Ariana Grande Officially Announces Netflix Special ‘Excuse Me, I Love You’

Published: Wednesday 9th Dec 2020 by Sam

Ariana Grande has officially announced her new Netflix special, ‘Excuse Me, I Love You.’

More on what is being billed as a “global event” after the jump…

Grande confirmed the news moments ago; notably trumpeting the arrival of ‘Excuse Me’ a day after initially teasing on a team-up with the streaming leader on social media.

As anticipated, the special – which premieres December 21 – will bring the songbird’s ‘Sweetener World Tour’ to screens worldwide.

She said:

“dec 21st, a year after closing, the sweetener world tour is coming home to u 🤍 @netflix@netflixfilmreleasing this as a love letter to u all, in celebration of all that we’ve shared over the past few years. i know this project only captures some of one tour (out of all the other hundreds of shows and moments we have shared over the past six or seven years… jesus lol) but i just wanted to thank u all for showing me more in this lifetime already than i ever dreamed of. making music and doing all of this has been all i’ve known or fully given myself to consistently for a very long time now. although my heart is looking forward to a change of pace, i wanted to express again just how eternally thankful i am.

i’ve learned, seen and felt so much. it’s been such an honor to share so much of this life with u. “excuse me, i love you” dec 21. trailer tomorrow. 🌑


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Proving to be the gift that keeps giving, the ‘Sweetener World Tour’ already spawned a live album in the form of 2019’s ‘K, Bye For Now.’

In partnering with Netflix, Grande joins the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Justin Timberlake on the list of major names leveraging the platform’s enormous reach towards their musical activity.

Fresh additions also include BLACKPINK and Shawn Mendes.

The news comes on the heels of Grande hitting the top of the charts with latest album ‘Positions.’

Will you be tuning in?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Susan December 9, 2020

    7 rings will remain her career peak. She is OVEREXPOSED!!! This new album will stall at gold. Take a break and give us a chance to miss you. Damn b🤬🤬ch! And get rid of that damn ponytail!

    • Adam December 9, 2020

      Do u even read. I think she’s taking a break after this era. And also, she never peaked with 7 rings. Positions has been stable since it’s release. She’ll take a break. She is just giving her fans a little something to thank them for the success of SWT.

      • Susan December 9, 2020

        She said she was taking a break after thank u, next and during that break she released several collaborations and a lackluster album. She’s scared of being replaced or forgotten if she takes a proper break. She knows her discography is forgettable and so is she

      • Adam December 9, 2020

        Whatever, but think about it. Why will she put an album which could have been so good out and risk it tanking? I don’t know if she’s adr

      • Adam December 9, 2020

        Whatever, but think about it. Why will she put an album which could have been so good out and risk it tanking? Am not an Ari Stan, but dont dare attack Sweetener like dat

    • UHoesFunny December 9, 2020

      Meanwhile “Positions” is still in the Top 5 on Billboard 😹 Yeah she peaked a long time ago. Y’all hate to see that Ari reign. Sorry, not letting up no time soon. Camila however? Jinkies! 🤓🧐 No clue as to where her career is headed 💀

      • Susan December 9, 2020

        PAyOLaaaa🤪 critics panned the positions album and so did fans. WTF does this have to do with Camila? Y’all are so dense on here. Stay on topic

    • Ace Blanks December 9, 2020

      Susan have several 💺💺💺💺💺 honey! If you don’t like it nobody asked you to listen. Talking s*** but the first one to comment on here! 🤣😂 Go to bed! Fans like me live for this. Just say you not a fan and move on. This project ain’t for you sweets!

  2. IKNOWTHETRUTH December 9, 2020


  3. Jeans December 9, 2020

    So sick of this ho! Take a damn break

  4. DC December 9, 2020

    She’s gonna look 12 forever

    • Adam December 9, 2020

      Lol😸😸. This picture was from a year ago. She now looks 15, I think😹😹😹

  5. Haterz Gon’ Hate December 9, 2020

    I’m glad she’s releasing this – the tour sounded awesome and I had “Sweeter”,”REM” “BUWYB” and “7 Rings” on repeat on the live album. The new album IS NOT IT (I haven’t even watched the 34+35 video and I stan Ari ) so this is a good way to end the year. 🥳🥳🥳🥳

  6. I can’t December 9, 2020

    If it’s a thank you to your fans, why not put it on a free platform, like YouTube. I mean lol, I don’t care, I’m not about to watch this, but a thank you should be free, right? This is just more money for her. Lmao. Anyways, As long as she goes away for a good year and half after this I’m good.

    • PinotNoir December 10, 2020

      Her Capricorn ascendant wants $

  7. Adam December 9, 2020

    Still waiting for the day Ariana releases something worth listening to. TUN and the recent one was very mediocre at best. Sweetener is her best album to date and it’s not all that ground breaking. Still waiting for Ariana’s very own Lemonade or folklore moment

    • Whoops December 9, 2020

      Gonna be waiting a long time. She never has anything important to say. She talks like a 13 year old. It’s crazy how she made an album about s** and yet her music is still so juvenile and immature.

  8. The More You Know December 9, 2020

    I can’t wait to watch “be alright” performed live on repeat. That song and her live performance of it is criminally underrated.

  9. PinotNoir December 10, 2020

    Surprised she didn’t name it the F-word or some numerical sexual innuendo like she does in songs. We peep the 《as above, so below》trick, Miss Goatiana!

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