New Video: Brandy – ‘Borderline’

Published: Thursday 30th Jul 2020 by Rashad

After thrilling fans with her latest era’s kick off single, ‘Baby Mama’ (featuring Chance the Rapper), Brandy unleashes ‘Borderline’:  the newest single from her new album, ‘B7’ (click here to stream).

Look inside to watch the clip:

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  1. Toy July 30, 2020

    Love this song! Interesting video. Does she have BPD?

  2. cocobutta July 31, 2020

    Broken loves of the past have really pushed Brandy to the brink of insanity.

    Eargasmic tones and riffs, with a video that the externally shows what she was going through on the inside.

    • High Price July 31, 2020

      Yeah… i agree. I feel bad for my girl. She may not parade it but I know she wants an amazing husband, and maybe another child too. She’s not happy at all. This whole small album promotion stint has showed it. Now that i think about it… It makes more sense now why she put baby mama on the album now.

  3. Mr. RCW July 31, 2020

    😴 💤

    • Boss+Up July 31, 2020

      I thought it was just me 😬It’s ok but Barely understandable with all the excessive unnecessary vocal layering.

  4. MsMay July 31, 2020


    Nice, but…

  5. Keith July 31, 2020

    Haven’t listened to the album yet, but I like this song and clip…

  6. i hate blck n whyt July 31, 2020

    brandy is really shedding her old babydoll image, the party think it is time.

  7. off July 31, 2020

    Thank U, Next. This album is the worst one she made.

  8. Liam July 31, 2020

    I love this song…damn these lyrics cut deep

  9. tyty July 31, 2020

    She is so ugly.

    • i hate blacc n whyyte July 31, 2020

      maybe she should airbrush and blow smoke like beyonce was caught doing…..
      brandy’s hair n make-up isnt matching the album

      • Holliewuudd July 31, 2020

        This era reminds me of when Mariah Carey switched from singing to whispering to save her voice. Im not a fan of the whispers but I plan to listen to the full album. I want SANGING Brandy

      • Jules July 31, 2020

        Which album are you listening to exactly? Brandy is giving a VARIETY of vocals on this album to create one cohesive sound. She is not and has never been a whisper singer.

  10. FLOP IS KING July 31, 2020


    B7-#3 iTunes



  11. tyty July 31, 2020

    She looks like Suzanne Crazy Eyes from orange is the new black.

    • Mix Yo Milk 🥛 w/ my Cocoa Puffs 🍩 July 31, 2020

      😂🤣😂🤣be nice

      • Shaltz July 31, 2020

        She really does. Maybe that’s the look she was going for. I like the vid & song is everything! One of the best I’ve heard from Brandy in years.

  12. Mix Yo Milk 🥛 w/ my Cocoa Puffs 🍩 July 31, 2020

    The intro 😂🤣😂🤣 that’s some “I still know what u did last summer” acting 😂🤣😂. Her acting is more interesting then her music

  13. Erica July 31, 2020

    The harmonies, the arrangement, the voice no ones does it like her

  14. Yandi July 31, 2020

    Ok. So, I’m an avid reader of this site, and I enjoy keeping up with the latest news and music. However, some of you who comment on this site are absolutely ridiculous. You’re disrespectful, and you think you can say whatever you want to say because you don’t have to be accountable for your words in person; you’re sitting behind a keyboard. It’s a real turnoff for other readers. If you don’t like a person, artist, or personality, don’t comment and keep it pushing. It’s too much going on in the world, especially now, for the ignorance, insensitivity, and immaturity I see in some of the comments here. Brandy is a TRUE artist. Brandy is a contemporary R&B legend in her own right. And let’s be clear, many female artists (on their best day) can’t roll with Brandy. What Brandy brings to the table is unique, and she has a true gift and fan base. Long gone are the days where sales charts matter. The stuff that’s selling best now is not worthy of the praise and recognition it receives. It’s not good enough. See, that’s my opinion; yours may differ. Everyone is entitled to their opinions on who they feel is their favorites. I respect that. Some of you don’t know good, true R&B. I challenge you to go back and listen to the 90’s and early 2000’s R&B. That’s when R&B music was golden. Everything today isn’t bad, but stop bashing those catering to audiences who know REAL R&B. If you don’t have something positive to say, move along.

    • Jules July 31, 2020

      Pay them no mind. It’s mostly the same troll commenting over and over. They never offer any constructive criticism just trolling.

    • Justmeeeee July 31, 2020

      @ Yandi,
      I truly appreciate reading your comment.
      I echo this sentiment
      Share your same opinion.

      Some folks just don’t get it.
      Brandy’s talent is bigger than her being popular.

    • HELLOKITTY August 1, 2020

      @Yandi – No babe. It doesn’t work that way. This is a BLOG SITE not a fan page. If YOU want to kiss Bran’s @ss then you are more than welcome to do that on any number of her social media websites.

      If YOU don’t like to see the negative comments then SKIP over them or don’t bother to go the page on a BLOG SITE where you will have a variety of different opinions.

  15. Kevin July 31, 2020

    I like the song and video. I’ll support her this era.

    Her crazy is believable in the video ,too. I chuckled at a few head bobs.

  16. Miss Ling Ling July 31, 2020

    Brandy had been irrelevant since full moon. Just retired already.

  17. Sandra July 31, 2020

    I liked the sound and liked it more with the video.
    The best part was the mental health message at the very end.

  18. Thanos July 31, 2020

    Crazy flop b**** lmfaoooooo

    • Alan Lewis August 6, 2020

      You are very mean spirited and you need to STOP with the Flop comments. I pray that you will stop disrespecting Brandy and learn to respect people that have a different way to express their art. Brandy is not for everybody but, you don’t need to type these hateful comments.

      • Alan Lewis August 6, 2020

        for your own enjoyment to make yourself feel good about yourself? It is very sad and you need to get a life, go read a book or listen to another singer that you won’t disrespect on every post

  19. just+saying July 31, 2020

    HATE this video. great concept, horrible execution. Can we go on a cruise and throw Derek Blanks overboard? His work SUCKS.

  20. PinotNoir July 31, 2020

    D A N G 🌡

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