Major! GRAMMY Awards Announce Elimination Of Annonymous Committees & More Changes

Published: Friday 30th Apr 2021 by Sam

The Recording Academy has unveiled a set of major changes to the GRAMMY Awards.

Full story below…

In a statement issued moments ago, it was confirmed that the special panels at the helm of several awards – including the big four categories – have officially been dissolved.

For decades, the elite group (comprised of 15-30 voters where present) had a paramount say over nominees and winners in several categories.

With its elimination, it sees the nominations and winner determinations pivot back in the direction of peer voting.

To ensure the committee as a whole is as effective as can be, the Academy has also confirmed that by the year’s end over 90% of its members will have engaged in a requalification process designed to certify that the voting members are engaged in music creation.

Elsewhere, other changes include the addition of new categories and a reduction of the number of categories a member can vote in.

It was also re-confirmed that the 64th Annual GRAMMYs will take place on January 31 2022 and crown music released between the eligibility period of September 1 2020 – September 30 2021. 

Speaking on the seismic changes, Harvey Mason Jr., Chair & Interim President/CEO of the Recording Academy, said:

“It’s been a year of unprecedented, transformational change for the Recording Academy, and I’m immensely proud to be able to continue our journey of growth with these latest updates to our Awards process. This is a new Academy, one that is driven to action and that has doubled down on the commitment to meeting the needs of the music community. While change and progress are key drivers of our actions, one thing will always remain — the GRAMMY Award is the only peer-driven and peer-voted recognition in music. We are honored to work alongside the music community year-round to further refine and protect the integrity of the Awards process.”

Many are praising the changes – which arrive after a headline-grabbing year involving The Weeknd – as a huge move towards increased transparency and representation of the modern music market.

Check out the full list of amendments:

  • Elimination Of Nominations Review Committees In General And Genre Fields

    • Nominations in all of the GRAMMY Award general and genre fields will now be determined by a majority, peer-to-peer vote of voting members of the Recording Academy. Previously, many of the categories within these fields utilized 15-30 highly skilled music peers who represented and voted within their genre communities for the final selection of nominees. With this change, the results of GRAMMY nominations and winners are placed back in the hands of the entire voting membership body, giving further validation to the peer-recognized process. To further support this amendment, the Academy has confirmed that more than 90 percent of its members will have gone through the requalification process by the end of this year, ensuring that the voting body is actively engaged in music creation. Craft committees remain in place (see below for craft category realignment.)
  • Reduction In Number Of Categories Voter May Vote

    • To ensure music creators are voting in the categories in which they are most knowledgeable and qualified, the number of specific genre field categories in which GRAMMY Award Voters may vote has been reduced from 15 to 10. Additionally, those 10 categories must be within no more than three fields. All voters are permitted to vote in the four General Field categories (Record Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Song Of The Year, and Best New Artist). Proposed by a special voting Task Force who brought forth the recommendation, this change serves as an additional safeguard against bloc voting and helps to uphold the GRAMMY Award as a celebration of excellence in music, with specific genre field categories being voted on by the most qualified peers.
  • Craft Category Realignment

    • To better reflect the overlapping peer groups within the voter membership body, six existing craft fields will be consolidated into two fields: Presentation Field and Production Field. In either newly consolidated field, voters would have the ability to choose how many categories they feel qualified to vote in, respecting category vote limits, without being excessively limited by the three-field restriction. This benefits the integrity of these Awards by embracing and utilizing the specializations of the voters, without restricting their choice or contributions due to the field limits imposed by the recent reduction of the number of categories voters may vote in. Field updates are as follows:
      • Package Field, Notes Field and Historical Field renamed and consolidated to Presentation Field
      • Production, Non-Classical Field; Production, Immersive Audio Field; and Production, Classical Field renamed and consolidated to Production Field
  • New Categories Added
    Two new categories have been added, bringing the total number of GRAMMY Award categories to 86:

    Best Global Music Performance (Global Music Field)
    Best Música Urbana Album (Latin Music Field)


Are you feeling the changes?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Iwhyyyte n bllacc bitchezz April 30, 2021

    Right an artist can still duplicate music videos, choreography , songs, poses and get the Grammy, it is so many
    music artist impersonators

  2. Jake April 30, 2021

    This is good news going forward for the Grammys. I wonder what made them decide to do that. Let’s see what will happen at the 2022 Grammys.

    • Iwhyyyte n bllacc bitchezz April 30, 2021

      If the board can see n hear a song was ripped off, video ripped Artist sued
      They can see n hear it themselves. Play the tape, and decide that song will not be entered. A person shouldn’t have to win their lawsuit in Court.. The board can be court to. Like. Bruno mars

  3. Azealia West April 30, 2021

    These changes are made after Beyoncé made history for buying the most Grammy awards of all time. Next.

    • TToka May 1, 2021

      Preachhhh!! I agree 100%

  4. James April 30, 2021

    The Grammys have been calculated and manipulative for years which is why certain Artists don’t get the recognition they deserve. We shall see what will happen going forward in the future for wins. It’s a head scratcher to this day as to why Mariah Carey only has 5 Grammys. Billie Eilish is now a 7 time Grammy winner; winning Record of the year twice for two basic songs lol not hating on Billie and I’m not saying she doesn’t deserve a Grammy, but she doesn’t deserve all those Grammys especially in the genre field.

    • James April 30, 2021

      ***General field

  5. Section8DaGreat April 30, 2021

    Nicki still not winning so it don’t matter

    • Swifter2020 May 1, 2021

      Right!!, and her d*** remains in your mouth.

  6. J April 30, 2021

    We’ll see with the nominations 🚨🚨

  7. Tori April 30, 2021

    It doesn’t matter who’s voting for winners and nominees, there’s always going to be an artist and Fandom that are axx hurt that they don’t win or get nominated. Even though tjis sounds good on paper, there’s always going that one artist who cries foul play. Once everybody get it through their head that these type of shows are solely based on opinions and are fun fun purposes only, they’ll be okay. Get dressed up, hang out with your peers and mingle with other artist, go to the parties and get pissy drunk, and go home❗

  8. Truth Teller May 1, 2021

    I’m glad they decided to do this because Dua Lipa was robbed of Record Of The Year and Best Pop Solo Performance. Very much calculated. Never cheat your way to the Top!!

  9. JT May 1, 2021

    Nick Minaj might get a Grammy stay tuned!! If she decides to release new music the shell be eligible

  10. Teenage Dream May 1, 2021

    The Grammys need to give Katy Perry and Brian McKnight a Grammy they’ve been nominated numerous of times and have never won. I’m shocked!!

  11. I’m a Fan May 1, 2021

    Christina Aguilera has 5 Grammys and 1 Latin Grammy, Mariah has 5 Grammys, Celine Dion has 5 Grammys, Kelly Clarkson 3 Grammys, Pink 3 Grammys. All these women deserve more Grammys they all have amazing voices and have released quality throughout their career.

    • I’m a Fan May 1, 2021

      Janet Jackson only has 5 Grammys she also has released quality **Music

      • Zion May 1, 2021

        She has the right amount of Grammys for a whisperer

  12. Lou May 1, 2021

    Nicki’s coming

  13. Kenneth May 1, 2021

    Yes!! Nicki might finally Win!! Are y’all ready?

    • Shawn May 1, 2021

      Lol 😂😂😂

  14. eric May 1, 2021

    They might change the rules of the game, but it doesn’t mean they have changed their agenda.

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