a hit. They dont think!

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 6, 2020

        Senorita sales didnt count

        Besides senorita is her song.
        She wrote it and sang it.
        So why shouldn’t she put a song she wrote and sang on her album?

        U can not discredit this girl.

        They is a demand for her music.

        She will release 6 songs, 5 will flop but 1 will be a hit. That’s her strategy and she will continue to use this strategy.

  3. Clarks0o0ñ May 6, 2020

    “Much like that tune took over 3 months to crack the top 20”

    TGJ back at it again
    Rats u think this is shade?
    It shows the song has longevity.
    It’s an organic hit

    Big artistes like nicki cant eve stay on the chart for 2 weeks without falling of.

    Once again ur attempt to drag a successful artist fails.

  4. MissImpartial May 6, 2020

    Even if it’s reaches 10 mil it technically didn’t sell 10 mil. You can’t compare singles that physically sold as much to a song that gets there through streaming. Streaming is the window shopping of music. It’s only being used to hide that the music industry is dead and no one is really buying music anymore.

    • Musixxman May 6, 2020

      Then why don’t more songs get to diamond? Why haven’t more songs in the streaming era gone diamond? There are barely any songs from 2018 onwards (when streaming took over) in the top 50 sales songs of all time. Just because they don’t have itunes sales doesn’t mean they are not being consumed/listened to via paid methods (aka paid streaming). Plus music industry revenue is actually up now after a downward trend for years. Don’t discredit songs going diamond because in this day and age its still a crazy achievement!

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 6, 2020

        Do u mind the clown.

        They are angry Camila has gotten another platinum album.

        Its hurts them to see someone they hate succeed even after they tried their hardest to cancel them.

        Good music is good music and people will always listen to good music regardless of how hard yall try to smear Camila’s name

        Normani will never happen. Deal with it
        She is boring and dull
        Zero personality
        Boring voice
        Cant write bops, cant hold a note.
        Has zero artistry.

        She only has Twitter hype and Camila hate train, sympathy and pity
        And that can only get u so far.
        Twitter doesnt buy music
        Twitter hype doesnt translate into sales example dua lipa’s album future nostalgia selling 18k pure sales after all the hype on Twitter

        Sympathy and pity isnt enough to keep ur career afloat especially when ur only talent is doing a cartwheel and impersonator beyonce.

      • Bogus May 6, 2020

        You’re still touting the Dua Lipa 18k thing months later?? She’s old more than that and her song is out charting My Oh My……….album is significantly better too

      • James+wan May 6, 2020

        @bogus how did future nostalgia do again? Oh right it flopped compared to romance. Get the hell outhere

      • John Jones May 6, 2020

        @bogus dua didn’t sell more units than romance. In fact dua’s opening week was below romance’s opening week. The only success dua had was with don’t stop and that was only a number two hit. Camila had a number one hit with senorita. Try again

      • Lex Luthor May 7, 2020

        Dua’s album under performed and charted at a lower spot than Romance did. She didn’t sell more than Camila. I dunno what you’re talking about.

    • eric May 6, 2020

      “Streaming is the window shopping of music. It’s only being used to hide that the music industry is dead and no one is really buying music anymore.” Very true!!

    • James+wan May 6, 2020

      That’s why we have premium services you moron

      • Bogus May 7, 2020

        Stfu don’t come to me with your multiple accts. DUA is better than Camila her album may not have done as well right. Now but it surely will! The music is superior. Now sit and shut it

  5. Susan May 6, 2020

    Posting about a racist…on an urban blog. Makes sense.

    • Clarks0o0ñ May 6, 2020

      Say something new cause we’ve heard this before

      • My Oh My May 6, 2020

        Again, congrats to the beautiful and fabulous Camila Cabello👑❤️🥳

      • Señorita May 6, 2020

        Wow another W for Miss Camila!!!💯❤️

    • HavanaONana May 6, 2020

      Spell P-L-A-T-I-N-U-M

      Romance is certified what!?!?’


  6. Sean May 6, 2020

    According to Billboard they recently revised how albums are calculated which includes on demand streaming and digital track sales this also includes prior to release, the streams of Senorita and My Oh My were calculated towards the Album Sales for Romance. So far this year Romance only sold 30k in pure sales.

    • Clarks0o0ñ May 6, 2020

      Seniorita was already on shawn Mendes album ,so it cant count on Camila’s romance album

      U think ur intelligent but ur dumb. Lol

      If senorita was counted towards the sales of romance, it would have been platinum in January.

