Listen: SZA Officially Releases ‘I Hate U’

Published: Friday 3rd Dec 2021 by Sam

SZA has heeded the requests of fans who’ve been lobbying for her to release the song ‘I Hate U’ in full.

The track arrived as part of a three-song drop on an anonymous SoundCloud in August. And despite not being available more widely went on to enjoy viral success in snippet form on TikTok.

Speaking on its popularity in a post announcing its traditional release, SZA said of the Thank God 4 Cody production:

“Honestly this started out as an exercise. I jus wanted somewhere to dump my thoughts w out pressure… y’all made it a thing and I’m not mad lmao. Ask and u shall receive.”

Check out the official track, which has arrived with a lyric video, below…

A smooth bop. The vocal layering is especially lush.

Now, here’s hoping the ‘CTRL’ follow-up is on the horizon.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarks0o00ñ December 3, 2021

    Another black chic signed to RCA records and shes winning BIG. A whole alternative rnb artist.

    Shes also dark skin.

    Normani stans and their weak àss excuses.

    RCA records or colourism has absolutely NOTHING to do with madame best dance performance tanking.

    • TheOrginalUggh December 3, 2021

      I love SZA but stop pretending like RCA is treating her well because they arent.

      She had to initially release this on Sound Cloud because they are holding her from releasing music. Only reason it’s now “officially” released is because it went popular on TikTok

      RCA ain’t shît and you keep talking like they treat their artist well. Doja is the exception

      Shut the fûck up for once. Go find normani’s address at this point and let her strap you dry because yo dusty àss is the only one riding for her.

      No one give AF about her but you. If she succeeds great if she doesn’t who cares.

      • Credits December 3, 2021

        The tik tok part is interesting. Jojo was saying that labels are now relying on their artists to go viral on tik tok as a marketing plan for the music.

    • Wwwd December 3, 2021

      She not dark skin she brown

  2. Sideline Ho December 3, 2021

    Same ole lyrics, same ole singing style of five notes…these black girls – SZA, Normani, Chloe – of this generation are talentless and complain on “being a Black woman” to have mediocre success. Try being great singers with great songwriting,

    • True Tea December 3, 2021

      SZA is Indie NOT a R&B or POP singer. Go listen to her earlier work. She’s been doing Indie hence why her music remained underground for years.

      But at least she didn’t copy Beyonce, Rihanna or Nicki’s swag to get on.

      • Wwwd December 3, 2021

        She copying kelis

      • True Tea December 3, 2021

        Kelis was def ahead of her time & probably the earliest Black Indie artist who enjoyed Mainstream success. As far as SZA copying her….I don’t think so. There might be some Inspiration. People have stated Beyonce copied Kelis tho.

      • Credits December 3, 2021

        A lot of people took bits and pieces of Kelis, in almost every phase of her career and she’s had many a phase.

      • Shayla Queen™ 👑 December 4, 2021

        SZA Indie? Sighed to RCA? Kelis was Indie? Signed to Virgin? Both major label artists.

      • True Tea December 4, 2021

        @ Credits

        Agree! She is overlooked as being the earliest Black girl doing the whole alternative thing with Music, Fashion & Artwork who crossed over into the mainstream.

    • True Tea December 4, 2021

      @Shayla Queen

      I labeled them Indie because their music, artwork & fashion has an alternative, punk, retro vibe which is common within’ the Indie music scene.

      Of course by them being signed to a major label, they are placed into the R&B catagory for mass marketing but that’s not really their core sound, although both ladies have released R&B/POP records.

  3. DaniLeigh (Yellow Bone) December 3, 2021

    Where is That Grape Juice’s Jussie Smollett reporting???

  4. Nicky December 3, 2021

    Another black woman stomping on Camickys racist Turkey neck

    Remember I told y’all that Shawn would drop that horse faced chick?


    He started to see that she’s a flop. Releasing another solo flop despite the payola. 😂😂😂

    DOA on Billboard because it doesn’t count fake Spotify streams. We love to see it

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