Maroon 5 & Megan Thee Stallion Preview ‘Beautiful Mistakes’ Music Video

Published: Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021 by Sam

Maroon 5 and Megan Thee Stallion are wasting approximately no time firing up the hype machine for their incoming collaboration ‘Beautiful Mistakes.’

The acts announced the track’s March 3 release a mere day ago and today have unveiled the first look at its accompanying music video.

Check out the sneak peek after the jump…

@maroon5New single “Beautiful Mistakes feat. Megan Thee Stallion”! Out March 3 💫🔥⚡️##maroon5 ##megantheestallion @theestallion ##dramaticmoments @adamlevine♬ Beautiful Mistakes feat. Megan Thee Stallion – Maroon 5

Again, this is a great play by Maroon 5 and Megan. As both acts serve to gain in earnest from the genre crossover.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Susan February 23, 2021

    Maroon 5 has been struggling for 2 years and Megan isn’t going to help them. Sorry. I love Meg, but she’s copying everything cardi does and it’s becoming off putting. Also, something about her personality and these tik tok/Instagram live videos is showing her personality is a bit…problematic.

    • DC February 23, 2021

      I agree meg doesn’t seem real very calculated n sneaky def watching cardi

    • UHoesFunny February 23, 2021

      Lmfao both of y’all can shut the hell up

    • King+of+Kingz February 23, 2021

      Cardi copied Nicki, now Meg is copying them both. Nicki had Collin Tilley director her videos before Cardi & was on Maroon 5’s song Sugar remix in 2015. They’re both following the PinkPrint lol

      • ESSENCEOFSEAN February 24, 2021

        Girl bye. Nicki ain’t got it

      • Susan February 24, 2021

        Cardi copied nicki how? Was Nicki on Love and Hip Hop? Does Nicki have a Grammy? Do any Cardi songs sound like Nicki? Girl, gone.

        Meanwhile, Megan auditioned for Love and Hip Hop AFTER Cardi was on it. Megan is now allegedly dating Cardi’s collaborator. Megan has been working with ONLY directors Cardi has been working with since she did WAP. Megan is trying to replicate Cardi’s success, and its only going to backfire. She’s becoming problematic…her attitude is nasty

    • Yo February 24, 2021

      Ur miserable. U been struggling ur whole life h**

    • Holliewuudd February 24, 2021

      Struggling where? Lol

      • Susan February 24, 2021

        “Memories” was a flop and it was revealed that it was only a #2 hit because of payola (allegedly). Their followup single didnt even hit the top 40. Their last album was a flop before “Girls Like You”

  2. Clover February 23, 2021

    She’s whack. Megs lucky she has Roc Nation on her side pulling strings bcus the gp is moving on.

  3. J February 23, 2021

    I said YIKES before but she looks HOT!

    Meg better bring it

    • Shayla Queen 👑 February 24, 2021

      You like some real trash js

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