      Besides Seniorita is her song, she wrote it and sang it
      Why shouldn’t she put it on her album.

      U are so pained.
      We love to see it

      • Sean May 6, 2020

        Dumb rat your wrong 1 Album sale equals 10 song downloads equals 1500 song streams. Senorita streams were included those are facts go read Billboard loser. Billboard reported it not me try again idiot.

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 6, 2020

        Bìtch u cant read

        Senorita was already on shawn Mendes album so it cant count on Camila’s album

        Lastly seniorita is her song
        She wrote it and sang it
        She is a lead artist on the song
        So she has every right to add it on her album

        Dumb bìtch
        Hope C***** finds u and ends u

        Camila will continue to win and u will deal.
        Stupid rat

      • Sean May 6, 2020

        Your a stupid B I T C H, Read Billboard they reported it not me hahaha your bothered. Take it up with Senorita contributed and My Oh My. Your a sick loser don’t need to read your stupid comment dumb rat !!!

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 6, 2020

        Gurl I’m tired of repeating myself
        Senorita is her song. She wrote it and sang it
        Take it up with billboard

        My oh my is ger song also
        She wrote it and sang it

        I dont understand yall . Lol
        It’s like yall want her to deny her hits.

        Should she remove Havana from her debut album also? 🤡🤡

        The clownery
        Gurl Camila ain’t going anywhere and u will deal
        We love to see u haters crying anytime Camila gets a platinum plaque.

      • Sean May 6, 2020

        Lol Pure rubbish. No one is denying Camila’s platinum plaques. Romance could sell 20 million copies -and I still wouldn’t care. I stated what billboard said you should go and speak to Billboard since they published it on their site of how songs form an album are calculated. I posted a comment on TGJ website and you were so bothered that you had to reply to my comment. Everyone is aware that you sit on this blog and create multiple accounts to hype yourself up and reply to everyone. Bye B I T C H.!!!

      • Clarks0o0ñ May 6, 2020

        Gurl u are doing too much
        U wrote an entire times magazine article about Camila and for what?

        If senorita was counted the album would be 2 times platinum.

        Seniorita is her song
        My oh my is her song

        Liar didnt crack the top 50 but it has 270 million streams. that’s how powerful Camila is.
        More streams than songs that hit the top 10.

        Camila ain’t going nowhere.

      • Bogus May 6, 2020

        TGJ WHY ARE YOU ALLOWING CLARKSOOON TO STILL WISH DEATH ON PEOPLE ????? This stupid troll attacking everyone uber Camila and you guys know it so you keep
        Posting her to stir up the comments. F****** pathetic Just like that imbecile

    • James+wan May 6, 2020

      Oh and? We’re in the streaming era now tyrone. Keep up with the news

  7. IKNOWTHETRUTH May 6, 2020



  8. Nicky May 6, 2020


    Her album was gold when it got released but the songs aside from Seniorita had minimal streams


    The smoke and mirrors is quite apparent. More charity work done for Camicky the Clown

    • Buzz+Off May 6, 2020

      Yeah sure.. The charity that Normani won’t even get to experienced or have..
      Deal with Camila’s WIN..

    • James+wan May 6, 2020

      Her album was already elligible for gold before it was released you moron. That wasn’t counting seneorita’s sales. Even if it did, seneorita is still her song you idiot. She sang the most on the track.

      Let me know when Normani will get her own hit without the aid of another rnb singer or a gay British white boy

    • My Oh My May 7, 2020

      Wow comments from haters speaks volumes about how their fave career flopt and tanked lmfao

  9. James+wan May 6, 2020

    I wonder what her illiterate and mentally challenged haters will say to discredit her for this?

  10. James+wan May 6, 2020

    Normani’s songs motivation and waves have all charted under the top twenty yet you guys act like it was a major accomplishment for her. What a junks yard site this is

  11. BeyRihCi May 7, 2020


  12. HavanaONana May 7, 2020

    That’s right Bishes

    Havana = near diamond status (9x Platinum)
    My Oh My = Platinum

    Camila = Platinum
    Romance = Platinum

    • İnoj May 7, 2020

      Album doesnt sell stinky pussie .. it comes mu oh my streaming

  13. Austin-Tyler Whitley August 12, 2020

    Oof her third album bet r be exceptional and have much less singles and more time between them or they should just let her go.

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