Tyler Perry is to host November’s Presidential debate.

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It’s been over a week since a Dallas court handed down a guilty verdict to former policewoman Amber Guyger after she was tried for the murder of her neighbor, an unarmed Black man named Botham Jean, but that certainly hasn’t slowed chatter around the case.  Sentenced to 10 years in prison for the act, several aspects of the proceeding – including the length of her sentence (given the severity of the crime) – have been met with harsh criticism from legal analysts, celebrities, and more.

While the judge presiding over the case, the honorable Tammy Kemp, has been on a media blitz to justify her ‘inappropriate’ and ‘unethical’ courtroom behavior (click here to read more), other key players – including Jean’s family lawyer S. Lee Merritt – is fielding criticism on his clients’ behalf for the flack they’ve received for their courtroom actions (see:  forgiving Guyger, etc.).

After catching wind of a disparaging Twitter comment from Grammy nominated rapper Nicki Minaj after the death of star witness Joshua Brown, Merritt took to Instagram (October 10) to not only clap back but also praise the femcee’s ‘more active’ musical counterparts for their role in the fight for justice.

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After being branded “Mammy Tammy” by angry social media users, embattled Dallas judge Tammy Kemp continues to speak out against the ongoing backlash she’s enduring after exhibiting what many are deeming “inappropriate” and “unethical” behavior during the infamous Amber Guyger trial.

As we reported here, Kemp went on a media blitz earlier this week that saw her sit down with CNN, CBS, and a number of local news outlets to plead her case against critics who slammed her for hugging Guyger after the former policewoman was convicted of killing an innocent Black man.

Breaking down, the judge tearfully commented:

“Frankly, I don’t think I would getting this criticism if Miss Guyger were a Black woman. I hate that we limit our compassion to one race.”

Taking to today’s ‘Tamron Hall Show’ (October 10), Kemp not only broke down again while addressing the controversy and fears for her safety, but also echoed the sentiment of earlier interviews – even saying that ‘no one would refuse giving [Guyger] a hug’ under the circumstance.

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Judge Tammy Kemp has gotten more media attention that she could have ever imagined thanks to the ‘hug seen around the world.’

While some have applauded the public official for her unique display of compassion for Amber Guyger, a former Dallas police officer who had just been convicted of killing her innocent Black neighbor in his home, Kemp says most of the commentary has been overwhelmingly negative as her office has been flooded with hate mail (e-mails and letters), phone calls, and fiery social media posts for what critics and legal experts alike are branding ‘unprofessional’ and ‘unethical’ courtroom behavior.

Nearly a week after the guilty verdict was handed down, the judge is on a media blitz to respond to the ongoing backlash and clear her name.  In addition to speaking with local Texas outlets, she sat down for an interview with CNN where she was reduced to tears recounting Guyger’s remorse over the unfortunate incident.

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Viewers of VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ are putting pressure on the show’s sponsors to wash its hands of the show and its maltreatment of the Nigerian entrepreneur OG Chijidu.

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There’s long been a marriage between music and fashion and Sprayground creator DAVIDBENDAVID is on a quest to elevate that union the more.

With the 10th anniversary of his innovative brand approaching, the trailblazer has teamed with Asian Doll for a new single ‘Kyoto Kush’; a track, he says, celebrates the fusion of Sprayground’s unique style and his equally eclectic musical ear.

That Grape Juice caught up with the man himself, who opened up in earnest about his journey, entrepreneurial ethos,


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Cory Booker and Kamala Harris are leading the charge to uncover the truth about the highly suspicious murder of Joshua Brown…a key witness in the Botham Jean murder trial.

For, hours after the latter’s murderer, Amber Guyger, was sentenced to a decade behind bars Joshua- a key witness in the trial- was shot in the mouth and chest.

He passed away shortly after.

Now, the Presidential candidates have vowed to prise the truth out of the disturbing story.

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Neal Farinah, the man behind hairstyles sported by Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Mary J. Blige, has called on his community to support him after he was subjected to an unfortunate experience as he shopped in a New York City hair store today.

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Donald Trump has learned that he is in serious trouble.

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H&M was under fire last year after featuring an image of a young African American boy wearing a sweatshirt that read ‘Coolest Monkey in the Jungle.’  After issuing an apology and even bringing a diversity officer on board in response to the backlash that ensued then, one would think the fashion retailer would exercise a bit more wisdom, caution, and cultural sensitivity when launching campaigns featuring people of color.

We thought wrong.

Currently embroiled in yet another controversy, this time for featuring an ad with a young African American girl with a hairstyle critics are deeming as inappropriate as it is “messy” and “unkempt” (compared to the other children in the same ad campaign), last week saw H&M slammed on social media by commenters who believed the representation was intentional.  The retail giant only made matters worse when it took to Twitter to defend the image (seen above).

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Cameron Boyce‘s parents are speaking openly about his passing with ABC’s Robin Roberts.

The kind actor passed away last month and is survived by a loving family who took to ABC to give the world insight into the hours that led up to his death, his battle with epilepsy and how they hope to turn their pain into power as a source for good.

…the kindest sweetest human you could possibly meet.

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Shame and disgrace have befallen a couple who post videos of themselves overeating with relish on YouTube.


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