YouTube: “6ix9ine & Nicki Minaj’s ‘TROLLZ’ Did NOT Break Our 24-Hour Viewership Record!’

Published: Tuesday 16th Jun 2020 by Rashad

And I…oop!

Not long after we revealed 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj‘s newest soon-to-be-hit ‘TROLLZ’ had colored itself into YouTube history books for “most 24-hour views of a Hip Hop clip,” the video platform has gone to press to repudiate the report.

Details inside:

As we noted early Monday (June 15), the initial story suggested ‘TROLLZ’ – thanks to the whopping 50.3 million views garnered in the day after its June 12 release – was officially the record holder for ‘most 24-hour views among Hip Hop videos.’  The erroneously reported record would have seen ‘TROLLZ’ snatch the title from its own predecessor, ‘GOOBA,’ as that clip earned a whopping 43.5 million views its first day.

A YouTube rep revoked the titling on a technicality, however.  In a statement obtained by our friends at ‘XXL,’ the video platform has reiterated its viewership policy:

“Videos eligible for YouTube’s 24-hour record debuts are those with the highest views from organic sources within the first 24 hours of the video’s public release. This includes direct links to the video, search results, external sites that embed the video and YouTube features like the homepage, watch next and Trending.

Video advertising is an effective way to reach specific audiences with a song debut, but paid advertising views on YouTube will no longer be considered when looking at a 24-hour record debut.” [source]


It should be noted YouTube is not denying the 50.3 million views were accomplished overall, however, the means by which they were attained makes it ineligible for the site’s record books.

With the views from paid advertising subtracted, it’s been revealed ‘TROLLZ’ actually amassed 32.5 million in that 24-hour window – nearly half of its originally reported height.

Nevertheless, Minaj is still penciled in the platform’s list for ‘most 24-hour views among female rappers,’ breaking the record she previously held when her 2014 hit, ‘Anaconda,’ slithered to 19.6 million views its first day.

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  1. Nicky June 16, 2020


    This is exactly why Camicky is flopping

    Her label pulled the plug on payola and playola

    When you see R&B girls do more numbers than Camicky first week sales without her budget, you understand why Camicky is all smoke and mirrors.

    Canceled Career. Canceled Tour. Flop Singles.

    We truly love to see a racist ho’s downfall

    • Clarks0o0ñ June 16, 2020

      All these essays until u ask them where normani is on the charts and then its silence.

      • High Price June 16, 2020

        BIIHHHH YOU MAD! 😆😆😃😃😃

      • BuzzOff June 16, 2020

        NO LIES DETECTED !!!

      • ME+YOU+US June 17, 2020

        You do know once we find out who you are I gonna send all the screenshotted images of things you e said about blk women and you will be right there with cardi be who is said to be next…they say in coming weeks her drugged and robbed blk men, blk roaches, m***** baby, etc..she’s next..and since she sint blk anywhere shell be next and you’ll be right behind her..

  2. Jeans June 16, 2020

    These 2 clowns should be embarrassed. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • ME+YOU+US June 17, 2020

      Embarrassed by what? People dont get embarrased when there purposely treated different then other people..its ok when ariana and justin use these tactics but when a blk women and Mexican man do it..thn it’s the end of the world…no they just being biast with a Mexican man and blk women clearly

      • Carolyn franklin June 24, 2020

        There not being bias or racist check and see who whole the 24 tittle it’s a India rapper number two are asian boyband.The asian boyband held that tittle for 4 months with 74M views(so with there 50M they are not even close) then the India rapper got 75M but he did just like them advertisement .YouTube held back giving tittle to India rapper because Asian boy band use no advertisement So youtube new rules no advertisement from now on.Now boygroup got a plague from YouTube but even tho on the platform it’s says in India rapper has the title YouTube has never acknowledge it with a trophy.The Asian boygroup is in the 24 catergory two other time so they broke there own record.So you can’t say there racist when two other minorities are at the top.

  3. Clarks0o0ñ June 16, 2020

    Nicki stop embarrassing ur self.
    U should be preserving your legacy not destroying it.

    Queens dont act this way.

  4. tyty June 16, 2020

    6ix9ine career is going nowhere… this Collab was his last ditch effort at a career. He should stick to modelling lace fronts and trolling the gram.

    • Only Facts June 16, 2020


  5. High Price June 16, 2020

    lmao 🤣 Oh well 6ix9ine 😆

  6. Beam+Me+Up+Scotty June 16, 2020

    Ok. It’s not that big of a deal. The billboard hot 100 #1 is what matters.

    • Artemis__ June 16, 2020

      It’s gonna flop on hot 100. The SCHEMES to destroy your fave are well into fruition. Wait-On-It!! 🔥🤣

  7. June 16, 2020

    Man you fools are so happy when yall hear something bad about Nicki, it’s an honest mistake they wouldn’t lie about something like that.

    • Freaky garbaj June 17, 2020

      Because garbaj is obnoxious

    • Carolyn franklin June 24, 2020

      If you check out who hold the tittle on YouTube for a year you will see there 53M wasn’t even close the tittle holder has 75M views

  8. Artemis__ June 16, 2020

    “the means by which they were attained.” You mean PAID BOTS. 🤣😭 This freaking fraud.

  9. Only Facts June 16, 2020

    Nicki has become such a joke! She could’ve been a legend but instead she’s ruined her discography and her reputation and her face with all of those fillers

  10. NextB June 16, 2020

    How many views Cardi did with I Like It the first 24h?

  11. Only Facts June 16, 2020

    Everything about Nicki is fraudulent. She tried to have the RIAA investigated over payola, and this woman has used more payola this year with say so and trollz than anyone else has in 5 years. She needs to go away. Thank you for your services, but you’re no longer needed.

    • You’ll Gag June 17, 2020

      So you only believe in Payola when it comes to Nicki lol you are a true can someone make you so angry ? Are you mad that she has millions of dollars..that she has fans still? What is it that makes you turn red in the face? You’re like Clarkson when it comes to Normani

  12. Lizbo June 16, 2020

    Hey Icki, HANG IT UP FLAT SCREEN! B**** is washed no soap involved😂

  13. Adonis June 17, 2020


  14. J June 17, 2020

    Youtube viewership and chart placement seems a bit…arbitrary these days

  15. Ace June 17, 2020

    They lying

    • Carolyn franklin June 24, 2020

      No there not check out the tittle of views in 24 hour on YouTube the tittle has been held for a year even with advertisement they wasn’t even close they had 53M the current tittle holder has 75M views on 24 hr

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