Jesy Nelson Hits The Studio After Leaving Little Mix

Published: Tuesday 16th Feb 2021 by Sam

It’s been almost three months since Jesy Nelson shocked fans by announcing her departure from Little Mix after nine years.

Speculation has been rife about her next move and, after a notable silence, it looks like new music is on the horizon.

Full story below…

Minutes ago, the 29-year-old shared an Instagram story of herself in the recording studio:

Additional details were not provided, but the post is sure to excite fans of the star.

While it remains unfortunate that Jesy left Little Mix, we’re buzzed for what’s to come from her musically. Her talent is too undeniable for her to ever hang up the mic.

As for her bandmates, the show is most certainly continuing on.

Fresh from the chart-topping success of ‘Sweet Melody,’ rescheduled dates for ‘The Confetti Tour’ were announced. And word has it a major collaboration may be incoming too.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Keeping it real February 16, 2021

    We all saw this coming.
    Thinking she could be the next Camila.

  2. Louvre February 16, 2021

    I thought she became disenchanted with the music industry?

    Taking a break for her mental health.

    The lies Chile, the lies.

    • WeCameWeConquered February 16, 2021

      She said being in a girl group and scrutinised and being compared to the other girls was taking its toll.
      So stfu, read what she said before running your crusty diseased gums Ho!!

    • Keith February 16, 2021

      @Louvre: My thoughts EXACTLY when I saw this story!!! “Girl, I thought you were taking a break from the industry?” Her tail didn’t want to be in the group no more…LOL

  3. Flopyonce February 16, 2021

    No 1currs about this no neck having fat flop

    • liio February 16, 2021

      Post your picture than i can give you a true opinion if what i think about you this girl looks 100% better than you

      • Flopyonce February 16, 2021

        I look better than your ugly slüt mom for sure

      • liio February 17, 2021

        dont talk to much show us you face so we have somthing to laugh 😁

  4. Sterling Infinity February 16, 2021

    I’m rooting for her! Her voice is epic! Wishing them all successful careers! Here’s to hoping the reunite one day for a tour… ❤️

  5. AJ February 16, 2021

    You can see her boyfriend in the back.

    It might not even be her own music. Could be a feature or someone else’s

  6. Paulo February 16, 2021

    I really wish her success and luck but I’m not interested in solo Jesy. I’m ready for Little Trio and Confetti Deluxe!

    • liio February 16, 2021

      Dont aspect them to say a lont time together they will go solo soon trust me so its the right move they was now almost 10 years together its time to go SOLO

  7. truthteller February 16, 2021

    And the Mixers insisted that she was not leaving for a solo career and it was the relentless bullying. Hate to say I told you so.

  8. TM February 16, 2021

    If she thought she got scrutinized in a group, she’s damn sure about to get it now as a solo artist.

  9. Lou February 16, 2021

    She should’ve stayed in the group like I don’t get it

  10. Lou February 16, 2021

    I’m more interested in Trio Little Mix than Jesy going solo. She really should’ve stayed in the group.

  11. Jim February 17, 2021

    She left the group because she was tired of being compared to the other members. She suffers from self esteem issues which is normal. I think the reason they gave was just a PG version of reality.
    Little Mix fans are very dumb, and they pin the girls against each other. They all can sing, they call s***. As far as vocals and choreography, they r the best girl group hands down…

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