Ice Cream Licking Man Faces One Year In Prison

Published: Friday 17th Jan 2020 by David

A notorious attention seeker has learned that he may face one year in prison after a video of him licking ice cream went viral.

D’Adrien Anderson‘s story below…

D’Adrien rose to infamy after he, in a bid to generate attention for himself, released videos of himself playing pranks on unsuspecting members of the public.

One of these pranks saw him step into a store, make his way to the ice cream section and lick unsold products before placing them back on their shelves.

Tampering with food is a felony in some states.

This week, he has learned that he may face up one to year in prison for the nasty act and has asked the legal system for leniency after the brand behind the ice cream he licked was forced to pull all of its products from the store to protect customers.

Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham had this to say about it.

This guy loves publicity even if it’s for the wrong reason. That can lead to bigger and worse things. If we’re going to save this guy, we have to do it with this case or he’s over the hill.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Gurlbye January 17, 2020

    They better throw Ariana in jail too for licking those donuts lol

    • ERIC January 17, 2020


    • PinotNoir January 18, 2020

      She’s already in a jail of her own ‘grandeur’. ?

  2. Bebo p. January 17, 2020

    He is so ignorant and dumb they should give him few years on jail

  3. only facts January 17, 2020

    While he does deserve jail time, I believe a year is a bit excessive. Why wasn’t Ariana Grande punished the same when she licked those donuts? Sigh.

    People need to stop doing dumb sh*t!

    • Lmfao_Hoe January 17, 2020

      Because she has the complexion for protection ??☕️ And Scooter ass like to make it as though it never happened smh same with Bieber’s racist ass “ One less lonely n***** “ vids and stating black people love watermelon smh people continue with turning a blind eye to their bs

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH January 17, 2020


      • only facts January 17, 2020

        A few years ago. There’s a video still I’m sure. He’s very racist.

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH January 17, 2020


    • G-bby January 17, 2020

      Maybe because it isn’t a felony in whichever state she licked the donuts in? Texas doesn’t play that s***. Either way, he deserves whatever they throw at him. He needs to be made an example of because we know the internet is full of copycats.

      • only facts January 17, 2020

        I agree. But also feel like Ariana should have been punished for the donut licking incident. Scooter somehow got that thrown under the rug.

      • Like It Really Matters January 17, 2020

        lets be real, if he was white, this wouldn’t be happening. Constantly trying to make an example out of black people for crimes that would go unnoticed if someone white did it. I don’t think he need jail time at all, give hime probation and fine and go about y’all business

  4. Paulo January 17, 2020

    Ok he was dumb for that but one year in jail??? He should be forced to pay the store’s losses if anything.

  5. Kevon January 17, 2020

    He should pay for the ice creams …and why food only felony in some states only?? really

    • G-bby January 17, 2020

      Every state has their own government and laws. That’s basic elementary school history.

      • biancacook January 17, 2020

        lol right

      • Kevon January 17, 2020

        I know that clown …I’m just saying why tho .. mean every gov even every country should protect our food …so shut the funk up

  6. Perfection is so…mhph ?? January 17, 2020

    So that’s what 24 years olds do now?

  7. Clarks0oñ January 17, 2020

    U play stupid games, u win stupid prizes.

    Enjoy ur time in jail
    When ur out of prison after 1 year, ur life is probably over cause u have a record.

  8. G-bby January 17, 2020

    I can’t believe you guys are saying his sentence is excessive. This disgusting loser didn’t just steal a gallon of ice cream, he tampered with it! He transferred his nasty bodily fluids onto merchandise and placed it back into the freezer for public consumption. That’s just as disgusting as spitting on someone. I’m glad food tampering is a felony in the state of Texas. Make an example of his ass, and anyone who decides to be a copycat. F*** that!

    • Clarks0oñ January 17, 2020

      Thank u

      U know people on this blog dont have any fùcking sense. Lots of dumb àsses

      What if he had a contagious disease ? He could have made a lot of people, ( especially kids, cause kids are one of the main consumers of ice cream) sick.

      This loser isnt even a kid, he is a grown àss man. 24 years old acting like a idiot.

      Arianna deserves to be arrested also, for licking donuts meant to be sold to costumers.
      She’s an idiot, I dont know why she got of without consequences. She was an adult when she licked those donuts.

  9. Lana Del Bey January 17, 2020

    Although I’m glad he’s doing time, I’m not happy that arianna didn’t get anything but a slap on the wrist for licking food that was most likely gonna be sold that same day.

    • PinotNoir January 18, 2020

      On 2nd thought . . .

      Her saliva-covered donut would sell for a grand on eBay now that she’s got minions.


  10. High Price January 17, 2020

    Disgusting IDC.. he deserves it!

  11. I love big black c** January 17, 2020

    He can lick meat flavored ice cream in jail. Yummy! Dark chocolate, caramel or strawberry flavor with c-u-m icing. Yummy!

  12. Jay January 17, 2020

    You can tell something is wrong with him.

  13. PinotNoir January 18, 2020

    Kids these days . . .

    Anything to be famous.

    Lick’em jail ice cream balls.

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