Report: Kamala Harris To Announce Presidential Run This Month

Published: Thursday 10th Jan 2019 by David

Meet the woman who may be the next President of the United States….Kamala Harris.

Full story below…


Harris has spent several decades fighting for the rights of minorities and recently led the charge to make lynching a Federal crime with help from her esteemed pals Cory Booker and Tim Scott.

Now, well-placed sources say she is gearing up to launch a Presidential run and will make an official announcement on Martin Luther King Day...January 21st.


If true, Harris will follow in the footsteps of Elizabeth Warren who announced that she was running weeks ago and will be forced to take on the current President Donald Trump as he defends his throne.


We look forward to 2020.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Casual January 10, 2019

    Demographics says if she gets the Dem nomination, she wins.

    Her platform says she loses like Stacey Abrams, who ran in GEORGIA (of all states) on a platform of making Georgia a sanctuary state, curtailing gun ownership, raising taxes, and expanding welfare programs.

    Likely outcome: She will not win the nomination, b/c Dems love firsts. The nominee will probably be Julian Castro, who would be the first person of Hispanic descent to serve.

    • WakeUpBlackFolk January 10, 2019

      Julian Castro doesn’t have a chance, and neither does Kamala…. The democrats need someone with REAL name recognition and more moderate policies if they are going to beat Trump in 2020

      • Chaka Can’t January 10, 2019

        You’re joking! People don’t want establishment names anymore. They want new names with fresh ideas AS WELL as the know how.

  2. Maxx January 10, 2019

    I she is Jamaican & Indian….interesting combination & she has the credentials to go far. I think Julian Castro will also be a strong contender. I wish them both the best. Trump has done some beneficial things, but he is just tooooo much. If he wouldn’t be so vocal (annoying), I believe more people would appreciate him as president instead acting like he is a reality show actor. #MUTETRUMP

    • Shontarka laquifa Jackson January 14, 2019

      Credentials of sleeping her way to the top. With married man.

  3. The truth January 10, 2019

    Yaaasss Queen!!! I’m here for it!

  4. Fergie January 10, 2019

    Sisters are doing it for themselves!
    Love her and hope she’s the next president.
    Go Kamala 💙

  5. WakeUpBlackFolk January 10, 2019

    HAHAHA…. Isn’t she the mistress of the late Willie Brown (Mayor) ??
    This lady is a left-wing nut and won’t become the president…..

    • Casual January 10, 2019

      Yes . . . and yes.

  6. lucy fur January 10, 2019

    like it or not, Donald Trump will be president again…

  7. Dc January 10, 2019

    She’s wasting her time

  8. The Baddest January 10, 2019

    Congrats on another great woman running for president. Some of yall in these comment sections are bitter and sad. It’s not about if she wins it’s about her courage to do this, ya’ll over here commenting all this negativity but most of you hating can’t even ask for a raise at your job, so kick rocks with the hating on a fellow American who is really trying to doing something great.

  9. Shontarka laquifa Jackson January 14, 2019

    She only wishes. It ain’t gonna happen sista

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