Mariah Carey Makes Billboard History As ‘All I Want For Christmas’ Returns To #1 On Hot 100

Published: Monday 28th Dec 2020 by Sam

Mariah Carey‘s career has added a fresh chapter of iconic to its many pages of success.

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Mimi’s annual holiday smash ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ climbs up a spot to return to #1 on this week’s incarnation of the Billboard Hot 100. 

Serving as its fifth overall week in pole position, the 1994 classic achieved the feat thanks to 54.9 million US streams (which included a record-setting single-day tally), 12,000 digital downloads, and a radio audience of 33.7 million.

In a career filled with towering wins, Carey’s ‘All I Want’ now has the unprecedented honor of being the first Hot 100 #1 hit of 2021, the first #1 of 2020, and the last #1 of 2019. It’s also the last of the previous decade.

It makes history as being the first song to reach the coveted summit in three distinct chart years.


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  1. Shayla Queen 👑 December 28, 2020

    Incognitive wears red stockings and lipstick pretending he’s Mariah.

    • Incognito December 28, 2020


      • Shayla Queen 👑 December 28, 2020

        Ends up looking like a pig in lipstick.

      • Incognito December 28, 2020

        You’re sooo pressed 😂🤣 love it.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 December 28, 2020

        Cüm filled loose bottom.

      • Incognito December 28, 2020


      • Shayla Queen 👑 December 28, 2020

        Rolling around like a pig in cüm, laughing, are you?

      • Incognito December 28, 2020

        So much, you have no idea

      • Shayla Queen 👑 December 28, 2020

        You love it, don’t you, little piggy? 🐽

      • Incognito December 28, 2020

        Watching you proving everyone how mad you are is like peanut butter jelly, you’re your own worst enemy Dolly.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 December 28, 2020

        Keep rolling over on your belly, piggy.

      • Incognito December 28, 2020

        But you know you’re still talking about yourself right? All that c** you can’t stop talking about has gone straight up to your brain, don’t forget to swallow when you’re gagging darling.

      • UHoesFunny December 28, 2020

        You two got way too much time today :/

      • Incognito December 28, 2020

        Ain’t nobody asking for your opinion UHoe.

      • UHoesFunny December 28, 2020

        And surely nobody asked for yours neither b*****. If you’re gonna fill up the forum, at least let the reads be worth it. You’re not even funny, nor very clever 💀 kick rocks Linda

      • Incognito December 28, 2020

        Did you really think you had and chance to make me shut my mouth by trying to bring me down like a teenager going through puberty? 😂 I swear, you tried Karen. Don’t hurt yourself baby, you’re not strong enough.

      • Incognito December 28, 2020

        By the way: i’m not here to entertain your lazy brain, you’re part of that half simple mind on this website so don’t expect me to give you any cerebral stimulation because it’s just a waste of time: casting pearl before swine. You’re not relevant enough.

      • UHoesFunny December 28, 2020

        But I’m relevant enough for that thesis essay you just typed up 💀🤣🤣

      • UHoesFunny December 28, 2020

        My baby cousin can give better reads. Sorry boo, try harder next time. Love ya lots 🥰😘

      • Incognito December 29, 2020

        LMAO did you really think that was about to work? Stop fooling yourself, you’re not relevant at all and that’s why you’re pressed. I’m glad you answered that, it says it all, keep on wasting your time because i’m here to stay H**.

      • Incognito December 29, 2020

        “Try harder next time” but I ain’t got nothing to prove to a dumbo 😅 you’re weak af, hilarious.

      • UHoesFunny December 29, 2020

        Hehehe so cute 🥰

  2. Shayla Queen 👑 December 28, 2020

    But yes, Legend keeps winning! 🎉

  3. Pat December 28, 2020

    The girls can’t take
    Her last album actually deserved more too

    • Shayla Queen 👑 December 28, 2020

      Caution is 🔥

    • Clarkson December 28, 2020

      No one cares about her outside of Christmas

  4. city girl December 28, 2020


  5. Nicky December 28, 2020

    Poor Camicky. Christmas song Didn’t even debut on bubbling. It’s so sad.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 December 28, 2020

      “Camicky! SQUAWK SQUAWK! Camicky!” 🦜

  6. Moose’s Wig December 28, 2020


  7. Jungkook December 28, 2020

    Poor cowriah she is relevant only in Christmas . People still remember you this week but the next week the pig will disappear in the radar of the world.

    • Incognito December 28, 2020

      Another hater that Karma is going to charge up hard sooner or later, prepare yourself.

  8. tyty December 28, 2020

    At least she is having a good Xmas unlike a certain loser who should be pumping milk for it’s spawn. But spent all Christmas trolling on a blog? Poor kid.

    • Shayla Queen 👑 December 28, 2020

      She sleeps most of the time, you hateful witch. But you wouldn’t know about “spawn” and their behaviors through the ages as you’re too bitter to ever have any.

      • tyty December 28, 2020

        Go look after your kid all that negative energy you spew is surely not good. Youre not embarrassed you spent 9months pregnant and 24/7 on this blog on every single post, trolling, being racist. YOU WHERE EVEN PRETENDING TO BE BLACK/BIRICIAL till you got outed. What kind miserable b**** does that? The baby daddy ain’t around is that why you have so much time inbtween naps? The self drag. It’s Christmas you have a new born should be enjoying eating food being surrounded by family. Instead your on TGI trolling and arguing.

        The biggest self drag ever. You shouldn’t reveled you had a kid. Dumb b**** you deserve all the dragging im going to unleash in you.
        You think all the people you insult on here daily ain’t somebodies child?

      • Incognito December 28, 2020

        Amen, bye Dolly Queen of Waste 🗑

      • Shayla Queen 👑 December 28, 2020

        A few trolls on a blog say I must be white because I don’t think exactly the same way as the rest of you so that means I am? Right, gotcha.

      • Incognito December 29, 2020

        Oh boy, you know you’re the Queen of trolls and haters, change your behavior, stop talking s*** and maybe things will get better. I see you post some nice things sometimes, that’s when I believe there’s still hope for you but everytime you throw a shade to an artist you don’t like I feel like you’re just a waste of time. Please, can you try to focus on some good energy level so we won’t be infected by your hate and negativity? Y’all are feeding it when the world is the most lost in chaos. Can’t you understand something so simple?

      • Incognito December 29, 2020

        And by the way, you can’t call me a hater because you get what you give. I have enough to watch y’all gossip and talk s*** all day long, spreading hate on a negativity train, enough.

  9. NoLie December 28, 2020

    Mariah is the QUEEN period!

  10. PinotNoir December 28, 2020

    Walter Afanasieff’s gettin’ richer!

    • Hebru December 28, 2020

      Not as much as she is as the performer. She gets all the performance rights and he gets none of all she’s making from the lays chips 13 million last year and the millions from the Apple deal this year!

      • PinotNoir December 28, 2020

        Inneresting. Thx for bringing my attention to that aspect of the industry.

    • Christmasqueen December 28, 2020

      The bit** sold his share of the song, he ain’t getting no mo money.

      Ugh a unloyal white h**

  11. UHoesFunny December 28, 2020

    A living legend. None of your favs can ever 👑

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