New Song: Kelly Rowland – ‘Hitman’

Published: Friday 20th Nov 2020 by Rashad

Kelly Rowland‘s got new music locked, loaded, and ready to aim for the top of R&B charts courtesy of her soon-to-be-hit, ‘Hitman.’

Stunning fans with the surprise announcement of its arrival just Thursday (November 19), the GRAMMY winner’s firing off the new song in partnership with the NFL and the its Songs of the Season project.

Sampling ‘Follow Follow’ by iconic Nigerian artist Fela Kuti, ‘Hitman’ follows follows new Kelly cuts – ‘Coffee’ and ‘Crazy’ – and is expected to feature on her long-awaited fifth studio album.

Hear the horn-driven bop inside:


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  1. Meme November 20, 2020

    I like it. It sounds like a beyonce song. Crazy how much she can sound like beyonce but not the other way around. I never understood that. Like on many songs during the DC days I swore Kelly was beyonce…but when beyonce sings, you know it’s beyonce and not kelly.

  2. Erica November 20, 2020

    She had all the genres in this era & im here for it! Give us a gumbo pot!

    All different flavors

  3. TORi November 20, 2020

    One of the best songs she’s released in years and the best she’s released since she started this era….3 YEARS AGO 🤦🏾‍♂️‼️ No word of it’ll be on the album though but it could’ve been a great lead single for Spring 2021 after the baby when she needs to get this damn album out. There’s no way she’s been working on this album since December 2013 and haven’t cane up with anything album worthy by now. She’s talking about putting out another before the actual album. A major label couldn’t help because she simply was never fully invested in music unless she could be next to Beyoncé and it’s been showing up in her efforts as an independent artist. It’s because the music isn’t good or marketable but she’s simply not interested in doing anything beyond the initial single release. Another great song wasted on her when it could’ve went to an artist actually interested in working.

    • Niki78 November 20, 2020

      I disagree. The song is not wasted. She deserves it and she wrote the song too. It belongs to Kelly

    • HELLOKITTY November 20, 2020

      @Tori – I’ve been saying for years that you guys are shoving down the throat of a chick that doesn’t even want it. She doesn’t have the fire or the drive. Maybe it is FEAR like you were referring to. If she can’t be on Beyonce’s level maybe she feels that she would be PERCEIVED as a failure or BE a failure. Dunno.

  4. DC3 FOREVER November 20, 2020

    THIS IS A FFFFFUUUUCCCCKKKKIIIINNNNNGGGGG BOPPPPPPP!!!!!! This would have been perfect for summer but it’s all good this is a great song! Love this and COFFEE!!

  5. Keyword November 20, 2020

    Nice. I’m loving this vibe/song/cover-art

  6. Sydime25 November 20, 2020

    I like it

  7. Navy Gravy November 20, 2020

    Wow one of the best I’ve heard from Kelly in years!!! This slays! It definitely would have been a nice summer bop. Kelly’s hits have always been slow burners anyway so maybe this will be a hit for spring 21. Anyway I need a sickening video for this and spare me the pregnancy excuse bey, Cardi, Nicki all shot plenty music videos while pregnant and Kelly’s prettier than all those girls so let’s get it done lazy Kelly

  8. kiena November 20, 2020

    Great song im realy happy for her

  9. Justme November 20, 2020

    I think it needs more base similar to beyonce end of time.. its cute, but it needs more. Also I feel like beyonce should produce some kelly songs. She has that ear that Kelly needs.

  10. #WAP November 20, 2020

    So are we going to talk about Nicki re-releasing pink Friday on the same day Meg releases her album?! 😂😂😂 Nicki is so bitter and wants to steal any other female rappers shine! Only thing is, now Nicki just looks pathetic. I knew her friendship with Meg wouldn’t last long. Nicki, you’re DONE.

    • UHoesFunny November 20, 2020

      Meg congratulated Nicki you nimwit lmaoo. It’s her 10th year anniversary duh 🥴

  11. #TheTruth November 20, 2020

    The song is fire. But who mixed the vocals ? It’s like they are behind the beat, it’s messy. I wish she also went it vocally with the adlibs, something wilder, I think the song is well adapted for something in that lane.

  12. Fancy BISH November 20, 2020

    Just what I thought TRASH, it sounds so dated.

    • Lima November 20, 2020

      shut upt gi listen somthing else

  13. Henry Porter, November 21, 2020

    You got the right song but singing too about the wrong hit you should be singing about me HP,that you can believe because I’m far real hit Man,?!!!!!!!7

  14. TM November 21, 2020

    Fire baby!!! Love it

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