Little Mix Give Emotional Performance of ‘Between Us’ on Graham Norton After Hiatus Announcement

Published: Friday 3rd Dec 2021 by Sam

Little Mix made headlines this week after announcing that, following a decade of continued dominance, they are to take a hiatus upon the climax of their 2022 ‘Confetti Tour.’ 

Still, with the group’s greatest hits compilation ‘Between Us’ impressively taking extended residence in the top 10 of the Official UK Album Chart, the ladies are pressing on the promotional trail. The Graham Norton Show was their latest stop.

There, the ladies delivered a spirited rendition of the LP’s title track – which serves as one of five new songs featured alongside their classic jams on the combined project.

Watch the powerful performance below…

Stunning, particularly their blend and harmonies.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarks0o00ñ December 3, 2021

    So who’s gonna blow up first

    My money is on jade.
    She doesn’t have a husband/kids like the other 2 girls, so she has enough time to focus on a solo career.

    • TheOriginalUgghh December 3, 2021

      Will you shut up. You’re narrative is always about putting women against each other.

      These women clearly live each other and have garnered so much successs the rest is just icing on the cake.

      • TheOriginalUgghh December 3, 2021


  2. TheOriginalUgghh December 3, 2021

    Really going to miss this group and I really do hope the come back together again.

    They have made some really great music over the past 10 years and their harmonies are insane.

    Last girl group out here at the moment.

    • truthteller December 4, 2021

      They will come back together if their solo ventures don’t work out. Don’t be fooled by all this “we are sisters” rubbish. Jesy was their sister as well right? “Great music” but not one global hit after 10 years is embarrassing. Even Flop Harmony managed two. BlackPink and Twice are still going. Twice’s new album debuted at #3 in America the same week that Little Mix’s peaked at #182…

      • T December 4, 2021

        oh good be quiet first understand the bus.. before you speak. You are realy fooled by the media and dont know what happen behind the scences. Go to school and finish you education, your comment shows that you dont know what you are talking about.

      • truthteller December 4, 2021

        The irony of someone who doesn’t know how to spell words like “really” and “scenes” and doesn’t understand basic English grammar (e.g. it is “happens” not “happen”) telling me to go to school and finish my education…

      • Fancy BISH (Back To The Future 🤣)👊🏻💎💋 December 4, 2021

        Hey truthteller aka Ashy CLOWN, I see you.

      • TheOriginalUgghh December 4, 2021

        Music is only great if it makes the charts?!!?

        That’s why half the albums that come out today are not a full body of quality work because people only want generic chart topping singles.

        Y’all need to hush with the charts and do actually research to learn how calculated and how much money goes behind a lot the music that is on the “charts”

        And when it comes to girl groups don’t mention the robotic k-pop lip syncin groups, who don’t sing live nor have proof they can actually sing at all.

      • Aj December 4, 2021

        Little Mix are worth over £54m and have survived a decade.

        Let’s talk when other bands reach that level. Also it’s not a competition, there’s space for multiple bands across different genres and markets.

      • truthteller December 4, 2021

        So you say let’s talk when other bands reach that level, but also it’s not a competition. Contradicting yourself much.

  3. Keyana Lede December 4, 2021


    FIRST OFF, Perrie is so cute and thick. That baby weight sticking around and it suits her well.
    Leigh Anne is obviously my favorite. So real and raw and stunningly beautiful. Shes the most attractive one.
    Jade has the best voice hands down. Her range, falsetto, head voice is just phenomenal.

  4. Karen December 4, 2021

    yall need moderators for these post.

    losts of racism, hatred, prejudice being allowed and its reflects on your reputation. Its on YOUR site so its obviously a representation of what the site stands for.

    Stop giving domestic terrorist a platform to spread evil

    • Aj December 4, 2021

      Sam & Co aren’t bothered. I’m even thinking that they themselves might be some of the usual suspects, posting rubbish to encourage repeat visitors and website traffic.

      • Gag On That December 4, 2021

        Right we need to blast their asses on the socials maybe they’ll listen then

    • Zigstar December 6, 2021

      This is truly the reason I don’t come to this site much anymore. The trash that is the comments section is just disgusting. I would never allow anything like this on my site. It’s plenty of sites geared towards salacious reporting and people who view negativity and hate speech as entertainment, but this blog is supposed to be about music and entertainment. Why would they not moderate these comments. It really can’t be that difficult considering most of the trash seems to come from the same commenters.

  5. Urg December 4, 2021

    All 4 members will reunite and try a “comeback” when all solo efforts fail miserably.

  6. True Tea December 4, 2021


  7. cocobutta December 6, 2021

    After Jade’s emotional first verse the group just started warming up to this performance. The magic really began with from 2nd half of Leigh-Anne’s second verse and the harmonies and blend kicked in and thats REAL SINGING going on there. It sounded beautiful.

    The closing section of the song they SLAYED!
    Aww Jade at the end though 🥺

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