August Alsina Claps Back HARD at KeKe Palmer After Perceived Diss: ‘Go Play with Yo MAMMY!’

Published: Friday 10th Jul 2020 by Rashad

‘No Love’ singer August Alsina proved he had exactly that for former rumored fling KeKe Palmer Friday (July 10) when he took to social media to clap back at her for weighing in on his newly publicized relationship woes with Jada Pinkett-Smith.

See it inside:

As Alsina finds himself in the middle of a media firestorm after Smith took to her Facebook Watch platform, ‘Red Table Talk,’ to confirm his accusation of their affair (click here to see that), Palmer – like many – took to social media to weigh in on all things August.

When quizzed by a fan if she and the Louisiana-born singer had ever dated, she responded with:


Once the comments landed on his desk, he clapped back with:


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  1. Paulo July 10, 2020

    Keke is a young goddess. F*** him and his misplaced anger

    • marilyn monh-O-E July 11, 2020

      She just jealous coz August dumped her stupid a-s-s and rather F with mrs smith

  2. Erica July 10, 2020

    He got her messy ass together 🤣🤣🤣

    • Nippian July 10, 2020

      Yes girl he gathered the f*** out of her!

    • Fancy BISH July 11, 2020

      He gathered no one, you tried it 😂 No judgement, but he entered a relationship with a married woman and was given the directions to the exit door when the brief fling was over…that’s just the way that usually goes…he can’t compete with Will Smith, Jada knew THAT…and Keke is gonna find her a supreme brotha lol…toodles 😂🤳🏽

  3. No hunny July 10, 2020

    Why do ppl feel so comfortable co I g for Keke?? Not liking her music is one thing but
    She really is a good young woman for black girls around her age and even a little younger . Ppl r disgusting and agusto no one cares about you..still

    • No hunny July 10, 2020


    • Clarks0o0ñ July 11, 2020

      So because keke is a good representation for black girls, people should let her get away with being shading and spreading lies?

      You guys are funny as hell

      It’s the same shìt u guys say about normani.

      Support normani because we need a black female pop star, even tho her music is awful and she cant sing 💀💀

      • BuzzOff July 11, 2020

        Yep, That’s Exactly True. They Love To setttle For Less, and never want to have the best ..They let the whites get the best then try be complaining..

      • Fancy BISH July 11, 2020

        I KNOW you’re not talking about MUSIC saying black people don’t get the best…chile, we DEMAND the best and we ARE the BEST….mediocrity isn’t even an option for many reasons! And you’re saying white people get the best? Ha! If you like your food many times watered down, bland with no seasonings! 🤣 You tried it! You really tried it 🤳🏽

  4. ERIC July 10, 2020

    He made the topic public, not KeKe. She has a right to comment and express her thoughts like everyone else.

  5. Hmmm… July 10, 2020

    “Wrry’d”? Goodbye. Don’t listen to no grown man that talks like a 14 year old girl with a flip phone. For a flop, Augustine has some of the thinnest skin. Everything gets to him. I don’t know if he responds like this because he’s irrelevant so anyone mentioning him is worth him taking advantage of it for attention, but he needs to have a seat. 🙄

    • High Price July 11, 2020

      Well i agree he probably took this too hard but on the same token, he never says anything lol. Like hardly, so that some bs. He also has every right to clap back. No bars spared..

      • Hmmm… July 11, 2020

        He never says anything because no one is ever talking about him. His name gets mentioned once every other year, and he responds every time. So yes, it doesn’t happen often but when the opportunity presents itself, he takes it. It’s like he wants to argue. He wants to be mad. Because it’s never that serious. He’s bitching like Keke called him out of his name or lied about him, etc. The celebrities that have actual things going on in their careers do not bother nor do they even have the time to clap back at something so small and stupid. Overreacting like this is the behavior of someone who is either way too sensitive or just wants attention.

  6. Only Facts July 10, 2020

    Keke is so lame and just wants attention. Something isn’t right with her.

    • Only Facts July 10, 2020

      August wants attention too, but he’s not lying about the Jada stuff. Shes thirsty for any type of attention and I’ve never liked her messy ways

      • Only F** July 10, 2020

        B**** please KeKe has a much more respectable career than one half hit wonder August.

      • Only Facts July 10, 2020

        Hey clarkson. Still hiding under an alias I see. You okay after the BROmance tour was CANCELLED?! 🤡

  7. Bravo!! July 11, 2020

    He might of got keke together, but he never get her pocket together. He sounds like a bitter Queen.

  8. marilyn monh-O-E July 11, 2020

    Yeah but they f-u-c-k-e-d. Waiting for their S-e-x tape leaked. I’m so hype for August’s body n his d

  9. Misty Knight July 11, 2020

    When all of this is over, August will go back to having no hits and a flop album and Keke will go back to her daily talk show and acting career.

  10. Star July 11, 2020

    Hold up she literally didn’t even say ANYTHING WRONG! All she said was that they never dated.. why is he mad??????

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