Jaden Reveals Why He Will No Longer Go By “Jaden Smith”

Published: Wednesday 29th Jul 2020 by Sam

Jaden Smith has long marched to the beat of his own drum. Whether it’s by way of music, movies, or his celebrated style.

Still, as the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, he’s always been tied to his lineage.

In recent times, he’s ditched the surname and has gone solely by Jaden.

Now, in a new interview with Zane Lowe, he unpacks why.

Full story below…

Speaking on Apple’s Beats 1 radio, Jaden explained:

“I realized that Willow changed her name to Willow at some point in time. And that she was no longer Willow Smith. Yeah, it took me a while. It took me a while. Because if you look Willow Smith up, it’ll still come up. But then it took me a while to see that it was just Willow. And I was like, ‘Yo. That’s so strong, Willow.’

You feel like you don’t have to say your last name. You’re just Willow. I create different characters for myself and that’s also one of the reasons I love Bowie so much, but I create different characters for myself and it’s like, Jaden, that’s music and Jaden Smith, that’s paperwork, that’s acting in movies. I wanted to just make that little distinction there, just a little bit, so that I could just … different things are happening.”

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  1. Susan July 29, 2020

    He’s embarrassed that his friend August was giving his momma the business. Now he thinks he’s a big star and can go by his first name 🤣 Chiiiiiile you aren’t Madonna

    • Lmfao_Hoe July 29, 2020

      He’s a bigger star than August 💯 soon as this dies down nobody gonna give a f***. August not even big in R&B in the likes of Chris or The Weeknd s*** including Miguel and Frank Ocean.

  2. chilepleaseee July 29, 2020

    I’m so tired of this damn family

    • XYZ July 29, 2020


  3. Zion Harris July 29, 2020

    They dragged William Smith’s legacy to the pits of hell

    • Danny Bey July 29, 2020


  4. Re July 29, 2020

    I’m so over all the smiths period. Please go away and continue to make your millions and billions. Us common folks got enough to deal with besides you having an ephiany of just using your first name.

  5. Beauty Queen 💋Since 17 July 29, 2020

    Stop all that “why am I famous” bullsh#t! “Why am I will smith’s son” “why can’t I get away from spotlight?” “Omg! My anxiety attack” right…. nobody cares if u he & his sister changed their names. We still calling u guys will smith’s son and daughter

  6. Section8DaGreat July 29, 2020

    These kids try too hard to be so deep and mysterious. It’s so cringe and annoying

  7. JA_LA July 29, 2020

    I’m not sure what the rest of you read, but I clearly understood “Jaden, that’s music. Jaden Smith, that’s paperwork, that’s acting in movies”….what’s so hard to understand about that? He’s not the only person that has adopted a stage name for their music. It seems like you all are the ones making this more than what it is.

    • Lmfao_Hoe July 29, 2020

      Straight Miserable asses is all I read and see on here. They need to go find their lives as this young boy lives out his 💯

  8. E Jai July 29, 2020

    Um sir…. everybody knows your Will Smith’s son….it don’t matter. And if you really want to separate your self, give up all that cash and those benefits and make your own way! Lol boy go sit down somewhere!

  9. Natalee July 29, 2020

    If they gave him one good belt hiding when he was small this would have not a topic today.
    He is liberated into stupidity and bored AF.

  10. Misty Knight July 29, 2020

    He is the most self-involved person to ever think that anybody is interested in his NONSENSE. Pretty soon it’s just gonna be Jaden is going to be a collection of sounds so no one confuses him with being a human being.

  11. Truth July 29, 2020

    He wants to be DEEP so bad….

  12. Masline July 30, 2020

    Yoh what is his father saying about this 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  13. Seriously seriously July 30, 2020

    Difficult to think of anything I actually care less about right now..Y A W N …

  14. Gov July 30, 2020

    Why is this trending, who actually cares. Will and Jada need to get their act together and stop trying to be so open and care free.

  15. Earnest Ross July 30, 2020

    These kids need some serious therapy. Its a shame when you have been privileged all of your lives not to mention your black kids, kids of black parents you choose to drop your last name that your black parents gave you. I understand your grown and you now can do what you want but to drop your last name is senseless! Just change your entire name all together and form your new identity. I blame allot that is going on with Willow and Jaden on Will and Jada. Those kids were not raised in a normal childhood. Allowing your child to be in a bed with a grown ass man is unnerving. Will should have beat the s*** out of that guy!

    • dreena November 5, 2021

      Earnest are we the only two mortals who share these sentiments? I can hardly blame the two lost kids…what a shame! very sad.

  16. Rashida Tlaib November 28, 2020

    he’s Liberace 2020.

  17. Abbe Y Smith December 17, 2020

    What a bunch of garbage. These entitled “children” would have no platform for their “talent “if not for their parents. There are a lot of young people who would love to have the chance to do what they were allowed to because of their name. I feel for the parents, who are IMO being disrespected. Although they helped create this platform.

    Not everyone is Cher or Madonna! Self created, not with parents’ influence. Get over yourselves!

    • dreena November 5, 2021

      Abb. I was with you all the way until the ….parents being disrespected part….
      …examine the fruit and I can tell you about the ROOT..just saying…
      apple trees na bear tomato

  18. kali December 20, 2020

    Jaden is so amazing everything he do is cool

    • kali December 20, 2020

      why everybody hatin on this kid so much he is extraordinary .he will accomplish extraordinary things in his life time. nobodies paying attention to his good qualities how brave smart and extremely talented he is not to mention dangerously handsome. tons and tons of actors changed their name before they made it big . I’m just sayin why cant he?

  19. dreena November 5, 2021

    does he have some sort of special need or s’thing?
    his vocabulary is just yea and like? these 2 kids are so lost..

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