Katy Perry Talks Kanye West’s Presidential Bid: “He’s An Incredible Disruptor”

Published: Saturday 18th Jul 2020 by Ryan

Katy Perry had some carefully-worded thoughts on her former collaborator Kanye West‘s bid for president.

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The ‘Never Really Over’ songstress appeared on Hits Radio Breakfast where she explained her take on the situation as well as what she thinks of the ‘Donda’ rapper now, saying:

“I think what we’ve learned, looking back, is that the presidential job is best suited for someone with experience, and that is a pro in their field. And I think we have seen and learned from experience that when we don’t have pros in position that it can get a little wild. Listen, I love Kanye. He is amazing. I just love him as an artist. And I think he’s an incredible disruptor as an artist, and a conversation-maker as an artist and that’s what I love the most about him.” 

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The interview came shortly after Perry announced her sixth studio album, ‘Smile,’ would arrive on August 14.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Misty Knight July 18, 2020

    Kanye is a ridiculous human being and we should stop engaging with him an any fashion. Don’t tweet about him, don’t stream him, don’t discuss him. Block out the Kardashians as well as anyone closely connected to him.

    Look how fast he went broke and he wants to run the country?

    Besides, we can’t have a first lady who we’ve all seen do AN*L bareback.

    • Gworl Bye July 18, 2020

      Cosign 100%. That c00n is only in the election as a disruption to get the current assh0le in the WH re-elected.

  2. CUPCAKKE Puss Power July 18, 2020

    Kanye west is our future president. So be respectful! I don’t care who runs the US as long as the president is black

    • Gworl Bye July 18, 2020

      Except C00nye isn’t black. He sold his black card along with his soul ages ago.

    • Misty Knight July 18, 2020

      You probably haven’t even registered to vote. Stop COOONNNING.

  3. Fancy BISH July 18, 2020

    It’s funny what a weave can do! A bomb weave would work wonders for her 😂

  4. Artimedes Velasquez July 19, 2020

    How can you say anything about Kanye West over his Presidential bid.I mean don’t you think you’re being harse. We don’t even really know how this man really feel about this situation. Give the man a chance to speak to the public on his behalf before making unnecessary comments.

    • Bettie Clayton July 22, 2020


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