Exclusive: Big Freedia’s ‘Behind The Song’ Listening Experience at Ludlow House NYC

With New York City being lit and live, That Grape Juice was in the house at an intimate event for Big Freedia’s ‘Behind The Song’ listening experience at Ludlow House NYC.

Full story from TGJ’s Chet Kincaid below…

The night was moderated by Apple Music and Apple PRIDE Radio DJ. S. Whit.

Pioneer Freedia was on hand to talk about the creative process behind her new single ‘Betty Bussit’ and upcoming EP ‘Big Diva Energy’ (due August 5).

Prior to the third-floor room of Ludlow House becoming packed to pre-pandemic capacity, Freedia mix and mingled with us before going back to prepare for her interview.

With the attendees assembling, it was clear the audience was skew eclectic. Indeed, the energized crowd was comprised of Ludlow House members, industry tastemakers, and stars such as Kendrick Sampson of HBO’s ‘Insecure.’

While taking in the atmosphere, DJ S. Whit hit the stage to bring out Big Freedia for what was an informative 30-minute conversation.

Big Freedia revealed why she chose Betty Boop as the inspiration behind ‘Betty Bussit’:

“You know as I’m growing in my career I want to keep paying homage to people who have paved the way. Even if their name is just mentioned in the song, if it’s an old track of theirs or if it’s a character. Also, Esther Jones was a black woman who they got the character from and I just want to pay homage… Betty is bussin’ it down.”

Big Freedia on her purpose and being a role model:

“When you learn your purpose in life and my music bringing people together through love and happiness on floors and rooms across the world. My journey was to bring people together through all walks of life, even through the power of ass. I give inspiration for people to be themselves, to be free and loud and proud. I get my class and grace from my mother and it has allowed me to remain humble.”

Big Freedia on how her new single ‘Not Today’ featuring Jelly(Tank and The Bangas) and Jake Shears(Scissor Sisters) from her upcoming five-track EP, ‘Big Diva Energy’ came to life:

“Not today, not tomorrow, not never, okay! It’s simple, this particular day I went into the studio and I was fed the f*ck up. I was just fed up with a lot of stuff that was happening in my life, the people around me, certain people around me that were trying to use me. They were taking advantage of the opportunities I gave them and were trying to use it against me. (On) this song I was really mad and had to get some sh*t off my chest and tell people not today.”

The audience then received a first listen opportunity of ‘Not Today’ which is an uptempo track. Sonically it is inspired by Young MC’s 1989 hit ‘Bust a Move’ with a hint Nicole Scherzinger-flavored ‘When I Grow Up’ adlibs.

Following the one-on-one interview with DJ S. Whit, a Q&A with the audience commenced where Freedia revealed she knew the music path was going to work out once she realized she could leave all of her side hustles, including her stint as a nurse.

Ever a person of the people, Freedia got to bussin’ it down with those who stayed behind to dance.

A night to remember from an unforgettable talent.


Check out Big Freedia’s video for the re-imaged take on Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas.’

Also, check out Freedia’s ‘Goin’ Looney‘ from the ‘Space Jam: A New Legacy’ soundtrack.

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