Adele Video Calls Fans Directly After Postponement of Las Vegas Residency

Published: Saturday 22nd Jan 2022 by Sam

This week was meant to bring with it the launch of Adele‘s Las Vegas residency, ‘Weekends With Adele.’

However, the British belter instead made headlines globally when the Caesars Palace production was postponed just one day before its scheduled start.

As reported, a tearful Adele cited delivery delays and her team contracting COVID-19 as the cause for the show not being ready.

Now, after promising that all dates will be rescheduled, the singer has been FaceTiming and messaging affected fans directly – with interactions ranging from apologies to chit-chat.

Check ’em out below…


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  1. True Tea January 22, 2022

    No ma’am!

    If she’s not agreeing to help pay for expenses, we would not be talking. This is damage control.

    • DioraCouture January 22, 2022


      i can only WISH an artist that cancels a show i have tickets for would take the time to actually ANNOUNCE IT OR ADDRESS IT him or her self….

      SHYT happens

  2. Diabetes UNBOTHERED January 22, 2022

    If Adele was so Extremely Gracious she would’ve given Queen Bey Writing Credit for all the songs she stole from Bey’s Catalog.

    Adele can thank the QUEEN for most of her success. Not only did the Queen inspire Adele to Sing with the I AM album but also The Queen Bey inspired Adele to STEAL. Adele stole HELLO, I MISS YOU, & WOMAN LIKE ME from the Queen of Music.

    Safe to say No Bey = No Adele

    • DioraCouture January 22, 2022

      excuse me…umm “Adele can thank queen for ost of her success”?!?!?!??!

      WHAT DA ACTUAL FUKK?!?!??!?!

      i don’t even know any of those songs, besdides Hello, and it’s coming as news to me that it was a Beyonce song…. i guess i gotta look that up…

      But, trust me, HUNTY….ADELE is not known for those songs….and i’ve been listening to her since “Chasing Pavements” and al lthe other released singles…. it’s coming as news to me that Beyonce made her “19” era happen… and it’s even more shocking to me that based on your ridiculous comments, THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE have gone to Adele’s tours and shows to hear her sing BEYONCE songs…. Like..really????

      • Diabetes UNBOTHERED January 22, 2022

        🐝 Adele will NEVER be the Touring force that is the QUEEN. The Queen has SEVERAL STADIUMS 🏟 under her belt while Adele is still stuck doing cheap Vegas residency and basic Arenas and canceling dates in the process lol, so unprofessional 😂

  3. Uggh January 22, 2022

    It’s funny that she had extra time to do this unnecessary Craps but not performing/promoting your music.

    • True Tea January 22, 2022

      And it’s insulting to be joking around on Facetime when a lot of them are stranded in Vegas. She seem to be out of touch with reality.

      • MollyWolly January 22, 2022

        They’re not stranded you entitled brat. I’m sure most fans had plans aside from Adele’s show. It’s Vegas for gods sakes they’ll be fine.

      • True Tea January 22, 2022

        Hun ppl who traveled to see Adele had already spent thousands which they LOST.

        You actually believe ppl want to spend even more money??

      • Your Name January 22, 2022

        Vegas is cold in January and not that fun. Having other plans is besides the point! Fans spent their hard earned coins to see Adele. She’s the main attraction for them. 🙄

    • DioraCouture January 22, 2022

      honey…Adele doesn’t need to promote, and that’s why you’re SEETHING…. Your fave can only HOPE TO RELEASE ONE SONG and sell MILLIONS of records….ACTUAL SALES IN 2021-2022…

      without “promoting”…. you’re MAD she did 2 specials, and THAT WAS IT…. and sold MILLIONS of this album…. and the same can be said about “25”…. she released “hello” and by the time “send my love…” came out that album had sold MEEEEELLLLIONS, DAHLING.

  4. Dc January 22, 2022

    Them weak ticket sales crying for sympathy

  5. JesusPhreak January 22, 2022

    Slap in the damn face after canceling less than 24 hours prior to the show! Soooo ghetto!!!

  6. JustSaying January 22, 2022

    She is trying to do damage control, but she could have given her fans a heads up when she knew that the show wasn’t coming together as planned, instead of waiting until the very last minute to cancel. She really showed that she is extremely inconsiderate and did not bother to think about the people who spent thousands of dollars on making arrangements to be there at her concert. If I were a fan, I wouldn’t book another ticket to attend one of her shows, knowing that is the way that she does business. Who likes wasting money?

  7. J January 23, 2022


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