Megan Thee Stallion Stuns For LA Times / Teases Performance With Beyonce At GRAMMYs

Published: Monday 14th Dec 2020 by Sam

Cop a gander of Megan Thee Stallion!

The rapper sparkles for the LA Times in a brand new feature chronicling her trailblazing success.

Currently riding high thanks to the success debut album ‘Good News’ and single ‘Body,’ the Hot Girl Coach spoke about her astronomical rise, the global debate around Cardi B duet ‘WAP,’ and more.

The feature also teases a possible performance ‘Savage’ collaborator Beyonce at the forthcoming GRAMMY Awards.

More below…

On Her Goal With ‘Good News’:

“2020 obviously just threw everybody under the bus, so with this album I wanted to talk about things that make me feel happy.”

On Her Rap Style 

“I want my music to feel like a conversation.”

On ‘WAP’:

“This is my body; why can’t I talk about it? Men have been doing it for years. Me saying I have a WAP should not be making the boys cry this hard. If you don’t have no haters, you’re not poppin. So that just really let us know we’re doing something right.”

Excerpt On Possible GRAMMY Performance With Beyonce:

At the Grammys ceremony — for which she says she hasn’t yet settled on a piece of “arm candy” to be her date — Megan says she’s in talks to perform “Savage” with Beyoncé, who will compete against herself for record of the year with her song “Black Parade.”


A performance would be epic! Especially in the absence of a music video. Should ‘Savage’ bag any awards, it’d be such a

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Marcelo Cantu / LA Times]

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  1. Susan December 14, 2020

    Yess Princess Meg! Meanwhile Nicki is still seething!! Cardi had two elegant and acclaimed Grammy performances, Meg is about to have a huge collab with Beyoncé for her debut Grammy performance, and all Nicki has ever done at the Grammys is this:

    And Nicki really wonders why TF she has no Grammy or notable awards besides BET awards? 😂😭 I can’t imagine why h0003

    • tyty December 14, 2020

      Yet you call Beyoncé old, irrelevant and a has been when you’re parading around in your only facts or WAP persona. Interesting.

      • Susan December 14, 2020

        Huh? I actually like Beyoncé. Because I said savage was Beyoncé’s last and final #1 now I’m a Beyoncé hater? Y’all need to drink some water because some of y’all like to fight just to fight. I stan Beyoncé, Adele, and Cardi B. Step.

    • December 14, 2020

      That Nicki performance was legendary, your clown @ss needs to dip.

      • Susan December 14, 2020

        Legendary? Y’all use that word too loosely. Legendary isn’t synonymous with tragic. That’s the word you were looking for

    • Zion December 15, 2020

      Y’all bottoms call her a rap queen after a performance like that!? That was the most intense idiotic crap I’ve seen ever on the Grammys.

  2. PhatPusscie December 14, 2020

    Never gonna happen. Beyonce doesn’t like loose lips. She moves in silence. Meg Tha Tr@nine needs to learn to be quiet sometimes.

    • Susan December 14, 2020

      This was Beyoncé’s last and final #1 hit. I guarantee Beyonce will perform with Megan

      • tyty December 14, 2020

        She is almost 40 she doesn’t need another number 1 that she gifted meg…meanwhile meg needs to figure out how to get a hit single that isn’t a feature a couple years into her career.
        We love meg don’t come for bey only facts.

      • Susan December 14, 2020

        Y’all show y’all’s insecurities. I was staying a true statement, not being shady. Y’all are insecure about Beyoncé. It’s a FENDI FACT that savage was Beyoncé’s last and final #1. I stan Beyoncé but I’m also not in denial. Go fix that ingrown toenail on your face H0003333

      • Danny Bey December 15, 2020

        You dumb h*es said the same sh*t about Single Ladies, then Perfect Duet. And yet she keeps taking em. “BeYoNcE fAn” my ass. Just say y’all envy her and move l .

  3. tyty December 14, 2020

    Well there goes that performance Beyoncé doesn’t like y’all yip yapping about any future music or performances.

  4. It’s+a+shame December 14, 2020

    I wouldn’t have said anything about potentially performing with Beyoncé.

  5. Super cute December 14, 2020

    Meg looks like a f****** man. Nothing about them is feminine. The voice, the facial structure, the body mass…VERY masculine.

    • Susan December 14, 2020

      Well, she can keep her “manly” figure by lifting her Grammy award shes about to win next month. Meanwhile, where is Nickis? 🤣

      • Nickibby December 14, 2020

        The queen is living in your Brain rent free. Never forget Bad News barely sold half of what Queen did. All that promo, drama and TikToks didn’t equate to numbers pushed lmaoooo

      • Susan December 14, 2020

        Okay? And this is Megan’s first album and she already has a #1 hit as a LEAD artist. Nicki has been in the game for more than a decade and almost 40 and STILL doesn’t have a #1 as a LEAD artist 🤣 Go eat some bread you bird 🦅

      • Nickibby December 14, 2020

        #1 hit and barely scrapped 100k fw poor dat 😭

  6. Ratedxxx December 14, 2020

    She looks so manly…how the heck you’re a college student and yet you’re acting like the dang stripper..

    Even if she wins a grammy
    It still don’t mean shid ..Nicki first album
    Killed the charts..

    The grammys don’t mean shid anymore

  7. Keith December 14, 2020

    Savage will most probably be Beyonce’s last number one SINGLE…doesn’t matter as she has sealed her cultural impact. Megan, on the other hand, should be looking for growth and planning for the future. She’s cute for the party. For now. Time will tell. And I too, think she closed the door about performing with B given her penchant for secrecy. We shall see…

  8. Haute Coutwhore December 14, 2020

    I see your Adam’s apple Man The Stallion

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