Vevo Reveals Most Watched Artists & Songs Of 2020

Published: Thursday 17th Dec 2020 by Ryan

2020 was certainly a busy year for Vevo.

The video streaming service has recently shared its most watched artists and songs of this year, including works from Drake, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, and more.

More details below…

Lil Baby occupies three positions for the most watched videos of the year in the US. ‘We Paid,’ ‘Woah,’ and ‘Grace’ all made the cut. Future and Drake’s ‘Life Is Good’ was not only the most watched video of the year in the US, but globally as well.

Lil Baby was the top artists in the US this year, while Reggaeton superstar J Balvin was the top artist globally.

See all of the rankings below…

This year brought quite the mixed bag of artists and songs. But what are…

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Vevo]

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  1. TruthTea December 17, 2020

    Interesting how Justin Bieber doesn’t even cut Top 10 in the US but makes No. 4 worldwide.

  2. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) December 17, 2020

    What?! No Camila?? Bye Clarksoooooooon!!!

    • Andrew December 18, 2020


  3. Paulo December 17, 2020

    with no major single release or any album in sight, all Shakira had to do was put in a killer performance at the top of the year to be in that top 10. that’s POWER

    • Pat December 17, 2020

      Yes she’s an International superstar

  4. tyty December 17, 2020

    Where’s is the biggest popstar in the world with the platinum selling romance? 7 singles various videos. Cuntmilla where you at?

    • Susan December 17, 2020

      She’s at her local party city doing a sound check using their helium tanks. Helium keeps her voice so…pitchy and scratchy and mousy.

  5. UHoesFunny December 17, 2020

    No not Camila, Camilo. I know Camicky’s fan got excited then they heart dropped ASAP 🤣🤣

  6. Clarks0o0ñ December 17, 2020

    Payola queen dua lipa is nowhere to be found

    That girl is a product of good marketing and aggressive payola

    How many “hits” did she have this year? And she missing on almost every year ends list.

    Even romance is higher than future nostalgia on the billboard year ends album list.

    Romance- 56
    Future nostalgia- 62


    Payola can never buy sales
    Radio plays can never buy sales.

    • UHoesFunny December 17, 2020

      Nah babe. Sorry. No one remembers Romance…Payola or not Dua had the hits. I’m not even the biggest fan of hers, but I won’t deny she’s been out here. Unlike your fav :/

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 17, 2020

        “Dua had the hits.”

        Her album future nostalgia is just reaching gold status certification after how many months 🤣🤣.
        Sold only 500k so far in the USA

        This is a girl that had several number 1 songs on pop radio this year.
        A remix album of future nostalgia featuring big names like madonna, mark Ronson, gwen Stefani etc
        Huge promo and magazine covers, interviews, spotify playlisting etc.


      • UHoesFunny December 17, 2020

        What’s with your fixation on numbers and sales? 💀 None of that equates to actual good music that sticks. In reality, I just honestly can’t recall any Camila song that I can replay right now or that’s even good, besides Havana 🥴 her Christmas song dropped HARD the moment it landed :/

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 17, 2020

        Mention 1 dua lipa song that sticks?

        All her songs are sounding dated after some few months later.

        They have shoved her down americans throat but Americans dont care about her except for white gays and black gays who wish they were white gays. Lol

        her Christmas song dropped HARD the moment it landed :/”

        I thought u said u dont care about numbers? Lol

        U dont care about numbers when ur faves is flopping.
        That Christmas song was released on Saturday to help sales of shawn Mendes album.

        If it was a hit, u would refer to it as “Camila’s Christmas song”
        But since it’s a flop ur referring to it as ” Camila’s Christmas song”

        Typical hater behaviour.

      • UHoesFunny December 17, 2020

        Haha you can try your hardest sweetheart, but ya girl still ain’t it. I’m not here to prove a point, but share my honest opinion, and in all honesty, Camila is just not that girl. If you gotta list her whole wikipedia under these blogs, only shows my point. Nobody checking for her. Lol. The proof is in the pudding. Not my choosing, but the general public. Sorry 🤷🏾‍♂️

      • UHoesFunny December 18, 2020

        And listen to yourself lmfaooo 💀

        “If it was a hit, u would refer to it as “Camila’s Christmas song”
        But since it’s a flop ur referring to it as ” Camila’s Christmas song””

        Is your brain ok? What sense does this make? 😭

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 18, 2020

        All these essays for what?😭

        That’s a typo

        If that Christmas song was a hit, u wont refer to it as ” Camila’s Christmas song”
        U will call it Shawn’s song

        But since it’s a flop, its Camila song

        What a fùcking joker

        U can cry all u want. Camila isnt going anywhere
        Dua can continue using her payola, but albums sales will still expose her. Lol

        After all rolling stone magazine exposed her for using payola.

        Ig dua was that girl, she wouldn’t need payola
        Dont get me wrong, the ràt is popular in Europe cause Europeans love trashy dance music but nobody checking for her in america, except white gays.

