A$AP Rocky Stalker Breaks Into His Bedroom & Attacks Him As He Sleeps

Published: Friday 17th Jul 2020 by David

A$AP Rocky is at war with a crazed fan!

Full story below…

Rocky filed a restraining order against a woman he says has been harassing him for two years with hopes doing so will put an end to the insanity he has faced since she walked into his life.

In documents filed this week, the rapper lists a number of harrowing experiences involving the overzealous supporter.

In one of them, he revealed that he once woke up to find her standing in his bedroom and was forced to fight for his life when she pounced on him and lunged at his pearls.

She entered the master bedroom, I was startled, jumped up, and began to resist (the woman’s) advances. In the midst of doing so, (she) ripped my pearl necklace off of my neck.

She was removed by his personal security team shortly after.

He now hopes a restraining order will protect him from her.

Her apparent delusional, erratic, and impulsive state of mind” causes him to be in “constant fear that Respondent will approach me, members of my family, close friends, and at any time she could inflict severe bodily harm on us, break and enter my home at any time to find me, and damage my private property in her pursuit of me.

The documents also include an image pulled from the moment the same woman grabbed him during a concert which took place in the December of 2018.


On that same night, after I entered my vehicle to leave the venue, Respondent jumped in without my permission, landing on my lap while I was in the backseat. At that point, I was startled, shocked, and in fear for my safety. To resolve this situation, my personal security team had to physically remove (the woman) from my vehicle.


The rapper has good reason to call on the legal system to support his case.

For, his complaint comes shortly after home intruders attacked and murdered the entertainer Pop Smoke, and 25 years after a woman named Yolanda Saldivar became obsessed with the singer Selena and shot her in a hotel in Corpus Cristi.


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  1. CUPCAKKE Puss Power July 17, 2020

    Was that Rihanna??? 😂🤣😂🤣 man up on him!

  2. Ugghh July 17, 2020

    Oh lawn, not the pearls! 😱😂


    People are crazy, thankfully she wasn’t there to harm him.

  3. Shayla Queen 👑 July 17, 2020

    Rocky ❤️

  4. eric July 17, 2020

    I don’t see how this story relates to Selena’s murder, unless Asap’s stalker has a friendship or business relationship with him. There are plenty of intruder stories and stalking cases in the last 25 years that would’ve made more sense to mention in this story, including Ashanti, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, LL Cool J, and Selena Gomez.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 July 17, 2020

      Even Paula Abdul 😂

      • CUPCAKKE Puss Power July 17, 2020

        Even Hilary duff 😂🤣😂

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