New Video: Bree Runway – ‘ATM (ft. Missy Elliott)’

Published: Monday 11th Jan 2021 by Sam

Bree Runway continues to strut to new levels – case in point the video for Missy Elliott collaboration ‘ATM.’

Arriving after the eclectic star made the BBC Sound of 2021 list, the vivacious visual highlights why the newcomer is the name on the lips of many.

Showcasing a seasoning well beyond her years, Runway owns the stage in the shimmering performance-heavy clip.

Her idol Elliott joins

What are you waiting for? Watch below…

That was everything!

New artists are tasked with ensuring any and every showing is one to remember and clearly Bree has that memo down pat. She did that!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Rayna January 11, 2021

    Imma just go ahead and say it… Shes better t

  2. Gag Order January 11, 2021

    Bree deserves to be up next! Look at all her music videos! Quality! And her songs are quality

  3. NuNu January 11, 2021

    She’s more talented than the majority of these h*** who are topping the charts right now. Unfortunately she won’t go very far because she isn’t light skinned with a build a body.

    • XYZ January 11, 2021

      Megan is neither light skinned nor that talented and still very successful

  4. Clarks0o0ñ January 11, 2021

    The hype yall keep wasting on that talentless normani girl, if yall gave half of that hype to bree runway or flo milli, these girls would have blown up long time ago.

    • Thug2000 January 11, 2021

      No ones hyping normani stop being so pressed

    • Keke January 11, 2021

      Exactly Bree has everything. She can dance, produce,write, direct and she can actually SING! She deserves way more and has an IT factor that Normani does not. Normani is talented and I think they both deserve to blow but Bree is more unique.

  5. HELLOKITTY January 11, 2021

    Missy E did quite well with this one. I think that she should just stick to doing +1’s on other people’s songs as long as she doesn’t try to saturate the market with her flow. Her style of rap doesn’t fit EVERY type of song. OAN, the song is cute but nothing I would buy. I really wish B-girls would wear their OWN HAIR or something comparable to their own in music videos. The colorful weaves and wigs just look clownish after awhile.

    • Thug2000 January 11, 2021

      Listen to her music and peep her IG. Then come back and comment.

  6. Jackx January 11, 2021

    Who “Mariah voice idk her”

    • FMcL January 11, 2021

      But you soon will, so take notes and remember this day!

  7. AJ January 11, 2021


  8. Fancy BISH January 11, 2021

    What is this song even about?

    • Incognito January 12, 2021

      Prostitution, money for v*****.

  9. Lena January 11, 2021

    It was Awesome. Unquie,

  10. Keith January 12, 2021

    The song is cute and I like her current EP, but I wanted more choreography in the video. I was so excited a minute in but got bored except for Missy (always love her) and the very end where she spews money. Not much replay value, but I hope big things from Bree…

  11. Incognito January 12, 2021

    She basically explains that the man has to pay her to hit her v*****, how you call that? Prostitution and you all love it calling the others trash LMAO I swear.

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