SZA On Relationship With Record Label: “It’s Been Hostile”

Published: Thursday 20th Aug 2020 by Sam

It’s been three years since SZA released her debut album ‘CTRL’ and fans are growing increasingly impatient for its follow-up.

And after a series of telling tweets, it appears the singer is too.

Full story below…

From ‘Love Galore’ to ‘The Weekend,’ the star’s 2017 LP earned her praise aplenty and a legion of new supporters.

Naturally, then, excitement has been steadily building for SZA’s sophomore set – which she has teased in earnest.

However, she seems to have resigned herself to an uncertain fate and she’s pointing all questions in the direction of TDE label-head, Punch. 

Replying to a fan’s request for an update, she tweeted:

“At this point y’all gotta ask punch. I’ve done all I can do . 🙏🏾.”

When another fan asked “would you saaay this is an adverse or hostile relationship orrr just out of your hands = you don’t know,” SZA simply said: “BEEN hostile.”

Fans piled onto the label-exec, saying:

He replied to the furore with:


Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme August 20, 2020

    No it’s not Sza is just super entitled and annoying. Even before she realized her 1st album she was acting like a diva. Like girl ppl are investing coins in you. She has one of the most strong label backing and support among new age girls. I’m sure Jhene and Elimae wish they had her budget.

    • FRAUD August 20, 2020

      You don’t even know half of the story so what the funk are you talking about? They asked her to take an accent for her first album, do you only know how it can hurts to pretend to be what you’re not because people want money from you? That’s the reason why her lives were horrible and why she wanted to stop everything and that’s why they used to make her a “diva” which is wrong. How the F are you supposed to live your dream if you can’t even sing what yoy want to? She didn’t even like the CTRL album because it’s NOT HER. Just like they did with Britney, and yet you are here opening your mouth judging her without knowing half of the story from your couch, DUMBO.

  2. BON QUI QUI August 20, 2020


    • FRAUD August 20, 2020

      What do you mean exactly?

  3. Ling Ling Sauce💋💦💦 August 20, 2020

    SZA is over and her label is mad. She’s gonna get dropped. Don’t ever trying to pull that Lauryn hill sh*t on us. SZA ain’t talented as her, no #1 hit, CTRL is a mess compare to the miseducation of Lauryn hill.

    • FRAUD August 20, 2020

      Oh because you need to have a #1 to be talented? You’re just a hater, nothing more nothing less.

    • FRAUD August 20, 2020

      You’re the only one who compares SZA to Lauryn, a hater is a hater.

  4. Fancy BISH August 20, 2020

    Okay, I feel like TGJ can do a full article about accents in music and how singers and rappers play with tones of their voices … really is interesting 🧐 Big influencers of this new generation of female singers are obviously Beyonce, Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, Fergie (lol), Gwen Stefani….their music and their VOICES 🤔 There are singers who sing exactly how they talk and some don’t….there are singers that do interviews and go from one voice to another on the fly lmao….ya’ll know…so I think we need a full article for this kind of discussion…Michael Jackson is the king of using his voice as an instrument! Drake will go full Jamaican on your ass 😂 My girl Madonna will go full British on your ass 🤣 So we need a formal discussion!

  5. Ms. MmmHmm August 20, 2020

    her music is boring and no flavor anyways,,,, her vocal is just so so. nothin’ special bout this street corner chick

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