Little Mix Strut To #1 With ‘Sweet Melody’

Published: Friday 8th Jan 2021 by Sam

Little Mix have done it!

For, the group’s latest single ‘Sweet Melody’ has shot to #1 on the Official UK Singles Chart.

Full story below…

The track, which was released last October ahead of their ‘Confetti’ album, climbed eight places to snatch the #1 spot and become the ladies fifth offering to reach pole position.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 Official Chart host Scott Mills and, Little Mix say:

“We literally can’t thank the fans enough. We see them every day fighting to get this song to Number 1. The fact this song has been out since October and now it’s got to Number 1 just shows how dedicated they are. We can’t wait to eventually get back on the road again and see them all – and give them a big hug when we’re allowed.”

The achievement adds fresh chapters of success to the group’s nine year run of consecutive wins.

Because, they now stand beside The Spice Girls and All Saints as the only girl groups to score UK #1 singles in two different decades.

(Unique to the trio, their fifth #1 arrives ten years after their first! This is of note because while both The Spice Girls and All Saints achieved #1s in two different decades, the timeframe between their first and last wasn’t as far reaching. For The Spice Girls, it was four years (1996’s ‘Wannabe’ and 2000’s ‘Holler’). All Saints was three years (1997’s ‘Never Ever’ and 2000’s ‘Black Coffee’).  

Additionally, Little Mix have officially landed a Top 10 hit for ten years straight! That’s every year since they were formed in 2011.

This sweet success arrives following the formalised departure of member Jesy Nelson, who announced her decision to leave the group last month.


So deserved!

‘Sweet Melody’ is such an immense bop and is easily the best of the group’s career. Add to that their infallible work ethic and there’s no denying how apt this moment is.

Of course, it’s bittersweet in that it’s Jesy’s final video appearance in the band. But what better way to go out than on top?

Congrats to all of the ladies and their team.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Shayla Queen 👑 January 8, 2021

    All Saints are still that group 🔥

  2. truthteller January 8, 2021

    Looks for the song on the charts outside the UK… nope!

    • AJ January 8, 2021

      Who cares? They haven’t toured or appeared outside of the UK for any of this era’s music. When they’ve done that in the past, they’ve charted fairly well.

      I dont exactly see any other other girl groups blazing it. Don’t mention black pink – they’re trash.

      • truthteller January 8, 2021

        They haven’t toured or appeared outside the UK, because nobody is interested. BlackPink may be trash in your eyes, but at least they can have a global hit album. Just compare their chart positions to Little Mix.

    • AJ January 8, 2021

      Sis… nobody touring cause of C****.

      And black pink are an over produced overworked export of the South Korean music factories. Everything is done for them from their looks to their music.

      • truthteller January 9, 2021

        You’re right. Nobody is touring and yet BlackPink are still breaking records and selling albums globally without doing proper promotion outside Korea. Also, how can they be overworked and have everything done for them? At least they can handle the pressure of this industry, unlike some girl group members.

    • AJ January 9, 2021

      Wow… thats like saying someone has cancer and decides to quit to focus on their health and they’re pathetic for not being able to handle it. Mental health illnesses are real and cause people real pain and trauma. More lives are lost prematurely due to MH illnesses than any other disease. Wouldnt expect an American bozo to understand that though. Y’all self prescribe yourself mental health meds like xanax just to sleep on flights

      • truthteller January 9, 2021

        American bozo? I’m assuming you are British since you are so dedicated to Little Mix. Again you can’t help contradicting yourself. Playing the mental health card, but then making light of people taking Xanax. I guess if Jesy is taking them it’s okay

  3. K’’man January 8, 2021

    Wow it took you guys bulling the fat girl to leave just to get another one… I hope you’re all happy!

    • AJ January 8, 2021

      1) Jessy isn’t fat- she is normal sized
      2) they weren’t the ones bullying her. It was trolls like you

  4. Susan January 8, 2021

    Congrats to them! A bop!

    • Shayla Queen 👑 January 8, 2021

      Oh go and play your Cher and Dolly Parton records sad ass

      • marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) January 8, 2021

        Girl what r u doing here??? I was sure you were one of the seditionists who got arrested after infiltrating the Capitol on Wednesday!! Color me surprised. Anyway, if I were you, I’d think twice before calling anyone a “sad ass” considering your unwavering support for you know who. 💋💋💋

      • Susan January 8, 2021

        We stan Queen Dolly. You know, the same Dolly Parton that funded the vaccine you’re standing in line to get, bum. The same Dolly that spoke up for Black Lives Matter. Yes, we stan Dolly MF’ing Parton. Go suck your moms toe.

      • Shayla Queen 👑 January 8, 2021

        B**** I’m not taking that vaccine! Wake up sheep!

  5. truthteller January 8, 2021

    So it turns out there was a fan campaign to get the song to number 1. They were even donating into PayPal accounts so people could buy multiple copies of the song across different platforms.

  6. phaestion January 8, 2021

    Sweet Melody is a bop! I wish the song got US promo.

  7. Paulo January 8, 2021

    QUEENS! Little Trio is ready to keep slaying

  8. Nomeena January 8, 2021

    They’ve had better songs (Touch, No More Sad Songs). This is my least fave offering from them.

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