  7. Susan December 17, 2020

    Another list Camila Cabello and her helium vocals didn’t make. Wasn’t romance supposed to be her “teenage dream” like her deranged fan told us? Isn’t Camila a “main pop girl”?!

    🙄🙄 I’m sure he’ll reply and say “where is Normani on the charts” blah blah blah. F*** her too. None of the fifth harmony girls are good solo. Simon put them in a group for a reason.

    • Clarks0o0ñ December 17, 2020

      “None of the fifth harmony girls are good solo”

      Normani and the other 3 girls are not good solo.

      Camila is good solo.
      She has her achievements
      She cant appear on the top of every list. That’s a ridiculous standard Camila cant meet cause shes still a new artist.
      She didnt even drop any song in 2020

      U tried and failed. Dont try again

      Spotify’s most-streamed female artists of 2020:

      1️⃣ @BillieEilish
      2️⃣ @TaylorSwift13
      3️⃣ @ArianaGrande
      4️⃣ @DuaLipa
      5️⃣ @Halsey
      6️⃣ @LadyGaga
      7️⃣ @NickiMinaj
      8️⃣ @Rihanna
      9️⃣ @Camila_Cabello
      🔟 @SelenaGomez

      Camila is the only female artist on this list who didnt release any music in 2020.

      I know u mad but deal

      Where is normani’s album? Here comes the excuses. Lol

    • UHoesFunny December 18, 2020

      Right! 😂 Phuck Normani too. He swear we be stanning for her, yeah she was def the “Beyonce” of the group, but nobody really asking for more Normani. If and when she brings something along, we’ll be here, if not so be it. We don’t really care. Camilia however, she can drown. Just like her sinking ship of a sophmore album/flop singles/flop Christmas song 💀

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 18, 2020

        Normani is not going to have a sophomore album🤣

        Her debut will flop and she will get dropped
        After getting dropped by the label, she will ain’t do celebrity big brother or the mask singer. She will go home 3rd episode

      • UHoesFunny December 18, 2020

        Oh phucking well. If that’s her path, so shall it be lol. But it’s set in stone that Camilo Horseface Cabello ain’t making no impact. Never will be critically acclaimed. Never will be a household name. She’ll forever been known as a racist and not a very good live performer lol.

      • UHoesFunny December 18, 2020

        Romance was re-released like 7 different times with 7 different album covers. How desperate. Her and her bf are the epitome of the word “gimmick”. No one is raving about them. Google her, you’ll find searches from months ago 😂😂😂 nothing recent and newsworthy 💀

      • Clarks0o0ñ December 18, 2020

        “Romance was re-released like 7 different times with 7 different album covers. ”

        Ur dumb.
        An album with multiple album covers isnt a rerelease dùmmy. 🤣

        I know it hurts u seeing a so called cancelled girl still winning but u will continue to deal. 🤣

        Calling Camila a racist didnt do anything to her career. It even made her more popular.
        Ger discography generated 2.2. Billion streams in 2020 alone. 😘😘

        You’re from twitter, lol. I knew it. Lol
        If only uknew how powerless Twitter is. 💀

        Normani ain’t seeing this numbers. Who will stream normani’s music 2.2 billion times? Her 20 stand on Twitter who make viral hate tweets about Camila? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        Normani will never happen cause she doesnt have fans, only Camila cabello haters.

        This is a ràt that has worked with max Martin and still her career hasnt still taken of

        This is a ràt that has collaborated with ariana and nicki and still her career hasnt taken of.

        Hang it up. FLATZZZ screeenn 🤣

      • UHoesFunny December 18, 2020

        Ok that last part was pretty funny 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Nickibby December 17, 2020

    No Man Thee Stallion????

  9. Clarks0o0ñ December 18, 2020

    Looking for normani on this list

    Looking for normani on any list

    I thought u guys said she was gonna dominate 2020, so what happened?

    Is she still waiting for god to give her a sign to release her album

    Go against Camila, its gonna cost u

    Flop career.
    Shelved album
    Mother’s càncer is back.

    Camila voodoo is REAL

    • Gag Order December 18, 2020

      You’re a liar saying Camila didnt release any songs this year lol…you don’t even live in America f*** off always taking about Normani this and that Dua this and that…nobody talks about “flops” … actually look really f****** dumb talking about how far someone has gotten in their career making making millions and all you have to show is how much you have driven yourself crazy in a. Comment section 🤥🤣

      • UHoesFunny December 18, 2020

        And does it all for free. Chile her comments be whole a$$ thesis essays 🤣🤣 Proofreads. Indents. Spellchecks and all. Lawd help her 😩 this is all she’s got. All the people she spite doing much better than she is, but complete fails to realize that. What a sad sad person 💀

  10. CynthiaAnderson December 18, 2020

    Vevo anouther reminder of stream media connect service something i learned about with Tech goes home thank u.peace be still✌🧡✌👄💜👄🧤

  11. Susan December 18, 2020

    This list is fraudulent. How is WAP not listed and that was the biggest song of 2020?!

  12. 1988 December 18, 2020


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