Azealia Banks Slams Nicki Minaj: “No One Gives A Damn About That Boring Percocet Music”

Published: Wednesday 9th Jun 2021 by Sam

Azealia Banks is sounding off once again and this time it’s rap royal Nicki Minaj that appears to have her hot and bothered.

Find out why below…

Irked by a fan’s suggestion that she “could” have been a contemporary of Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion if she was not “unhinged,” Banks proceeded to throw jabs at both ladies.

Taking to Instagram Stories, the ‘212’ rapper begun:

“would much rather be ssri free and unhinged than fat and “tolerable” with a Percocet addiction. Barbs keep forgetting nicki is blacklisted for mocking the Vatican on live broadcast TV.”

She continued with shocking line after shocking line:


Your thoughts?

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  1. TamarHer June 9, 2021

    She didn’t lie

    The barbs are not ready to admit this tea

    • C**-ila June 9, 2021

      She didn’t lie? So you think for example Megan didn’t get shot?
      If you have proof of that honey show it to the agents who are investigating her claims..
      Banks is off her meds again and should be held accountable for the lies and gossip she’s spreading!
      Hope Megan sue her wack ass off!

  2. Susan June 9, 2021


  3. Khiayoncé June 9, 2021

    Exactly what lies did Banks tell? None.

  4. Clarks0o00ñ June 9, 2021

    “The POPE honey”


  5. Brooklyn Fan June 9, 2021

    Azealia read Nicki Minaj for absolute filth, and she is right. Nicki Minaj is a fraud with a jealous spirit. She uses people and then sneak disses them. Azealia is right that nobody cares about Nicki’s music in 2021. Nicki is not a good person.

    • FAF June 9, 2021

      And still

      4 platinum albums and 2 number ones >>

      1 flop and being shelved for a decade

      So tell me again, would I rather be canceled or never on?

      • TamarHer June 9, 2021

        Fraudulent number #1 and plummeted on the 2nd week are nothing to brag about.

        She’s old and desperate. She leeches on to younger and more relevant artists for float.

        She’s fat and old

    • FAF June 9, 2021

      And Tamar is bald and single with a fat ex and no success in years begging for relevance through BIGO with fa88otz

      So again

      4 platinum albums>>>

    • Backhanded You! June 9, 2021

      Azealia read Nicki? And what did she gain? Just another manic episode this b**** talking about drug use when she’s even rapped about it! Then has the never to say she wouldn’t mess with the Vatican??!! Lmao gworl they literally m***** and abuse kids..she don’t know wtf she talking about and I hope everyone keeps ignoring her manic jealous ass

  6. Champ June 9, 2021

    Nicki dropped the ball with her career.

    12 years, no classics unless you consider “Starships” or “Anaconda” to be her magnum opus.

    Now sis is pushing 40 still trying to compete with the 20 year old rap girls. Botched body. Married to a ped0 and surrounded by sexual deviants.

    • FAF June 9, 2021

      Itty bitty piggy and 5 star chick literally is where lil miss oonts oonts ends

      Let’s do a versus shall we ??
      Licorice ?????

      What other mainstream hits can we compare to nicki top tens alone ? Let alone the mixtape hits and songs that went platinum without being top ten

      Stupid h** created the vevo record

      Anaconda shattered it

      The audacity of u fa88s to lie during pride month

      • Champ June 9, 2021

        Your ugly ass has yet to mention a classic of hers. Just blowing hot air. When’s the last time Nicki SOLD one million albums? She’s allegedly in the “trinity” with Bey and Rih right? All of their albums SOLD over one million without smoke, mirrors and fraudulent “streams”. What’s her excuse? When’s the last time a Nicki song or album had staying power? Riddle me that b****.

      • Champ June 9, 2021

        Not sure where my original response went,

        but suss you blowing hot air atp. When’s the last time a Nicki album SOLD one million copies? 2010? If she’s such a part of the “trinity” with Bey & Rih then those stats should match. Nicki has gotten by on smoke & mirrors, trolling and oversaturation of the market.

        Her music ain’t good, no classics,unless you consider “Anaconda” or “Starships” to be her magnum opus. LMAO. You’re a joke just like that botched body and sexual deviant criminal husband of hers.

      • KiKuu June 11, 2021

        lol anaconda is just a baby got back copy

  7. Paulo June 9, 2021

    So now she stans the Vatican and Ken Ehrlich? But when it was time to drag Cardi she stanned Nicki? And the disrespect to Megan? Hang it up, flat screen…

    Why she calling Doja with an r tho?

  8. SNF June 9, 2021

    All facts. Unfortunately. AB is just as relevant as any of these girls. And yall constant reports about her confirm this. And another thing

    Not one female rapper will dare mention AB name or want rap beef. They know to take the high road every time… lol

    • FAF June 9, 2021

      But she’s dissed people before and it went nowhere

      Remember the Jim jones diss? She’s smart but she’s no lauryn hill

  9. The Baddest Basset Hound June 9, 2021

    Azealia Banks told no lies!! Seeing Red, Subtractions, and Crocodile Tail flopped and tanked!!! The ragdolls making up excuses on twitter LMAOAOAOAOAOAOA!!

