New Song: Usher – ‘California’ (featuring Tyga)

Published: Tuesday 16th Jun 2020 by Rashad

Monday’s episode of NBC’s reality songwriting competition ‘Songland’ saw R&B veteran Usher join as guest celebrity judge (June 15). A prized singer-songwriter himself, the GRAMMY winner sung the show’s praises ahead of choosing the song he wanted the record.

“This show is a necessity. People really don’t understand what we have to go through in creating a song. I love that it teaches people that there’s a process,” said the ‘Yeah’ singer. “What do I typically look for in a song? I think versatility makes a great song. I think you have to take people on a journey.”

The “journey” referenced in his quote must have taken him straight to the Sunshine State as one songwriter, Ryan Tedder, saw his song ‘Staying Over’ revamped by Ush and retitled to ‘California.’

Tapping GRAMMY-nominated Cali native Tyga to assist, listen inside for the latest from Mr. Raymond:

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  1. Ugghh June 16, 2020

    I think he reached his peak and may be incapable of evolving or needs to get a whole new team in order to do so – his sound is dated.

    Also, Tyga doesn’t sell. Why do people keep working with him? He can’t even get himself on the charts.

    • IKNOWTHETRUTH June 16, 2020


      • Ugghh June 16, 2020

        Lol Tyga is that you?

        Lol he hasn’t had a hit on the charts since 2011.

    • Bey Is Grown June 16, 2020

      Taste says hello

      • Ugghh June 16, 2020

        Your dad says the same. 😉

    • Tino June 16, 2020

      @Ugghh Ugh do you realize how dumb you sound?? You do know that Usher has been out since 1993 right?? Almost 30 years and he’s currently in his 4th decade. Is any other early 90’s artist putting out number 1’s left and right?? No great artist in history have kept putting out number 1’s left and right after being out for30 years and 4 decades. Usher has already sold more albums and have more number 1’s than any male R&B/Pop artist of his generation and afterwards. HE HAS NOTHING TO PROVE

      • Ugghh June 16, 2020

        I never said he had anything to prove lol I just he may have reached his peak. Lol why are you so upset?

        Usher is an amazing artist, he just might not have another hit.

        I could be wrong but based on his recent material, it’s fair game lol

    • Jason Giambrone June 16, 2020

      So how do you feel after typing such a negative opinion. You have the right to feel how you feel about it, but how do you feel putting that type of energy about someone else’s hard work into the world? Think about the last time someone spoke negatively about something you did or said. How did that make you feel. Positive energy is so much more productive to spread or if you can’t do that silence is the next best thing. In this current climate we need as much positive energy as possible.

      • Ugghh June 16, 2020

        Lol this comment section be having people needing therapy after all the shît ya’ll be saying. I simply spoke my thoughts on his current music. Y’all talk about everything but the actual post but get b*** hurt of simple comments about him needing to change his team.

        Girl, go so some where. Usher got more bank and no care in the world about my opinion. He will be just fine

    • Tino June 16, 2020

      My point is people always act like Usher is some new artist when he’s been for almost 4 damn decades and has already had a legendary career.

  2. Ropeburn June 16, 2020

    Issa bop!

  3. eric June 16, 2020

    What was his reason for riding a bike through a BLM protest in Hollywood if one week later he’s releasing a song glamorizing life in California where two black men were recently found hanging and protests are ongoing? This just shows you how easy it is to say #BLM, send a donation, and not really be invested in issues affecting black lives. “California” is a very distasteful song right now. Keep the album. I’m not buying it.

    • Tino June 16, 2020

      SMDH some black people kill me. What did Usher do to you dude?? Cause you look for any dumb reason to hate. Since you follow him so closely why didn’t you know about the 2,000 families in Atlanta that Usher provided meals for 2 weeks ago?? I guess you don’t know about Usher’s New Look Foundation that since 1999 has changed the lives of over 50, 000 young black youths all over the world?? I guess you don’t know about Usher’s 2015 Chains song and video about police brutallity, racism and injustice?? Meanwhile you talking about a song that was recorded months ago SMMFH get real dude.

      • Neon June 16, 2020

        Talk di tingz!

      • ERIC June 16, 2020

        All the more reason for Usher to have enough sense and decency to know not to promote a song that downplays the valid fear and concern in California at a pivotal time in our country. As a celebrity, it’s easy for Usher to speak and be heard, but it’s not so easy for the people who feel like their words and feelings are not being honored. Usher could be more sensitive to the people of Cali by not giving a narrative that distracts from the horror of having two potential lynchings that need to be thoroughly investigated. If you think releasing a song right now that characterizes Cali as the place for fun and leisure is okay, you’re the one who needs to get real.

    • Tino June 16, 2020

      Dude you’re a straight up clown, this entire country has racist history. Black people have been lynched in every state. Black people was inslaved and lynched in Georgia i guess Ray Charles was dumb for making the song Georgia huh?? I guess 2Pac was dumb for making the song California Love after the Rodney King beating and riots huh?? STFU dude

      • eric June 18, 2020

        You don’t even understand the context of what you’re talking about. “California Love” was two years after the King riots and the video depicts California as a dark dystopia, a desolate state in ruins, and the song acknowledges some of the unrest (“Only in Cali where we riot, not rally, to live and die”). The tone of Usher’s song is completely different from “California Love” and “Georgia On My Mind”, the latter of which was written about a woman.

    • Tino June 16, 2020

      Doyou think every black person was gonna move out of California after the 2 hangings?? Do you think that all black people was gonna boycott California and never visit again?? But then people listened to Usher singing a song about a relationship and thought OMG maybe California isn’t so bad after all. SMMFH

  4. Always June 16, 2020

    I like it.

  5. Shanell Williams June 16, 2020

    I like it!!! Nice summer bop

  6. Happy+n+Rich June 17, 2020

    it’s a good effort, but do Usher’s fans want to hear this? He’s about 25 years into his career, and his fan base is now AT LEAST in their 30s. He’s kind of too old to compete with The Weeknd and Post Malone.

    • Tino June 17, 2020

      I’m a diehard Usher fan and i love it. Actually he’s been out for 27 years and has already sold more albums and have more number 1’s than any male R&B/Pop artist of his generation and afterwards. Usher is already an icon and legend so why would he be competing with The Weekend and Post Malone?? Was Michael Jackson and Prince competing with Usher in the 00’s when they were older and already legends but Usher was dominating?? HELL NO

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