Drama! Damon Dash Slams Lifetime Producer Over Aaliyah Relationship

Published: Sunday 5th Jul 2020 by David

Damon Dash believes a power player at Lifetime has been working hard to “exploit” his relationship with the late singer Aaliyah.

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This is how I treat racist like Tara long from @eone_tv when she was trying to exploit my story with Aaliyah for @lifetimetv my question is …why is it that the only way a black persons story can only be told on a network only if it goes through a white production company or it won’t get told…let’s get to that…but at the end of the day this is how I been treating racist…luck them out yiur house and do it yourself @damedashstudios #staytuned

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Dash, who was in a relationship with the singer,claims that Tara Long made an attempt to prise sensitive information out of him for ratings and took to Instagram to issue a statement he hoped would force her to stand down.

Hit this link to learn more about how some of the darkest parts of Aaliyah’s story made it to television.

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  1. Only Facts July 5, 2020

    Hmm. He’s always seemed like he’s on something. Wonder what she tried to bring up

    Also, if Queen Aaliyah was still alive, Beyoncé wouldn’t be as big as she is. Facts

    • Lyka July 5, 2020

      Not true nobody would stop beyonce im not a beyonce fan but you are talking s***. Even when Alliyah would be alive it never wouldnt stop Beyonce to become the Superstar that she is. What kind of stupid thinking is that

    • GL July 5, 2020

      Child …you tried that and was reaching a bit far. YES aaliyah is talented . YES, she would’ve had hit records but to be higher or better than Beyonce -NEGATIVE!!! Vocal range , styling , creativity, …2 different artist and not even on the same level.
      They need to leave this girl name out of drama. And let her rest in peace

  2. Cody+s July 5, 2020

    If Aaliyah were alive today she would be in the same boat as Mya or Amerie. Damon Dash is looking for pitty. He says he’s not trying to exploit her but still going on media tours bringing her up.

  3. cory July 5, 2020

    Aaliyah wouldn’t be where Amerie and Mya are. She was starting to build a success movie career. Romeo Must Die made nearly 100,000,000 million in the box office.

    Amerie only had 1 Top ten hit
    Mya only had 3 top ten hits

    Aaliyah had hit after hit “One in a Million” (#1 R&B Airplay), “Try Again (#1 Hot 100), “Back and Forth” (#1 R&B), “At Your Best (You Are Love)” (#2 R&B / #6 Hot 100), “If Your Girl Only Knew” (#1 R&B), “The One I Gave My Heart To” (Top Ten Pop / Top 10 R&B), “Are You That Somebody?” (#1 R&B), “I Don’t Wanna” (#4 R&B).

    Can’t compare.

    • Adina…+Adina…+Say+Adina July 5, 2020

      That part… Aaliyah was WELL on her way to superstardom… her legacy is still felt and seen this day with today’s stars constantly paying homage. Amerie and Mya are ALIVE and don’t have Aaliyah’s impact so STOP the BS. I won’t say she would have had a better career musically than Beyoncé, but she would have definitely been on the same playing field or surpassed with everything else she’s had going on.

    • eric July 5, 2020

      Thank you. People either don’t know or they forget about her accomplishments and all the things that were falling in place for her. She had four other movie deals (Honey, Some Kind of Blue, Sparkle, Matrix Reloaded) on the table before Queen of the Damned was even finished. Hollywood was opening their pockets to Aaliyah, and she probably would’ve had more hits on the Honey soundtrack like with Romeo Must Die. Everything was pointing to superstardom.

    • D July 5, 2020

      Don’t forget ‘Journey to the Past’. At the time she was the youngest solo artist to perform at the Academy Awards 😉 Aaliyah was LIT 🔥

  4. Divab July 5, 2020

    Why won’t this clown let Aaliyah Rest In Peace. Go away

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