New Autopsy Suggests Black Teen Whose Organs Were Removed From Body Was Murdered

Published: Sunday 18th Nov 2018 by David

Like in the case of LaVena Johnson, the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of 17-year-old Kendrick Johnson have been ignored by mainstream media outlets and elected officials despite calls from their mourning relatives to uncover the truth.

This year, after his family were asked to believe that his passing was a “freak accident”, Kendrick’s family stand closer to the truth after the third autopsy to be carried out on him revealed that he was struck by a large object before his body was rolled up into a gym mat.

A sad and deeply upsetting story below…

State officials ruled his death an accident when his body was found at Lowndes High School in 2013.

After an extensive investigation into this tragic event, federal investigators determined that there is insufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that someone or some group of people willfully violated Kendrick Johnson’s civil rights or committed any other prosecutable federal crime.

Said officials have now learned that the latest autopsy carried out on the teen’s body has proved otherwise, spelling trouble for the Bells…the powerful family said to be behind the alleged murder and its coverup.

A family, it has now been revealed, have familial ties to the FBI.

The pathologist who was hired privately by the father and mother, found hemorrhaging below the skin of the teen’s jaw and neck. The expert ruled Johnson’s death non-accidental and said he suffered from a deadly blow near his carotid artery.

Just as damning for the Bells? A witness statement handed to Johnson’s family.




Affidavit in Kendrick Johns… by on Scribd


Brian Bell, one of the brothers accused of murdering the innocent child, denies the allegations as well as talk he killed Johnson after learning of a rumour claiming he’d slept with one of the brother’s girlfriends.

Read the real autopsy below…


Kendrick Johnson Third Autopsy by on Scribd



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  1. D November 18, 2018

    Amerikkka is a disgusting country. Operation Paperclip ensured that the USA would become the Fourth Reich, forreal.

    Now what about Kennika Jenkins ?

  2. Markel Logan November 18, 2018

    I Remember this story .. and it didn’t make no sense then.. I hope soon the family has answers and comfirt

  3. Achooo! November 18, 2018

    Yes Kendrick was murdered! The whole town was in on it. The school staff, the brothers, Former FBI daddy were all part of the demise of Kendrick. I hope the family gets justice as Georgia is a evil racist corrupt state

  4. eric November 18, 2018

    No one should have to endure this much to get to the truth. What makes it worse is knowing what happened and then trying to prove it. There are most certainly some witnesses who are refusing to come forward. Shame on them for allowing this family to suffer while the killers live happy and free.

  5. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. November 18, 2018

    I knew! I hope these sons of beyotches rot in jail and in hell.

  6. Lol November 18, 2018

    Now that this is out these guys are gonna cry in court. I hope They get no mercy.

  7. Jj November 19, 2018


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