Madonna Responds To Facelift Rumors

Published: Thursday 10th Jun 2021 by Sam

Madonna is clapping back at claims that she has surgically altered her face.

Full story below…

The 62-year-old legend has never been one to shy away from critique nor weigh in with her own take on the chatter around her name.

So, it’s fitting that she did both moments ago.

Taking to Instagram, the Queen of Pop responded to a troll who said:

“hahahahaha u should b worried about ur face lifts not my spelling.”

Her video response recited the lyrics “oh my god just the f**k up.”


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With that, what are…

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  1. June 10, 2021

    LOL, tell em yes Legendary madge, she looks good too.

  2. Gurlbye June 10, 2021

    OMG she looks like a different person with this pointy chin thing the girls are all doing these days….

    • Jk June 11, 2021

      That’s because that isn’t Madonna it’s an impersonator. 🙄

  3. Live&love June 10, 2021

    Is that lady Gaga lol

    • KiKuu June 11, 2021

      lol wouldn´t be the first time lady gaga copied something from madonna. dale bozzio, grace jones, roisin murphy, christina aguilera, daphne guinness, verushkamusic, david bowie, chic, barbara streisand, a star is born, gucci, isabella blow

      • Jk June 11, 2021

        It’s an impersonator. It’s not Gaga, clearly. Also not Madonna (obviously).

  4. Keyword June 10, 2021

    Thought this was a blond Bruce Jenner for a minuet.

  5. Shayla Queen™ 👑 June 10, 2021

    That was agony to watch… Fo REAL 🤣

  6. J June 10, 2021

    Re-read your posts at least once before publishing TGJ

    • Jk June 11, 2021

      Pay attention to the clickbait you post before posting. Unless you mention that it’s an impersonator that Madonna reposted and not actually Madonna in the video.

  7. Jk June 11, 2021

    That’s a Madonna impersonator, silly goose. That’s not Madonna in the video she even tags the impersonator. Dummies!

  8. Michael JACQUES June 11, 2021

    You all realize this ISN’T Madonna right? 🤣

    It’s an impersonator.

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