Prince Harry is speaking up and out about the joint decision he and wife Meghan Markle made to “step back” as Senior Royals.

His words come a day after The Queen voiced public support for the couple, but also on the heels of Buckingham Palace revealing that their chosen path means they will no longer be referred to as Royal Highness’ – among other major changes.

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Following the success of ‘Surviving R.Kelly,’ Lifetime is following up with new series centered around Jeffrey Epstein. 

It’s aptly titled ‘Surviving Jeffrey Epstein.’

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This month saw Meghan Markle and Prince Harry send shockwaves through newsrooms the world over when they announced their decision to step back as “senior royals”

Coming on the heels of unprecedented media scrutiny (of Markle especially), the news sparked ample debate and an admission of from the Queen that internal discussions would commence to reconcile the way forward.

Now, details have been revealed.



A notorious attention seeker has learned that he may face one year in prison after a video of him licking ice cream went viral.

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Samantha Markle, the much older sister of the royal Meghan Markle, finds herself on the receiving end of intense criticism after she attacked her younger sibling in a hateful interview on British television.

Samantha and the father she shares with Meghan have become media staples ever since she went public with her relationship with Prince Harry and have the media to bash, bully and berate the new mother for social and financial gain.

This morning, Samantha launched a fresh attack.

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Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders once stood side by side to use their powers in politics to inspire hope and change for Americans.

Today, they find themselves feuding.

For, after Warren claimed Bernie Sanders told her that he thought a woman couldn’t become President of the United States, Sanders hit back by claiming that she was lying about the incident during the last Democratic debate.

When the debate was over, the political titans were caught in the middle of a heated exchange.

Today, CNN has found an audio recording.

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Lori Harvey may face one year in prison if her current legal drama takes a turn for the worst.



Cory Booker has stepped away from the 2020 US Presidential Race.  (more…)


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have sent shockwaves through the royal establishment and the world at large, after announcing that they are jointly stepping back from their position as senior members of the Royal Family.

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The ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ series is inspiring sexual abuse survivors to stand up to their abusers.

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Kobe Bryan is determined to defeat the pharmaceutical company he believes is trying to cash in on his star power.

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The portly predator Harvey Weinstein has been slapped with new sexual assault charges in Los Angeles.  (more…)