Report: VH1 Fire Three ‘Basketball Wives’

Published: Thursday 14th Jun 2012 by TGJ

For the ladies at VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives‘, the last year has been ‘intense’ to say the least.

Coming under fire for what many saw as gratuitous violence, bullying and a general lack of decorum, today saw the ‘wives’ face even more drama.

For, in what will shock many of its viewers, VH1 has reportedly given Jennifer Williams, Kesha Nicols and Royce Reed their marching orders in a bid to rid the show of ‘dead weight’.

Reports indicate that Royce‘s dismissal stems from her inability to address her ‘off screen’ drama on camera due to a gagging order placed on her the father of her son.

This, coupled with her cast mates refusal to film with  led to producers coming to this decision.

Williams, who like  Reed has starred in the show since its genesis, was allegedly given the boot after being seen as a liability by producers, after threatening to sue recurring cast mate Nia Crooks for slapping her on camera and openly criticizing the show during press rounds.

Until they are replaced, the show’s current line up consists of attempted mogul Shaunie O’ Neal, one time homey hopper Evelyn Lozada, the cantankerous Tami Roman and failed television host Suzie Ketcham.

VH1 are yet to release a statement confirming the dismissals.

Until they do, peep the middle aged bullies  ladies in action below…


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  1. Janae June 14, 2012

    This show is a disgrace to women period it should be taken off the air. Tami, Shaunie and Evelyn are low life whores!

  2. Robert June 14, 2012

    I love the show! It’s pure entertainment. People, especially women need to get over themselves. If they have a problem with it… STOP WATCHING IT! STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! It causes it to be renewed for a new season.

    And why target basketball wives when we have other shows like Mob Wives and Love and Hip Hop are doing the same thing? Sounds like B******* to me.

  3. Entertain101 June 14, 2012

    Wow it’s amazing how this show can have the audacity to fire the three girls that seem to show some sort of common sense. However, Im not surprised. This show is even edited to make the audience share the point of view of the bullies and that’s sick. It really makes me think they are trying to brainwash and condition the minds of the viewers to not only act like mean girls but to try and justify thier irrational behavior. Even in the reunion special when the bullies would talk down to the victoms the audience claps. Shaunie O’Neil knows what she is doing. How devilish

  4. Natasha June 14, 2012

    I guess VH1 would rather promote shows where women are degrading each other, unstabled, and bullies regardless of how their behavior & actions affect society. why weren’t Evelyn Tami and Suzie fired??? Especially Suzie what’s her purpose on the show other than having diarrhea of the mouth?? The entire show should be canceled period!!

  5. Valerie June 14, 2012

    This just goes to show you that producers of the show are only interested in portraying negative BS. The one that showed more class are the one they choose to get rid of/? Women like Tami and Evelyn are a disgrace to women everywhere. They think they can dictate what another can say about them, when they are talking ou of their “asses” about others. They want to think they are “bad” but they just have not run into the right one to put them in their place. And “Miss so-called Queen Bee” is just as bad! This is her show, and she shows just as “less class” as her good friends by not putting them in their place. Shaunie if you want to have a positive show, get rid of Evely and Tami, and “messy ass” Susie, and bring back Jennifer and Royce along with Keisha to portray class on the show. Otherwise, if you feel good disgracing yourself with the actions of those “b******”, please do so. Just remember that your children may watch this someday, if no already.

  6. skintightjeans June 14, 2012

    Mafuckas kill me always talking about how bad the show is and how it’s a disgrace and not representing right. Gawddam, don’t watch the show. That’s how you solve that. If they were going to church every Sunday and showing them doing community service or something, no one would watch the f****** show and you are a LIAR if you say otherwise.

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