Behind the Scenes: Monica’s ‘Trenches’ Music Video [Watch]

Published: Tuesday 1st Dec 2020 by Rashad

Despite not delivering her long-awaited new album, ‘Trenches,’ on its original November 20-due date (as we reported here), Monica has still been hitting the promo trail in support its title track.

Launched in August (on the same day as her history-making #VERZUZ battle with Brandy), the single shot straight to the top of real-time sales tallies thanks to the exposure it received on the platform – a response that increased calls for its official music video (which didn’t arrive until November 25).

Better late than never, the cinematic clip has already received critical acclaim for Mo showing off her acting chops and reintroducing fans to her alter ego #Goonica.

Curious to see the behind the scenes magic that went into the Lil Baby-assisted visual’s creation? Look inside:

The release of the ‘Trenches’ video isn’t all the GRAMMY winner is celebrating.

In addition to nabbing her own Apple Music radio show (click here to read more), she was recently honored with the prestigious ‘Lady of Soul’ award at the 2020 Soul Train Awards.  Click here to see her acceptance speech and rocking 8-minute hits medley from the event.

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  1. Navy Gravy December 1, 2020

    Goonica? She really calls herself that? 😂 I thought a Brandy stan called her that to be funny, to insinuate that she’s ghetto. I can’t believe she actually refers to her alter-ego as ‘Goonica’! What more can I say? The jokes are writing themselves with this one. Fitting nickname 🤷😂

    • RCW December 1, 2020

      You’re right!! A Brandy fan was trying to be hateful kinda like your post and Monica definitely flipped it…you Brandy fans gotta come with something better 🤷🏽‍♂️😂! Looks like the jokes are you 🤡 😂😂😂 now that’s the gage

      • Navy Gravy December 1, 2020

        Why all THAT sis? I actually like Monica. But come on you know that’s a kee!😂

  2. Trey December 1, 2020

    Ugh…. she’s really trying to push this single huh ? 🙄

    • RCW December 1, 2020

      Reread the article…the single is doing well, why wouldn’t she?! Haters gone hate be so hold your breath while Mo does her thing!!!

  3. RCW December 1, 2020

    Glad the video is out!!! It’s was cool looking behind the scenes…I forget how music videos/visuals can give singles a whole new look!!!

  4. Jackx December 1, 2020

    She needs to fire her stylist. and get a better team cause this video was a mess. It made no sense. We also need next single.

  5. MessyBoots December 1, 2020

    Not a huge fan of Trenches.. I liked Commitment though.

    Never understood why folks couldn’t accept both Monica and Bran… they are forever linked by TBIM.

    I used to jam to both Never Say Never and The Boy Is Mine LPs back in the day. Monica gave me that hood vibe Brandy couldn’t pull off and Brandy was the girl next door making pop oriented R&B bops.

    Give both these Queens they’re flowers. 🌹👑👑🙌🏾

    • eric December 1, 2020

      I don’t like “Trenches” too much either, but “Commitment” is still in my head like a fresh new song.

      Within the song, I can understand picking sides for fun, but people in the media played it up and gullible fans made it personal. Sadly, it’s grown bigger than it was initially, and fans should understand the negative consequences that both artists have suffered from it and just stop. I have albums from both artists and I have ALWAYS liked them both.

      • eric December 1, 2020

        *Within “The Boy Is Mine”*

  6. Tiff December 1, 2020

    I get that the song has sentimental meaning to her, but for that reason it should have stayed as an album cut rather than a lead single. It’s not relatable enough to the wider listening audience and sounds a little nursery-rymish lyrics wise.

  7. Jeremiah December 2, 2020

    A Honor fit for a Queen..Monica was absolutely beautiful with a beautiful performance to match..This Honor was way over due and well Deserved..Monica is definitely one of our generation greats and Music Royality!! # TheQueen #TeamMonica4Life

  8. Jeremiah December 2, 2020

    I love Trenches it be hitting plus Mo always reinvent her self and has managed to stay on top of the charts over a 3 decade span so she definitely doing it right and gets it..Monica has over 9.4 Million followers so its clear the people rock with her and love the more the haters hate the more blessing keeps coming her way ..Monica cant be denied #Period

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