New Video: Monica – ‘Trenches’ (featuring Lil Baby)

Published: Wednesday 25th Nov 2020 by Rashad

It’s finally here!

After ample teasing via her social media platforms, Monica introduces fans to her alter ego, ‘Goonica,’ via the official video for her latest single, ‘Trenches.’

Acting as the lead single from her forthcoming of the same name, look inside to see the cinematic clip which also features help from popular rapper Lil Baby.

As fans know, the song’s like-titled parent project was set to impact music shelves November 20 but was rescheduled to next year.

Click here to read more about that.

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  1. RCW November 25, 2020

    Love it! Glad it’s finally out!

  2. Jackx November 25, 2020

    This video ain’t it, she can do better
    Nothing intriguing

  3. Trose November 25, 2020

    Love no but this track isn’t THAT GIRL. Where do I start. Pharrell and baby are HIGH TICKET ITEMS, and this is what they came with… if they needed direction they def should’ve referred to “just right for me” cause BABY that song was THAT GIRL. It’s criminal how they paid her dust! Still checking for album!!! The video was a 7/10 made the song more bearable even though pink and Beyoncé already did that hanging from something spinning thing I still loved it and the GOONICA shoutout was fun and cute!!!

  4. Fancy BISH November 25, 2020

    She is so pretty, her and Aaliyah were always the hot girls with bops and they still are.

    • tyty November 25, 2020

      Unlike Brandy

      • DC3 FOREVER November 26, 2020

        Yet Brandy is the only one with multiple #1 solo singles

      • Bamaboifresh November 26, 2020

        Sorry to inform ol boi but Monica has more #1 hits. Brandy sold more albums. It gets worse when you go into the 2000s.

      • Bamaboifresh November 26, 2020

        Sorry to inform ol boi but Monica has more #1 hits. Brandy sold more albums. It gets worse when you go into the 2000s. Don’t go off your feelings. Look up the numbers lol

  5. K’man November 25, 2020

    Mama these aren’t the 90’s where you can Wait months to release a video and people are waiting . This should’ve came out the weekend of the vs. battle!

    • DC November 25, 2020


  6. TORi November 25, 2020

    Monica still making videos like it’s 2010 🤦🏾‍♂️. I absolutely love this song but this video is terrible. The direction they were going for wasn’t even clear till the video was damn near over and it look cheap. It doesn’t take a big budget to make videos anymore but this just looks like her team is trash and couldn’t execute right. The glamor shot was the best part but it should’ve been used for another video.

    This song a great by itself. Maybe they should’ve went with a dope live performance instead of a video. It hasn’t had one this long and this just doesn’t do the song justice.

  7. Management November 26, 2020

    Monica needs a major label backing. The video was late. The song is OK… cute. Not good enough for a 5 year absence. Monica places too much focus on looking cute for social media and not enough on her craft. Lil Baby will give her a few streams but on a large scale the song will go unnoticed.

  8. NoLie November 26, 2020

    This video was so poorly done just an overall mess I love Monica but she could’ve done better than this

  9. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) November 26, 2020

    Messica is gonna flopped harder than poison ☠️ brandy 💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿

    • MonkeySeeMonkeyDo November 26, 2020

      I love Monica but this could’ve been better. You don’t need a big budget for videos these days! Just need a good editor, a camera and great stylist

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