Iggy Azalea Says Her Songs Would Be ‘Received Differently’ If Somebody Else Sang Them

Published: Monday 16th Aug 2021 by Rashad

Beyond a consistent delivery of bops, one thing you can always count on Iggy Azalea for is brazenness.

Having repeatedly used her platform over the years to publicly address private and professional woes, Azalea’s never been one to shy away from tough topics – a stance she’s reiterating during her promo run for her third and final studio album, ‘End of An Era’ (available for streaming now).

In addition to waxing honest about her reason for hanging up her mic (as we reported here), the 31-year-old is opening up about the hardships that came with the creation of ‘Era.’

Taking to ‘The Zach Sang Show’ recently to dish, look inside to hear her detail why she thinks no ‘major artist’ would attach themselves to a song on the project’s tracklist.

When Iggy unveiled her new album’s 14-song tracklist earlier this month, many of her diehard fans – affectionately known as #Azaleans – noticed the set was nearly featureless, save for the inclusion of rising stars BIA, Sophia Scott, and Ellise.  Not even the era’s lead single, the Tyga-assisted ‘Sip It,’ was on the list.

According to a recent sit down with Zach Sang (as seen above), such was not by happenstance.

“I would’ve loved to have massive features on [the album], but people are fake as f*ck,” she said laughing.

Later in the conversation, she admitted maybe her reputation is to blame for those ‘massive’ artists’ lack of commitment or interest.

“Yes, I do ask bigger artists to be on my songs, [but] yes they’re always sick or washing their hair that day,” she said. “I understand…I’m a controversial person to work with.  Maybe I’m bad for business.”

While she revealed it would be ‘awesome to have massive artists on my album that would help,’ the rejection doesn’t get her down at the end of the day.

“The silver lining is that it’s forced me to go out and find talent that I believe in,” Iggy stated. “It’s made me actually be able to create opportunity for other artists that are new. I’ve been able to give them to the platform.”

And though Iggy’s putting down her mic, she stunned the interviewer when she revealed she has no intention of putting down her pen.

“It would give me satisfaction [to write songs for another artist in the top 10], because sometimes I’ll think to myself I’m a good writer and I think if somebody else sung this song it would be received differently,” she revealed.


Elsewhere in the interview, Iggy Iggz elaborated on life plans after retirement and so much more.  See the videos below.


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  1. Iggy Iggs August 16, 2021

    Queen of rap

    • Bitchesmysonz August 17, 2021

      Lmaaaaaaopoo laughs in Minaj

      B**** DINT YOU EVER DUMB C***

  2. Becky Goodhair August 17, 2021

    “Fancy” appealed to white murica. That was your buying force. And you had zero competition in THAT lane. You’re already white, so no need to skin bleach, to wear wigs, or to work harder than your average to get through to music gate keepers. A less black washed persona and you would’ve become rap’s Taylor Swift. Even Whitney appealed, and sold the most, to whitey. White majority = more buying power = more sales. DUHHH. #KnowUrAudience #KnowUrPrivilege

  3. WOW August 17, 2021

    Iggy and everyone around her thought she could Elvis Presley the game and she was maybe 6/7 years too late for everyone to not see her coming a mile away. She got excited by black African American women and thought she could try it on but it won’t work anymore or at least you don’t get to pretend you’re authentic. She doesn’t rap in her own accent and no one wants to hear her cosplay as lilkim/foxy/Nikki/cardi/Megan (pick any of them).

    And that grape juice need to stop gassing this girl. From when you lot went so hard on Rihanna (at times it was funny sure!) But the gripe was she makes fast food music. So if that was fast food, this is pigeon scraps. There were never any ‘bops’ just group consensus to pay attention to her.

  4. SnowBunni August 17, 2021

    She’s right. Iggy makes good music and her visuals are always fire. Nicki turned the public against her & had her blacklisted FACTS💯. Onika was shook.

    • Abba August 17, 2021


  5. KeyLoLo August 17, 2021

    She just need to accept that fact that everyone just isn’t into her and that’s fine. She need to be grateful for the people that is into her and stop concentrating on people who don’t because the people who don’t just simply don’t care for her and her music.. period. She ain’t dope to everyone but she is to someone and that really should be all that matters to her. Make music for your fans and stop trying to force everyone to “look at you”..I mean we see you but we will continue to walk right past you 🤷 but that’s ok bc someone else will stop and do just that “look at you”.

  6. yababba August 23, 2021

    after she f***** up kendrics lyrics she banned from the cook out family functions we dont like yu iggy you went and f***** play boi cardi got a mixed baby and you still not invited sorry

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