DaBaby Declares Himself “The Best Rapper” & Claims Rivals Are Scared To Collaborate

Published: Wednesday 9th Jun 2021 by Sam

DaBaby has a bold message for his contemporaries.

Full story below…

Taking to Instagram Stories, the MC ordained himself “the best” and made clear that he believes fellow rappers are afraid of working with him because of it.

His words were:

“Best mf rapper & I’m on ALLLAT sh*t these n-ggas LIE about. I’m him frfr. If a n*gga ain’t tryna work with the real thang he SCARED. The best supposed to compete w/ the best These n*ggas just TALK like they like dat SHUUUUT UP.”

From his own hits such as ‘Rockstar’ to smash collaborations such as ‘Levitating,’ DaBaby’s heat streak is undeniable.

Whether he is”the best” will of course be subject to much debate. But, as many a Hip-Hop titan will attest, unshakable self-belief is a big piece of the equation of success.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Susan June 9, 2021

    When he starts flopping in a few years, he’ll be humbled. Can’t stand his arrogant attitude.

    • Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 9, 2021

      But as far as the collaborate part, sounds to me like he got his lil baby feelings Hurt, he had to have ask for a feature and got REJECTED (regardless of the reason why) 😂

    • C**-ila June 9, 2021

      He’s a good rapper, tbh i don’t think he still understands what it takes to be a mainstream rapper..he could be making major $$$ from several partnerships with brands all around the world.
      But he insists on surrounding himself by ridiculous scandals and the “hood” mentality people would expect from a rapper in the early 90’s!
      He should put his eyes on Diddy, Jay-Z and Nas, today they’re business man who keep away from those scandals..
      Unfortunately i think Dababy lose his way and be consumed by all the drama..

  2. Champ June 9, 2021

    All of this unhinged midgets music sounds the freaking same. He’s just smart enough to strike the iron while it’s hot.

  3. Champ June 9, 2021

    All of this unhinged midgets music sounds the freaking same. He’s just smart enough to strike the iron while its hot.

  4. Aj June 9, 2021

    All these whack new generation rappers: the baby, da baby, lil baby, little baby, baby baby etc. are so full of themselves. They’ve all barely been around 5 mins.

    The greats didn’t go around saying they’re the greats until they been here like a decade. Calm the flip down, earn your dues then look for accolades

  5. SMH June 9, 2021

    He makes the same song every week. PT cruiser looking fool.

  6. Nicky June 9, 2021

    This dude is ugly inside and out. Why do these dudes have so much arrogance and end up broke later?

    Congrats. You hit the lottery with rapping. That’s not an accomplishment. You were lucky. You rap on the same level as thousands of other aspiring rappers.

    But hopefully you can have longevity.

  7. stan June 9, 2021

    he and his 60 teeth need to shut up

    • UHoesFunny June 9, 2021


  8. dydy972 June 9, 2021

    They got famous 5 minutes ago and they want to be called goats lmao

  9. Diabetes UNBOTHERED June 9, 2021

    first i misread heading for LIL BABY, I was like “if u dont sit yo” but DaBaby is the Hottest Rapper out which does translate into the best out of his immediate peers imo especially Drake whom is Way Overrated. im sure he wasnt counting eminem or Jayz or lil Wayne, they’re not his peers

    • Ace Blanks June 10, 2021

      I can actually agree with this! Is he the best overall NO but is he the best out of the new kids right now absolutely. We don’t see any of them anywhere and he been putting out song after song and doing features. So yes I agree he is the best out of the new bunch!

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