Kanye West Reveals He Returned Unreleased Ray J Sex Tape To Kim Kardashian

Published: Tuesday 25th Jan 2022 by Ryan

Kanye West is still looking out for Kim Kardashian.

For, the ‘Hurricane’ rapper is revealing all in a new interview.

Full story below…

Sitting down with Hollywood Unlocked, Ye revealed that he had obtained a previously unreleased sex tape of his wife and singer Ray J.

“I went and got the laptop from Ray J myself that night and then got on a red eye. I met this man at the airport and got on a red eye, came back, delivered it to her at 8 a.m. in the morning.”

The news comes after Ray J’s former manager claimed that he was in possession of a second sex tape between the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star and Ray J. He alleged that it was “more graphic and better than the first one,” but didn’t plan to share it with anyone other than Ye. He told West:

“We got part two on the laptop and it’s never been seen. We’d love for you to have it. It’d be a great, personal private NFT. I would never give it to anybody but Kanye ’cause it’s the mother of his children.”

West then went on to say that Kardashian cried when he got the laptop, because it represented “how much she’s been used.”

Furthermore, he made it clear that while he and Kardashian may not be together, their family is still a priority.

Watch his full interview below…

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  1. What would Whitney do Wwwd January 25, 2022

    Kim was high when she did the s** video.. and was drunk.. ray knew he should have stopped her..so more for Kanye

    • Wwwd January 25, 2022

      More claps for YE

  2. God Damn Pigs January 25, 2022

    We want to see Kanye 69 Kim video

  3. Bob January 25, 2022

    Kanye…. Everything but your music. All this media neediness and desperation (Pete, new instant girlfriend, kids b-days, wife’s new s** tape, etc.) is going to backfire. It’s too much. Overexposure is eminent!!
    Kim is staying quiet as a mouse.

  4. XYZ January 25, 2022

    „ I would never give it to anybody but Kanye ’cause it’s the mother of his children.”

    You dumb ass guy should have given her the laptop, cause she was the one involved.


  5. True Tea January 25, 2022

    Kayne is an older seasoned rapper who doesn’t speak with any substance. All he does is ramble on & on yet he stay booked when it comes to Interviews. I don’t get it. 🤷

    So we’re still talking about Kim fuggin’ Ray J in 2022??

  6. Poor North! Kim Is a S*** January 25, 2022

    Once a whorebag, always a wh*rebag.

    She slurped that black d*ck up for the fame!

    You better show these b****** how to take the n*t to the face Kim!

    ICONIC 👏😏


    Y’all can delete me all you want!

    Kim showed y’all how to suck that BlackDick and take that nut to the face like a CHAMPION!

    AN ICON 👏😏✨

    • marilyn monh-O-E ® 👠(#1 DIVA) January 25, 2022

      Hunnie, Diva does it better than Ray J ex w h o r e 💅🏾 Trust me! I can take 5 BBC at once🍆 🍩 3 in my glory holes, 2 in my mouth and I still can jerking off 2 more D

      • THIS BIITTCHH DELUSIONAL 👆 January 26, 2022

        Nobody cares about those bumass d**** you been sucking off SKID ROW! You need a big, BLACK FAMOUS D*** for it to matter!

        Dumbassbitch! Now go back to the clinic before you melt ho! 👏👏

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