Jennifer Hudson To Release Original Song ‘Here I Am’ For For ‘Respect’ Biopic

Published: Wednesday 16th Jun 2021 by Sam

With the Oscar buzz surrounding Aretha Franklin biopic ‘Respect’ already at high volume, lead Jennifer Hudson just upped the ante with the announcement of on original song.

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Moments ago, the star trumpeted the incoming release of ‘Here I Am (Singing My Way Home).’

Set to arrive this Friday (June 18), the track is co-written by Hudson alongside Songwriters Hall of Fame and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Carole King and Jamie Hartman. produced the emotional number.

It’ll serve as the only original song on the ‘Respect’ soundtrack.

Speaking on ‘Here I Am,’ Hudson said:

“Music is such a living and breathing character in this film, as it was in Ms. Franklin’s life. The process of creating this song was like constructing the greatest tribute I could possibly offer to her spirit. It was the final exhale of this extraordinary project and one that I let out with complete fulfillment. Being able to do so with Carole and Jamie was an incredible privilege. Carole is one of the greatest songwriters of all time and, whether we were trading stories, playing piano together over video conference, or working through lyrics, it was always a masterclass – both in life and music. Jamie and I have collaborated together in the past and it’s always so wonderful to create with him – he is continuously thinking outside of the box in a way that deepens the musical experience in indescribable ways. Our goal was to show that music was always the anchor for Ms. Franklin, in all that she did, and I hope this song illustrates the strength of her voice – both literally and figuratively – which always brought her home.”

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Directed by Liesl Tommy, the movie arrives in US theaters on August 11 and promises to deliver a raw and unvarnished take on the life of Franklin, who died three years ago.

Forest Whitaker, Marlon Wayans, and Mary J. Blige star alongside Hudson in the MGM film.

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  1. Clay Aiken June 16, 2021


    • Wh🍑RE of Babylon🍌 June 16, 2021

      Bish, invisible and my way are still my jam yo. He had a pretty decent start but he was disappeared after He released a Xmas album and a few cover albums, same as David archuleta

    • Kemarie Maragh June 16, 2021

      Your life is a FLOP !!! sit and Watch this film and track succeed

    • DioraCouture June 16, 2021

      you are MESSY…. this movie will have our GRANDMOTHES asking our CHILDREN to drive them to the theaters this summer…..

      lemme break it down for your plankton mind: Aretha IS trans-generational…. and this is coming from a 40-year old DOMINICAN whose first language was not English…my first exposures to music were not American culture-wise….

      and if you’re referring to the song as a FLOP…it does not mean that it won’t be good……. a song doesn’t have to sell in order to be good….it’s simple minds like yours that equate success or fulfillment with high numbers

      • Boss man June 16, 2021


  2. What Would Whitney Do June 16, 2021

    They made Jennifer lose so much weight for the role Aretha was heavier Jennifer never said she gained and lost weight to really become Aretha. Cuz that’s who she was like Whitney was slim.

    • Boss+Up June 16, 2021

      She had to gain only a few pounds for the role. Young Ree and Jennifer’s body didn’t differ greatly.

      • What Would Whitney Do June 16, 2021

        The picture looks like they made her lose not gain weight.

  3. Kemarie Maragh June 16, 2021

    Your life is a FLOP !!! sit and Watch this film and track succeed

  4. Boss man June 16, 2021

    😱🤯🤩🙌🏾👏🏾🔥This is HUGE!!! Cannot WAIT for this film!

  5. Jayda Wayda June 16, 2021

    J Hud doesn’t give me Aretha. I’m getting EFFIE from Dreamgirls all over again lolololol. Her voice doesn’t possess that golden quality that Aretha had. Soulful yet sweet. J Hud just loud.

    • Boss man June 16, 2021

      How and you haven’t seen nor heard any musical audio from the film???🤔Effie and Aretha are two totally different characters. She’s clearly talking like Ree in the trailer. Ppl see Effie because that’s all they want to see.

  6. Shayla Queen™ 👑 OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED 🔥🔥🔥🔥 YAAAAAAAS 🤳🏽 June 16, 2021

    Fat oversinging flop of a pig

  7. Dc June 16, 2021

    Roll out the red carpet for this movie i need major promo we outside promo needs to be crazy

  8. Bell June 16, 2021

    Jhudson a vocal talent as well as Grammy winner. Fat ugly flopmila weighs more and has neither talent or a Grammy haha

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