That Grape Juice Essentials: Top 5 Most Anticipated Pop Albums Of 2022

Published: Friday 31st Dec 2021 by Ryan

While not many stars have indicated that they are dropping new albums in 2022, it doesn’t stop anyone from hopping.

With a new year comes new hope for more music and we are among the hopeful.

From pop music’s biggest stars to indie darlings, join us below for That Grape Juice’s Most Anticipated Pop Albums Of 2022

Taylor Swift – 1989

After hinting at the release of her iconic ‘1989’ for most of 2021, 2022 could be the year that we are given the re-recorded version of this pop masterpiece. While ‘Reputation’ is also in the mix, it seems less likely since she cannot begin to re-record it until November of 2022, therefore ‘1989’ is the safest bet.


Camila Cabello – Familia

It has been two years now since former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello unleashed her ‘Romance’ album; however, 2022 could be the year we finally get the follow-up. Having been given a taste of the project over the summer with the Latin-infused ‘Don’t Go Yet,’ the project could be shaping up to be her best yet.


Charli XCX – Crash

Charli XCX is one of the only confirmed albums to officially be dropping in 2022 and the anticipation could not be higher. Having already released the singles ‘Good Ones’ and ‘New Shapes,’ she recently teased a collaboration with Rina Sawayama. All the stars are pointing to this being one of the best pop albums of the coming year.



While BTS have not officially announced that they have a new album slated for release next year, they have recently revealed that they are working on new music. So, here is to hoping it comes soon.


Jesy Nelson – TBD

A year after leaving Little Mix, Jesy Nelson unleashed her first single – ‘Boyz’ – into the world. While it was met with backlash over Blackfishing accusations, that didn’t stop the song from becoming a top 5 hit in the UK. As a result, it showed people were still interested to hear what she had to offer and what her first solo album will sound like.


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  1. A December 31, 2021

    Lmao Jesy? Really? The delusion.

  2. Ismyhalostr8 December 31, 2021

    TGJ yall stan some problematic ppl. As a black pop culture/music website yall need to do better in the new year causssss.

    • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) December 31, 2021

      Stfu! U racist h o e 💅🏾 We are talking about diversity in this generation. U mad coz TGJ didn’t even mention f l o p m a n I and her never due debut

    • Aj December 31, 2021

      Its so true. All TJG editors and contributors are black and gay yet stan for culture vultures and problematic ho’s all over the shop. The reporting is always biased and nothing is done about the racist, xenophobic, homophobic and transphobic bullying that goes on in the comments section.

      • Clarks0o00ñ December 31, 2021

        U mad cause nobody anticipating normani’s album? Lol

  3. Tori December 31, 2021

    Camilas album is not coming out any time soon. She’s in search of a new lead. Don’t be surprised if the next single is a Pop song with Urban influences and whatever rapper is big at the time. The others, no one is waiting for those. TAYLOR BETTER NOT TOUCH “1989”, COUNT IT AS A LOSS SIS❗

    • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) December 31, 2021

      Same as f l o p m a n i’s 💅🏾 She ain’t THAT b I t c h but a dumb ass b I t c h

  4. Aj December 31, 2021

    Re: Jezzabelle Nellyson, actually it came and went very quickly. The song wasn’t played much on radios or TV at all. It sold/streamed well because of the name I.e. cause Jesy was part of the UK’s biggest girl band. No one here cared for it.

    Don’t think that makes her album desired or anticipated at all tbh.

  5. Monica Stan December 31, 2021

    Nobody’s anticipating no damn UGGmillia or Mesy Nelson 💀💀💀💀

    • Uggh December 31, 2021

      Nobody’s anticipating no damn Monica’s trenches either

  6. AnonymousTruth December 31, 2021

    Lol @ Jesy Nelson …
    How much she pay ya’ll for this …

  7. DC3 FOREVER December 31, 2021

    LADY GAGA (in some sort)

    • Justme December 31, 2021

      Joseline gurl bye

  8. eric December 31, 2021

    I want to see albums from Janet, Monica, Rita, Ne-Yo, and maybe Mario if he’s working on something. I wish Tamia would do another one too; her voice is pure gold.

  9. Justme December 31, 2021

    New albums not redos:

    Beyonce – TBD
    Rihanna – TBD
    JANET Jackson – Black Diamond
    Kendrick Lamar – TBD
    Mary j Blidge

    I feel like Ariana Grande is gonna do something.
    Maybe Lady Gaga, Mya, Ciara, Bruno Mars (Solo), Drake (gotta make up for CLB),

    • Justme December 31, 2021

      Oh yeah Chloe of course

  10. KB December 31, 2021

    Janet Jackson, Beyonce, Micheal Jackson and Rihanna

  11. Rue January 1, 2022

    Loool this list

  12. Popprince January 3, 2022

    Waiting for

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