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Published: Sunday 29th Aug 2021 by Sam

Little Mix appears to have a big surprise in store for their legions of fans.

Full story below…

The Pop trio has seen two of its members give birth this month, but the bundles of joy aren’t halting their work output.

Because, as the release of their greatest hits album ‘Between Us’ draws near, the ladies have unwrapped a teaser for a new visual.

It’s notable due to the fact that the compilation will feature five all-new songs. As such, it looks like they’re on the cusp of debuting the video for the project’s lead single.

Peep the teaser:


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We continue to be awestruck at Little Mix’s epic work rate. Their collective engine is running on 100 and accelerating forward full speed.

We’re ready for the new-new. Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. TruthTea August 29, 2021

    Happy for them entering motherhood. They’re 100% going on a long-term hiatus after this compilation. Maybe one more album, tops. They’re going to want to start spending time with their families. Little Mix gave us a lot more than anyone ever anticipated.

    • Dust August 29, 2021

      I suspect you’re right on this. Like we get this, they go on tour then at some point down the road give us their version of “Destiny Fulfilled”, tour behind that and then officially disband with the 3 of them supporting each other in future endeavors. I’d love to see more but it is what it is. At least in the UKA there’s a market for all of them to start releasing solo material. Leigh Ann and Perrie have been branching out with brand building and I could see Jade crossing over into acting. Chick is funny as hell. But who knows?

    • Tiffany Smooth August 29, 2021

      Ppl kill me mentioning that LM didn’t break the US.. They still sold 60 million 😂🤣😭
      Neither has IZA or Ludmilla. Ludmilla is the biggest female act in South America with billions of views.. not breaking the US doesn’t stop anyone’s bag..

      • truthteller August 30, 2021

        It’s not just they haven’t broken the US. They also haven’t been successful in any other major music market apart from the UK. The vast majority of that 60 million you quote is from the UK. And they clearly care about the US because they were whinging about not being succeessful there in an interview only a few months ago.

  2. NoFanNoStan August 29, 2021

    Their Compilation album should’ve titled “Just UK hits and international miss”

    • truthteller August 29, 2021

      It will only get a soft release outside the UK. Can you imagine them going on American TV to promote their “greatest hits”?

    • NoFanNoStan August 29, 2021

      🤣 another person trying to still my account name.

      Keep it sweetie.

    • Aj August 30, 2021

      America ain’t the be all and end all. They’ve had success in Australia, China, Japan and some other territories too.

      The US doesn’t even have a pop girl group now.

      • truthteller August 30, 2021

        They’ve never had success in China and Japan. None of their albums have ever charted in China. LM5 peaked at #60 in Japan and dropped off the charts after two weeks. Confetti debuted at #104 and dropped off the following week. Keep up the lies though.

  3. Lynda August 30, 2021

    Oh my god, I can’t wait, hopefully they will drop it before the album on 12/11/21. These girls just amaze me everyday. Love you girls♥️♥️♥️
    Hope the Confetti tour is still going ahead April next year, did hear they were taking their babies on tour with them. Amazing ladies. So much respect for them.

  4. MIXERFORLIFE August 30, 2021

    Cant wait to see what they bring next. So excited for Between Us! And Leigh and Perrie being mothers!

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