Ava Max Reveals Music Producers Pursued Her When She Was A Teen

Published: Friday 26th Jun 2020 by David

Ava Max is stepping forward with an upsetting story she hopes will protect young people from predators.

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In an interview with RTE2FM the Pop star explained that she was thrown into a dangerous situation with a number of adult producers tried to use their power within the music industry to pursue her for sex.



Max dropped her debut project ‘Amanda Kay’ aged 14 but became a global superstar following the release of the smash hit single ‘Sweet But Psycho’.

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  1. Meme June 26, 2020


  2. Meme June 26, 2020

    Just went to listen to sweet but psycho…love that song never knew who sung it. Nice voice.

    • CUPCAKKE PUSS POWER June 26, 2020

      Kong’s & Queens is a bop!! 🔥🔥 she’s so GAGA tho…..

      • Meme June 26, 2020

        Yes! As well as “So am I”. I can’t believe I knew 3 of her songs and didn’t know who the artist was.

      • Only Facts June 26, 2020

        That’s camilas problem. People like Havana and Senorita, but don’t know who the hell she is 🤣 Then they hear the song and they say “oh yeah, the Havana girl”. #facts

    • You’ll Gag June 26, 2020

      Torn and Freaking Me Out are good too! She had the voice and presence but I think she reminds people of old Gaga

  3. CUPCAKKE PUSS POWER June 26, 2020

    Does she mean RedOne or Dr Luke???

  4. PinotNoir June 26, 2020


    Most men prey on an ingenue.

    Why wasn’t a guardian, a chaperone or, shocking concept alert, a PARENT present when a 14-y-o girl was dealing biz with predatory, grown men?

    Sb. coulda spared us her 👎music.

    • Woman June 26, 2020

      All of what you said is true but shouldn’t we also ask ourselves why some grown men Are such perverts. She was a little girl.

      • PinotNoir June 26, 2020

        Men who run record labels are notorious power-hungry money loaners. They were raised in cultures that permit bedding a girl as young as 3 years old. They see a girl from outside their culture — one willing to use her sexuality to sell music — as a hööker who’ll do anything to get ahead. If she feigns innocence, they’ll point to her album cover, videos, and even dress code to intimidate her. If she’s unchaperoned, game over!

  5. Only Facts June 26, 2020

    The men in the music industry are disgusting. She should’ve reported them. Also, is she trying to be a rip-off Gaga?

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