    • Susan June 9, 2021

      Not seeing red and subtractions 😩🤣🤣🤣 Chiiiiiiiile 🌚

      • The Baddest Basset Hound June 10, 2021

        It’s all bad boo Onickel is finished 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Fancy BISH (FCK Maristench, Danzou The Fool & Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 June 9, 2021

      It was Subtractions that got me lol 😂

    • Backhanded You! June 9, 2021

      B**** you can’t read or something? It’s called Fractions and your b**** ass sure checked for them! Ain’t nobody worried about some bonus tracks added to a 12yr old mixtape lmao! Nicki made a million off of it and gained international fame now look at her and look at You..on a blog being a hateful b**** that has nothing going but sit online raging at Nicki’s success lmao

      • The Baddest Basset Hound June 9, 2021

        Like I said ragdoll all the songs flopped and tanked Onickel is WASHED SPLISH SPLASH!!!!

      • Backhanded You! June 9, 2021

        It’s the weak ass response for me. And AS I SAID, look at Nicki look at you. Who got the money and fame and who’s on a stupid gossip blog complaining and crying like Nicki gonna see your peasant ass

      • The Baddest Basset Hound June 9, 2021

        Not you windmilling for Barbara like she sending you a cash app for doing so poor thing.. Wouldnt be surprised if this was Nicki Minaj herself lmao… B**** we know you dont have anything to do at the moment but lurk and those songs fell down the charts faster than a fat b**** holding a plate of salad LMAOOO.. Crawl back into your watering hole and breast feed that r***** baby…Giving Saggy titty chinese walrus teasss

  10. Riley June 9, 2021

    How can y’all take anything Azealia sayseriously as if she doesn’t constantly flip flop between being a Nicki hater to a full on stan. Nicki gets “cancelled” just about every day year but her career in the industry is still very much alive. While banks would rather be a sour commentator instead of putting out decent music to rebuild her brand. Girl shut up.

  11. UHoesFunny June 9, 2021


    U have gotta be VERY slow and dumb to listen to anything Azealia Banks has to say about anybody 😂😂😂 compare Nicki’s career to hers and you have your answer 🥴 Nicki Minaj is the richest female rapper in HISTORY. She’s the MOST FOLLOWED rapper on Instagram in HISTORY. Her numbers are major on TikTok. And don’t front like that dont matter because this generation is built more on brand than actual talent these days. She’s as relevant NOW than she’s ever been LOL

    Not to mention all these btchs are her SONS 😭😭😭😭 she literally birthed the gals you call ur fav today. They all look like Nicki chiiiile.
    Long weave fake b*** pink hair 💀💀💀 literally the Nicki starter kit chile 🤣🤣

    Oh yeah? She’s also the wealthiest female rapper in the world. U BTCHS CANT EVEN SPELL WEALTH 🤪🤣🤣 $100 million 🤣🤣🤣🤣 y’all hate it sooo bad. There’s NOTHING u can do to stop this woman. She’ll never stop making music. Her career when end when SHE is ready for it. U dumb dumbs will be here to push her sales whenever she drops more music just like you got a 12 year old mixtape to #2 on the billboard 😭😭😂😂😂😂 A MIXTAPE. NEVER DONE B4. Chile I can’t. Her haters are the real BARBZ lmfaooo 🎀

    • UHoesFunny June 9, 2021

      & beyond allat nunya favs can OUTRAP Nicki 😂😂😂😂 name a btch who barz are betta…I’LL WAIT 🤔

  12. Urg June 9, 2021

    Lol!!!! AB might be a crazy cat cooker but she told no lies🤣

    • June 9, 2021

      she is though. she morphs truths to fit whatever narrative she’s trying to paint. She’s a walking clowns will agree with anyone who is dissing Nicki no matter who the f it is.

      • D June 9, 2021

        I just saw this comment posted, verbatim, on the HotNew Hip Hop (an article about the exact same topic). Do you work for Nicki’s management / label? 👀

      • KiKuu June 11, 2021

        nicki minaj is a swaggerjacker

        and her rapping sounds dumb as f***

  13. June 9, 2021

    So when this nutcase goes ofter others it’s a lie and she needs to shut it. but when she is attacking Nicki body-shaming her and other disgusting this down that line It’s the truth, it’s all good with yall…as long as she isn’t attacking yall faves it’s all good. what a disgusting set yall are.

  14. Patience D. Smith June 9, 2021


  15. Liam June 9, 2021

    I mean she didn’t lie….her delivery leaves alot to be desired but some of what she said is true! However sis needs to shut up and just drop music

  16. Credits June 9, 2021

    Who can elaborate on the Vatican part? I need receipts.

    • FAF June 9, 2021

      It’s another unfounded lie

      The Grammy committee may have distanced themselves due to potential backlash from the church but it’s not 2012 anymore

      No one cares about organized religion everyone is calling out abuse — what can the Catholic Church do to nicki career most of her US fans aren’t even Catholics

  17. Clayne June 9, 2021

    Ouffffff miss banks lol

    I mean…. She does say a lot of ish but this is all true lol

    Nicki has major success that she will never see so it could come off bitter but these are facts… yikes

  18. Shayla Queen™ 👑 THE ORIGINAL June 9, 2021

    One fücks a pédo and murderer, the other digs up her dead cat… They’re both trash flops though 💯

  19. KeyLoLo June 9, 2021

    I really don’t care for either one of them but truth be told I have NEVER heard an AB song played on OUNT radio station not even Pandora..J’s I hear more of Nicki’s music more than I have ever heard ONE AB song 🤷

  20. KiKuu June 11, 2021

    nicki minaj swaggerjackin lil kims backcatalog

    sit down b******

  21. Kiitykatty2196 June 15, 2021

    Banks is a person with internal destructive issues that are hurting her career.. if I saw her on the street , I would run the other way. She is too jealous & hateful cause she is isn’t where she should be at. Self destruct 😈evil person!

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