Nicki Minaj & Lil Nas X “Reunite” On Twitter

Published: Wednesday 17th Jun 2020 by David

As one of the only A List musicians to debut during the advent of social media, Nicki Minaj has had the surreal privilege of watching her fans grow up in real time online.

In 2019, one of these fans- a teen who went by the name Nas Maraj– used his position as a leading member of her fan base to become the ubiquitous Lil Nas X.

Alas, as his breakout tune ‘Old Town Road’ ruled the charts, a great deal of effort was made to erase his digital history with hopes doing would so erase Minaj’s impact on his life and career.

Today, the pair have put the past behind them.

Find out what happened when Minaj spotted his request for a collaboration on Twitter below…

Nas apologised.

Unfortunately, some Minaj’s loyalists are unwilling to forgive and forget.

For, shortly after ‘Old Town Road‘ soared into the Billboard Hot 100, the Twitterverse learned that an influential account seemingly owned by an agreeable African-American woman (who went by the name @EmoBlackThot) was actually controlled by an African-American man who just so happened to be pals with….


Problematic for the Barbz…because the account  published a number of disparaging remarks about Minaj when some fans believed that she was feuding with Ariana Grande…one of the artists who endorsed the account with likes and retweets before its owner was outed as a catfish.

Learn more here.

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  1. Clarks0o0ñ June 17, 2020

    Lil nas x is a pathetic black gay man that likes kissing up to females.

    I am disappointed in him.
    Like seriously WTF is this weak bìtch behaviour he is displaying.

    Nicki is literally belittling him.

    • Fifi June 17, 2020

      He’s mature enough to say sorry. Nothing wrong with that.

      • Clarks0o0ñ June 17, 2020

        Sorry about what exactly?
        It’s not that serious for him to be doing all this

        This cute , non threatening, black hòmo schtick he is doing is gonna get old real quick.

    • Only Facts June 17, 2020

      You described yourself.

      • Clarks0o0ñ June 17, 2020

        Somebody saw themselves in the comment I wrote.

        This is exactly how u are
        Ugly messy pathetic worthless black fàggot.

        I feel sorry for u. 🤣

  2. I+love+big+black+c** June 17, 2020

    This lil punk looks unhealthy af, not even 100 pounds, Nicki ain’t gonna f-u-c-k with minor. She learned this sh#t with her brother. FOH

  3. Only Facts June 17, 2020

    I’m so sick of her nasty attitude. Why not just say “thanks for supporting me”? Damn, always gotta be shady and rude. She should be lucky she has any fans left. Ugh. I cannot believe I used to give this woman my money

    • You’ll Gag June 17, 2020

      How was she shady and rude????!! It’s people
      Like you that scream BLM but can’t wait to tear Nicki Minaj down..she said how she felt at the time when he denied it and also congratulated him on using his voice to speak his truth..smh

  4. MonkeySeeMonkeyDo June 17, 2020

    Nicki said what she said. He is a fraud then even went and put Bardi bird on a track! He wack af. I’m still supporting everybody black, especially my LGBTQ+ ppl!

  5. eric June 17, 2020

    If he’s admitting to being Nas Miraj, he can also apologize to Mariah for the hateful things he said about her. He’s only telling Nicki he’s sorry because he thinks apologies are transactional.

    • Fifi June 17, 2020

      Everything he said about Mariah was accurate though. She is very successful but extremely insecure and doesn’t know how to connect with people on a normal one to one level. I’m sorry, but that season of American idol
      Would have been insufferable without Nicki.

      • my+name June 17, 2020

        you barbz are weird.

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